6 Lies About Guest Posting That’s Killing Bloggers’ Creativity

What? – Guest posting lies!        Guest posting lies

The best advice I’ve ever received as a blogger is this, “write guest posts to promote your blog.”

Get ready because I’m going to blow your mind here. I’ve been quiet for a long time and I guess I’ve to speak out.

When I started my blog, I didn’t know much about writing for other blogs.

But when I discovered the potentials of guest posting, I immersed myself 100% into it.

And I must say the journey has been fantastic. I’ve met influential industry leaders as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a great feeling of success.

After reading this article, you’d discover that you’ve been lied to. It’s important that you listen and read this post from start to finish until you “get it.”

I’ve written over 531 guest posts. So, I know what I’m talking about.

10 lessons from writing over 531 guest posts in 12 months

A lot of people including established bloggers are scared to pitch their guest post idea. It’s funny, but that’s the truth.

Even my mentor who has authored over 3 books, all selling through Amazon isn’t confident enough to submit guest post idea. You know why? Because, he’s been fed with lies and countless others have, too.

See if these 6 lies about guest posting pique your mind. I hope you make a change today. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. I’d be glad to know what you think.

1.    Lie #1: You must write catchy headline

The headline is important. Yes I know. But can I tell you something shocking? Learning how to write a catchy headline takes time.

I can write a decent 1000+ words guest post within 20 minutes, but it takes more than 20 minutes to brainstorm a good headline.

Don’t allow poor headline stop you from writing a guest post article. When you pitch a guest post idea to an editor or a blogger, kindly ask them to help you craft the headline that is suitable to their audience.

If the guest post is truly helpful and evergreen, a wise blogger or editor would help you out.

When you come across a headline that resonates with you, pause and study it. Write down your observations and use it when you write.

Even when I thought my headline was superb, I often get a tweak from a blogger or someone who cares. No one is perfect, yet.

Get started promoting your blog. Go ahead and write a weak headline for all I care – a time would come when you’ll master it. Don’t allow this lie to eat you up.

2.    Lie #2: You must write quality content

guest posting lies for bloggers

Photo Credit: Sheknows

I recently wrote a great article (according to comments I got) at grow with stacy. In that post, I made it clear that quality content doesn’t exist. Well, a lot of people would try to challenge me – but I’m so confident of that statement.

Let me tell you something. Before we started blogging or writing online, over 10 billion articles have been written, almost covering every topic and subject you could ever imagine.

Most of these articles are published on article directories and content mill sites.

The truth of the matter is that we’re all rewriting. Every blogger is an article rewriter. All the ideas in your head aren’t new – someone, somewhere must have addressed it, professionally. Take it or leave it!

When you hear bloggers or writers talk about quality content, just know that they’re using the wrong word/phrase. They ought to say, we write/accept relevant and helpful articles.

Quality content doesn’t exist. But helpful and valuable content do exist. So, stop striving to write that quality content. Just give helpful advice and lay out your steps in a practical way. That’s what guest posting is all about. Don’t dwell on this lie.

3.    Lie #3: A-list bloggers aren’t friendly

Who says that A-list bloggers aren’t friendly?

They’ve fed you with lies. On the contrary, successful people are the most humble and friendly people I’ve ever met. Although I’m no longer aspiring to be a blogger, I’m already in it.

But in my first 12 months of running an active blog, I’ve been able to connect and network with Super Affiliate Bloggers and Business Bloggers like Zac Johnson, John Chow, Georgina (Problogger), Brian Clark, Chris Brogan, Anna Hoffman and so on. In fact, most of them have hired me to write for them, personally.

In case you don’t know, A-list bloggers are happy to connect with upcoming bloggers. They are eager to offer advice. I wonder why some bloggers complain that getting a guest post published on A-list blogs is a difficult task – Well, I don’t think so.

Don’t live with that lie. Successful people want you to succeed as well. They want to send targeted readers and buyers to your website.

If only you can allow them help you. How? Pitch them a guest post idea today. Follow them on twitter and appreciate their hard work. They want to support you because, “success without a successor is failure.” – Anonymous

4.    Lie #4: It’s difficult to write a good guest post

write a guest post

Let me check properly. On my list here, the 4th lie that is flying the blogosphere is funny. Someone met me and said, “Michael, how are you able to write good articles when you’re not an English citizen?”

Wow, that question is encouraging. It makes me believe that you can do it. Whatever you set your mind to do can be done.

There is no time to complain. It’s not difficult to write a valuable guest post. Although, it’s not as easy as it seems. All you must do is to study the audience who would read your article.

Study the blog you want to write for. See the most popular posts. What makes them unique and comment-stacked? Now, read a few of the top articles and use your common sense to craft a much better one. (1) Begin with the headline.

(2). Write your introduction (lede). (3). Use subheadings to make reading fun. (4). Make sure your paragraphs are not more than 4 lines.

(5). Write from your heart. (6). Do not try to edit or proofread while writing – you’ll kill your creativity. (7). Come back after 10 or 15 minutes and proofread for spelling and grammar errors. Isn’t it simple?

5.    Lie #5: You must pitch your idea first

Do you know that 85% of A-list bloggers don’t have enough time to review a pitch, before the real content? They’re looking for writers and bloggers who can submit articles that are truly beneficial to their readers.

Most folks are still waiting for the right time to pitch their content. I don’t know why they should wait in the first place. Plunge in and submit your completed work. This works for me and for most successful guest bloggers.

Even when I started contributing to FreelanceSwitch.com – I pitched my first article idea, but for subsequent articles, I would just write and send to them. This can only work if you know what the target audience is looking for.

The worst response you can get from an editor or blogger is “No.” Get up and move on with your life. It’s never the end of the world and with every rejection; you’ll learn a life’s lesson that you can’t get from a University Professor.

6.    Lie #6: You’ve to be everywhere

Well, you don’t have to be everywhere to succeed online as a blogger. Being everywhere has its upsides, though.

Even though I’ve been featured at several authority blogs, I still believe that being at the right places is the best strategy.

Guest posting isn’t all about quantity, or writing for every blogger out there. You must select who you write for and the benefits you would get.

Would you like to get published everywhere, or would you prefer to be featured at blogs where your target audience is active? Read up 50+ ways to grow your blog.

If you’re a freelancer, the best thing you can do to grow your clientele base is to appear at the right blogs, not everywhere. As a freelance writer, I wouldn’t want to guest post on a freelance writing blog, owned by a freelance writer who is also looking for clients.

It’s a waste of time.

Of course, I can write on such blogs just to build relevant links to my blog pages, but when I need clients, I know I should write for business related blogs, SEO blogs, Franchise blog, Entertainment Blogs, Magazines and Media portals.

Those places will get you fresh and high paying clients almost immediately.

Guest posting hack

Don’t allow sentiments to come between you and taking your blog to the next level. A lot of people would try to obscure your vision and make you give up.

If you’ve a passion to grow your business no matter the model, guest posting could be your saving grace. But you must DITCH the lies and embrace the truth.

What exact lie is holding you back from growing your business? Please share your thoughts below. Share this post as well, if you enjoyed it. Thank you.

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29 thoughts on “6 Lies About Guest Posting That’s Killing Bloggers’ Creativity”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I would like to agree with you on all the points (termed lies) except the content one. Bloggers get worried more than required because of the hype around them about producing extraordinary always. To certain extent it is true that one must stand out from others to be on the top but not to the extent of getting disoriented.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sanjib Saha

  2. Yes, we are article rewriters, but what’s imperative to remember.
    We need to provide our own personal creativity to our posts aswell as being helpful.

    The social circles we keep are important, just selecting the right places to be will be more efficient that being a busy-bee.

  3. Yeah, you’re right.

    There’s not much new. I guess it’s reserved for the first people who test and try new things. Speaking of great content, I think Derek Halpen is an example. When he posts you know you will have something to take action on and see great results. I think that’s what I would call quality.

    Maybe if more people took chances there would be more floating around cyberspace. But there’s nothing wrong with normal content. Everyone only has to please and help their own audience.

    • Yes, Derek is a typical example of a blogger who has knowledge. I like him so much. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. He doesn’t merely write quality content, he’s after engagement, psychology and value. I’m grateful to you Jamie.

  4. Nice post.

    I guess I don’t agree with you on some of those things, but I really like your other points.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the fact everything has been written. I think to really stand out you need to be coming up with things that are new. That set you apart. Maybe not every time, but definitely a good amount if times.

    I also think there is such a thing as quality content. It’s hard to get right, but sometimes you will know when it does.

    I also don’t agree with headlines. If someone sees the link somewhere other than the blog there is a much better clickthrough rate with a better headline. What that is can sometimes be chance.

    I love 3, 4, 5, and 6 :).

    • I like the debate Jamie. Tell me, what’s so new about SEO, Social Media, Link Building other internet marketing topics that bloggers often write about on a daily basis. All I’m saying is that we should add a better meaning to the word “quality.” Of course, there is quality content but some folks don’t even know what it is. I think solving problem, entertaining people, evergreen content are integral parts of quality content.

      I quite understand your point on Headline. I’m only saying that just because you can’t write catchy headline shouldn’t stop you from achieving tremendous success online. My suggestion is that guest bloggers should write their contents, even if they get rejected. They should do it anyway. I so much appreciate your comment – I need as many people to check out this post. Let’s all talk!

  5. resubmission of comment yesterday at 5:48PM

    Beg to differ on lie 2:
    “2. Lie #2: . . . Quality content doesn’t exist.“

    You`re concluding point:
    “Just give helpful advice and lay out your steps in a practical way.“
    will generate content superior to 99% of existing content on the Internet, yet there remains room beyond that for quality content.

    It`s been said for aeons, `there are no new ideas`.
    Yet, for every inspiration and every innovation down through history, someone had to think of it first.
    It`s just really, really rare, and the more people populate the planet the more and more likely for any thought you have, someone else out there had that thought before you, so it`s not new.
    Usually, MANY people thought of a “new idea” before someone ambitious got off their butt and made it real. In fact making new ideas real is rarely accomplished by those who thought of them first.
    So don’t worry about how new your idea is.
    Worry about making it real, in a way relevant and useful to your target audience today.

    The film and television industry produce hundreds of movies and thousands of television episodes every single year.
    Most of them are drivel; some of them are so bad it boggles my mind someone paid money to produce them.
    But every two, or three, or five years there’s a really GREAT, a really QUALITY production, a quality piece of content.
    And it’s not always the biggest budget productions, either.

    Distilling currently or persistently useful ideas and/or practices and presenting them clearly in accessible and practically applicable content sends you straight to the head of the Internet content class.

    Honestly, sir, reading your posts requires significantly more effort than reading most of the bloggers I follow, because your grammar is less than perfect, to put it mildly.

    But your posts focus tightly on specific and relevant principles and practices, and effectively on practical application, both much more so than most bloggers about blogging that I read, and with truly minimal pointless or distracting twaddle.
    So when your newsletter shows up in my E-mail inbox, it’s usually among the first that I read.

    You truly practice what you preach:
    “Just give helpful advice and lay out your steps in a practical way.“

    But, beyond that, yet still lies the aspiration to truly QUALITY content.
    Quality content STARTS with distilled useful information and renders that content using the very best principles of story architecture and truly compelling text. Even for audio podcasts or for videos the best start begins with critically valuable content SCRIPTED with the very best principles of story architecture and truly compelling text.

    Finally, I refer you to an old book, “Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance”, which has nothing to do with Zen Budhism and really darned little to do with motorcyle maintenance.
    But it remains, bar none, the best discussion of QUALITY, in content or anything else, that I have ever found.
    And that book is predominantly based on an ANCIENT (thousands of years ago) Greek text.
    NEW ideas truly are rare, and the BEST persistently good ideas were all dreamed up before we were born.
    If you’re TRULY ambitious, try reading the ancient Greek discussion of Quality, “Phaedrus” (the more recent book is easier to understand).

    Perhaps, one day, I shall submit to you a story for you to consider posting as guest piece on your blog.

    • Thank you Kal for your feedback. I guess you spent quality time writing this – all I can say is thank you for the suggestions, tips and recommendations. And for always reading my newsletter, God bless you. Yes, my grammar is not polished yet and I’m still learning, just like you. I’m yet to see a perfect person, let alone a writer/blogger who doesn’t break rules. My posts are only a guide to my target audience, not really a rule. I encourage you to ditch being a perfectionist & enjoy the posts. You’re a great fan!

  6. Apologies, then.
    I keep copies of comments I leave.
    I offer my comment once again, originally submitted 5:48 PM July 7 according to your system, immediately following this, separately in case it’s filtered again so you at least can see my apology.

    P.S. your social pop-up, on my screen at least (facebook, google buttons, etc) has no obvious cancel, rides over your page near the left margin, is intrusive today and challenging to comment around.

  7. Apparently you did not like my comment.
    It would seem that you, like most every other blogger, only approve comments that pat you on the back and tell you how great you are.
    Clearly, taking the time to write a thoughtful comment is purely a waste of time.

  8. Thanks for this article Michael. I’ve been holding off approaching blogs that I would like to write guest posts for. I kept thinking my writing wasn’t good enough. This article has given me the confidence to just do it! As you said, the worse they can do is say no. Every no, is an opportunity to learn from and better myself.

    I’m going to make it one of my targets to write a guest post within the next two weeks. I just need to tidy up my blog a bit first.

    Thanks again.

    • Hey June. Go for it – write your guest post and target the top dogs. Don’t be scared of them. Perfectionism can destroy your creative pen. Don’t allow fear of rejection stop you. I’d be expecting your story June. Stay gracious!

  9. Hello Michael,

    I always wanted to do guest post but I am afraid that I would not give good content so I am always hesitant to do one. What I do is to develop my skill to write a good content for my guest post.

    Lie # 3 is really a lie as I have met a lot of professional bloggers but they all friendly. In fact, they give me motivation and tips how to improve my blog.

    Thanks for this insightful post.

  10. I agree with the points mentioned in the post. what all we are doing as bloggers is writing useful and helpful content rather than quality content. Can very much relate to point 6, you dont need to be everywhere…choosing the right target really helps.

  11. Hi Micheal,
    I think you’ve just hit the nail right on the head with this one.I think it’s the most important article any aspiring guest blogger should read.

    I’m planning to start guest posting and yes,I honestly agree, i’ve been fed most of these lies.

    A list bloggers aren’t friendly-that’s the 1st lie i was fed when i started blogging.I’ve contacted several top bloggers and their response has always been amazing to say the least.

    I also believe there’s not a ‘one-fits-all’ standard when it comes to quality content.The best quality content is one that’s most relevant to your particular audience.

    Thanks for your knowledge expanding tips men.I honestly love how you’re helping guys.

    • I can prove to you that A-list bloggers are more friendly and open than upcoming bloggers. An A-list blogger can even add your anchor link to the article itself. Most newbies have strict guest post guidelines and my tip is that they become a little Kind. It’s good to have you here Norbert. See you around!

  12. I totally agree with #3. A-list bloggers are very nice. Some people even spend time to show you how to get the best result, like Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome 🙂 That’s why they are A-list bloggers, though.

  13. Time! I’ve got three kids, full time school, full time work, so I have to focus on the most productive efforts first – I am working on a bunch of guest posts as we speak!

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