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Do you want web traffic, easily?

For some bloggers, the best way to gain traffic and exposure to their blog is by guest posting.

Guest posts are great ways to link back to your site or blog, and in turn increasing traffic and SEO for your site.

There are, however, some rules to guest posting that should be followed in order to optimize your efforts.

One of the most important and most asked about, is to respond to comments that other users put on your articles.

This is for a number of reasons, some to the benefit of the blog owner, but also for the benefit of your efforts. Below is a quick guide to the importance of responding to comments on your guest posts.

1.    Get Repeat Opportunities

One of the best reasons to respond to your guest posts is because blog owners enjoy conversations taking place on their site.

Hopefully you have written a great guest post that can spark conversation and traffic to your post, and you should keep the conversation going.

When someone says something, even if it’s a “good post” response, tell them thanks. Optimally, someone will engage you either to ask a question, challenge your article, etc.

This is great because the more you can get a conversation going, the blog owner will appreciate your interaction with readers, and ask you to contribute again.

The more opportunities you get to write for blogs, especially repeat chances, the better the traffic and SEO benefits you’ll get for your blog.

2.    Validate Yourself

One thing that is unfortunate about guest blogging is that a lot of people will sometimes view your work as spam or unvalued material.

This has to do with the fact that the internet can be a place of questionable material.

Most of the time however, you will find a good blog that only accepts quality material. But on sites that have looser qualifiers for posts, you might be mixed in with work not as good as yours.

To do this and validate your work, responding to posts is very helpful. Readers will want more information from your post, and if you just leave it be, you’ll look like your are only blogging to get the benefit of back links.

By answering comments you show that you are involved in your work, and dedicated to quality. This is also a good way to increase traffic to your blog because people will want to continue the conversation on your end.

3.    Reach Your Industry

Also with continuing the conversation through commenting, you have a chance to reach out to your industry. By this I mean you can keep the conversation going with individuals in your field that are giving you feedback, asking for your feedback, etc.

So say you write for a satellite provider and help their blog efforts, you might want to find a blog that discusses industry information.

This way, along with writing for a related audience, you are continuing the conversation with professionals in your field that can benefit you.

For instance, I am a photographer and filmmaker, so reaching out to those types of blogs help me learn more about my field, and get amazing feedback on my writing.

So this is all the best reasons why you should be following up on your posts. Once you get the opportunity to write and get published on a blog, your work isn’t over.

You need to make sure you continue to engage your audience as well, as well as letting your audience give you feedback.

This will make you a better writer, and in the end you will start to grow an audience of your own rather than only having a built-in audience from guest posting.

About the Author – Jordan Mendys is a social marketing blogger from North Carolina. He also freelances as a photographer and filmmaker, currently working on a documentary. You can follow him on Twitter @JPMendys

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  1. Good post, I was just searching for guest blogging opportunities and ran across this post. Guest posting allows me to expand my brand and places my views in front of likeminded readers.

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