10 Smartest Lessons From Writing 531 Quality Guest Posts In 12 Months

Yes, I’ve written and published a total of 531 guest posts in 12 months.  10 guest posting lessons

Guest posting has transformed my freelance writing business and this blog.

I feel so refreshed with this achievement. My goal was to publish 300 articles in 12 months, but I surpassed it with over 200%.

I started my blog in July, 2011. Prior to this time, I was using the initial domain name for the website (blast4trafficnow.net) as an affiliate squeeze page.

The only role was to capture email addresses from targeted buyers in exchange for a short report; about 12 pages.

I discovered email marketing before blogging – maybe that’s why I’m doing by email.

Note: I’ve since done a 301 redirect to a new domain name, which is the one you’re reading now (contentmarketingup.com) and the results have been fantastic. I’ll share my experience later.

I don’t pride myself as a great writer, but I’ve benefitted immensely from guest posting. I wish that writing quality articles for other blogs will bring you closer to your internet dreams.

And to all my readers, fans and clients, here are 10 smartest lessons I’ve learned from writing 531 guest posts in 12 months. Don’t skim or glance through, read the entire post to pick up gems.

1.    Lesson one: Start a business today

When I started writing guest posts, I didn’t see my blog as a real business. I was just writing and getting published around the web. People started noticing me and they liked my posts.

Some people even had to email and thank me for changing their lives with my writing and style. I didn’t know what I was doing, or how to convert the fans into a lucrative business. And make money from writing. I was in the dark.

Before I could realize the mistake I was making, I’d written 85 guest posts. And I made $70.00 after 4 months.

Quick fix: Start a business. Every blogger is a businessperson. The earlier you realize this, the better for you. When you guest post, do it as someone in business, not as a blogger. It’ll help you earn more money on the long run.

2.    Lesson two: A new business can grow

In my 12 months of writing 531 guest posts, I learned that a new business can grow beyond your widest thoughts.

Believe me; it’s not easy to reach targeted audience especially when you don’t have huge capital outlay set aside for PPC advertising, media buying and all manners of paid promotions.

If you know how to write effectively, you can transform a 2 months old blog into a go-to resource for your clients and protégés (students and friends).

Quick fix: Take responsibility for whatever happens in your business. Your blog/website may be new today, but with perseverance and hard work, you can get it everywhere through the power of guest posting.

3.   Lesson three: Small business can do BIG things

The third lesson guest posting taught me was that a small business can do BIG things. In fact, there is nothing like a small business.

If you could change your thinking about your blog/website and look for opportunities to push it to the media, I’m sure you’ll succeed.

Even though my blog is barely 1 year old, I’ve been able to land high paying writing projects from mid-sized and corporate firms.

Right now, I’m a paid writer to some of the super affiliates and industry leaders. My blog is small, but I’m doing BIG things and of course, making real money.

Quick fix: Don’t dwell on the weaknesses your business or blog has. Look out and market yourself professionally. There are great opportunities out there to earn a good living doing what you love. Guest posting was my greatest teacher. Is it yours?

4.    Lesson four: bloggers are friendly   blogger friends

More often than not, some people are afraid to pitch a guest post idea. They’re scared of rejection.

I was in that state in my early days but all that’s changed now. Someone who has written 531 guest posts truly understands the game.Don’t you think so?

I learned that bloggers and internet entrepreneurs are friendly.

Sure thing, there are stiff-necked marketers out there, but the good ones are the intelligent ones.

Except you don’t want to connect and network with intelligent people.

But if your aim is to reach people who can command attention, then get to know the bloggers in your niche. This includes those who make 10,000 – $100,000 monthly from their blogs. They’re all friendly people – I can guarantee you that.

Quick fix: When you’ve a great idea, don’t doubt yourself. Go ahead and approach an A-list blogger with your draft. Don’t be scared to apply for that BIG project. The worst you can get is “NO.” But you’ve got to try first. Bloggers are friendly, bear that in mind!

5.    Lesson five: quality content is not enough

Yes, you need quality content to build a profitable blog. However, in my 12 months of writing and publishing a lot of guest posts on authority blogs, quality content is still king, but there is MORE to it.

There is more in terms of how you promote the blog. More in terms of the niche you’re in and the audience whom you’re targeting.

If your content didn’t achieve any goal, it’s a waste of time and space. Start by writing quality content for your blog and as a guest post, but don’t stop there.

Quick fix: Use social media networks to share and syndicate and distribute your published content across the web. The content may be written by you, but it’s not for you to read. Promote it massively.

6.    Lesson six: marketing is the ultimate

Already, I’ve touched a part of this in the fifth lesson. I guess I should emphasize more about marketing. “If content is King, then marketing is Queen.”

If you don’t know how to market yourself, your business, which you think is small, will remain small for a very long time.

As I said above, a small business can actually do BIG things. But that’s never without a proper marketing plan.

Some people have given up in their online businesses, because they’ve neglected marketing. You should create time for writing articles and networking on social media networks.

Quick fix: If you don’t have time for marketing, you could outsource to capable hands. That’s what we do as freelance writers; to help you write and market your online and offline businesses to the target audience.

7.    Lesson seven: write content from your heart  blog from your heart

Whether you’re writing a blog post or a guest post to promote a particular site, make sure you write from your heart.

Don’t be confused when I tell you to focus on heartfelt writing.

It is important to write from the innermost depth of your heart because; your writing will come alive.

As people read your content, they will see passion at work. Writing from the heart is all about passion.

Don’t withhold your creative energy. Let it flow as though today was to be your last.

Quick fix: Every single word I’ve written in my entire life as a guest blogger was done out of sheer passion for writing.

I aspire to change my world with words. None of my guest post was ever rejected. I wrote from my heart, with no distractions whatsoever. You should do the same.

8.    Lesson eight: Mind your business

It’s time to mind your own business. How many hours do you spend on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks?

Don’t get me wrong, social media has its place in growing a business. And I can’t deny the fact that twitter has been a source of traffic to my blog.

However, your Twitter handle and Facebook page can’t be compared to your WordPress blog, which is hosted on your own domain name.

Your real business isn’t the Facebook page or YouTube channel, but your blog. You’ve to mind your business today.

Quick fix: Guest posting thought me a powerful lesson in this regard. Rather than linking to my Facebook page from the author bio, you should link to your inner pages to build quality backlinks.

Also, link to your services page to attract clients who could make you richer. After 12 months of actively writing for clients and myself, I’ve decided to mind my business.

Rather than promote an affiliate link and build links to another person’s website, I’d rather create and promote my products and services. Mind your business man!

9.    Lesson nine: collect leads from the outset

Three weeks ago, a subscriber emailed and asked for a quote for 3 blog posts per week. We talked and he promised to get back after few days.

After 5 days, he sent an agreement form and today, which I signed and sent back. Today, he’s one of my best clients.

How did I get this writing job? It was from my email list. Collecting leads on your blog is the best thing you can do as a service provider and blogger.

Even though you’re not monetizing your blog at the moment, you should start communicating with your subscribers and grow your business with them.

Quick fix: People want to read more. If your content is always superb, a lot of your prospects would gladly join your email list in order to receive fresh updates.

I’ve started building my email list and making money from it also. Don’t wait another day. Start now!

10.    Lesson ten: consistency, consistency!

The last lesson guest posting thought me in 12 months of being a blogger is to be consistent.

In fact, even if you didn’t do most of the things the so-called experts advised you to do, just by being consistent, you would win.

If you want more traffic, blog readers and clients to hire your services and buy your products, be consistent in whatever you’re doing. I usually write 10 guest posts a week, but my goal this month is to increase that to 15 or 20 quality articles per week.

I want to reach more people with my magical words. I already know the power of guest posting and it’s changed my blog in such a little while. It can change yours.

Quick fix: Spend quality time writing and promoting your website and blog. It may seem as though nothing is happening.

But don’t be perturbed. Stick with it. Learn what you don’t know and take action immediately. Write now. Write every day. Write tomorrow and next, and next until you achieve your goals.

What is your lesson?

What lessons have you learned as a guest blogger or writer? Please share your comment below and if you enjoyed reading the post, refer someone to check it out.

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21 thoughts on “10 Smartest Lessons From Writing 531 Quality Guest Posts In 12 Months”

  1. “Lesson four: bloggers are friendly” – this is so true. I’m about to write a guest post for a blog and I was so nervous, I googled how to guest post. Thanks for the tips, I could really use them.

  2. Well, you did share the right things about Guest Post Lessons, Yes, Guest Post can be good methid for getting good and custom backlinks for Good SEO.

  3. Hey Michael,

    You’ve achieved a great feat with your blog. I could see that your site is ranking well on Google for majority of keywords pertaining to guest posting. However, congratulation for reaching #500 guest post milestone.

    Olawale Daniel

  4. Hi Michael

    After reading the entire post without skimming even a word, I’m touched.

    What a journey you’ve came so far! I’m really glad that you’re going great man

    I only have one question regarding your pace of guest posts/week..

    How come you’re coming with the blog topics?? How do you create quality content in such a less time?

    I’ll be glad to know your response!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my content so far. Yes, it’s been a journey of success and few challenges on the way. And to your question, which is an important one – to create a quality content in less time, first research your content. Then write down the headline, the subheadlines and bullet points. Afterward, conclude your article or blog post and start with the introduction. That’s my strategy. I invented (conclude the article style), so you may not find it elsewhere. Following these few steps of (research, headline, subheads, bullet points, conclusion) would help you write faster and produce quality any time.

      If you’ve any other question about writing and content marketing, subscribe to my email list. It’s fully packed with exclusive content marketing tips, strategies and facts, which I don’t publish on this blog. Thank you Rahul.

      • How can I ignore subscribing to your blog?? To be honest, my writing process goes the same way.. I first research the blogs and then I’ll come up with the blog titles, sub heads and filling them up.

        Now I realized that one should have dedication towards writing. That’s your secret! You’re also being consistent with your guest posting, that’s really appreciable Michael 🙂

        Thanks for the response… I’ll be in touch with you!

  5. Every career that we choose to take there is always a lesson that we can learn. You have some great points about business and I really agree with it. When we start to have a business it will grow and probably small business can do great things. I am so much agree with you. Thanks a lot for sharing this. 🙂

  6. Great tips man, you deserve it, not only by the amount of posts you wrote, but also for writing this one with your heart.

    One thing I wish we could have as a guest post, would be to keep a mirror image of our work in a non index way, making it your personal copy on your site. But nobody likes this idea. Pity.

  7. Hi Michael,
    first of all – congrats about 531 guest posts in one year – it’s really amazing. You must have huge traffic from your guest posts, do you? And thanks for sharing your lessons learned.

    BTW – this flying Twitter bird is a little bit annoying – I can’t read the whole page without scrolling it…

    BR, Chris

    • Thank you so much Chris for your comment. Yes, I’ve a lot of traffic, but most importantly, I’ve huge conversions. I think that’s what matters to my business. Not the hits, really!

  8. As a blogger just starting out, I find your article to be massively helpful. Thanks for posting the ins and outs of your experiences so that others like myself can benefit from it. Collecting leads is definitely something that I can see being a huge difference in the long run.

  9. Great tips, sorry lessons Micheal.
    First of all congrats that you reached such a high number of guest posts in just one year. Awesome.
    All the lessons you mentioned are too informative. The 10th one is too important. I too wish that I could too boast of such an achievement.
    Thanks for such a nice article 🙂

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