Looking For Guest Post Ideas? Easy Ways To Get Them

Are you looking for guest post ideas? If yes, this post is for you…

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When writing a guest post as a blog or website owner, you get to face a lot of considerations.

How to find guest post prospects, checking the blog host’s Domain Authority and Page Rank, writing an enticing outreach email, etc.

And as if this is not enough to start turning guest posting into a nightmare, you face the dilemma of coming up with a great guest post idea.

For some bloggers, this deed even comprises most of the challenge in guest blogging.

Sure, coming up with a guest post idea should be easy.

But to create one that your target audience and blog host will take interest or better yet, be drawn can be a grueling task.

And to make things worse, you have to ensure the quality, timeliness, uniqueness of the content in every guest post that you will offer.

Fortunately, these perceptions about creating guest post ideas can change by following this guide.

By the time you read this post, your take on creating guest post ideas or even with the whole guest blogging process should lighten up significantly:


Get ideas and inspiration from these sources:

Chances are great that you have already been running into these sources frequently. Here are ways you can whip up a fantastic guest post idea that the blog host and its readers will gladly read:

1.   Top blogs in the Industry – These blogs didn’t achieve their reputation for nothing. You can always rely on these blogs to have reliable and helpful posts always.

2.  Industry News – This will lead to timely topics that get a surge of searches at a certain point in time.

3.  Comments in blogs – Reading comments in blogs can get pretty much interesting sometimes. Aside from the commendations to the author you’ll be surprised at what others may want to add to the post which, most of the time, are helpful to the readers.

However, should you find an amazing article title idea from any of these sources you don’t copy or even rewrite it. You can compose a new topic in different ways:


Write about it on a different angle

Do you have a different perspective about a topic discussed? Some readers may benefit from what you have to say about a previously published post.


Do you disagree about a certain topic?

You can write about it too especially if you feel the dire need to correct it for the benefit of the misled readers. Just be careful when doing this, though. Avoid the urge to directly contradict the author about his post.


Update the particular information

You can even do this to your post published awhile back, especially if there developments or changes to a topic that you’ve previously written about.

By combining topics, you can create a more interesting content. Did you find articles about optimizing content and creating interesting topics helpful?

Writing about optimized content that will draw your audiences will be a weighty topic than either of the two articles that you found.


Simplify a difficult topic

An expert may sometimes be too proficient on a certain topic but fails to write that his readers will understand or appreciate. Most researchers are not experts and have yet to understand more about a topic.

You may also find a topic within an article that you can discuss further.

For example, a topic about guest posting effectively will include searching for a guest post prospect, composing an enticing reach out email, writing a high quality article, and promoting the published guest post.

You can choose to write about any of these items, say, writing a high quality article, and discuss it further by stating that you should optimize it for the right keywords, learn about what your audience wants, check for grammatical and spelling errors, etc.


Use online tools

There’s a wide array of online tools that we can use for free so we might as well take advantage. However, a guest blogger must always bear in mind that these are merely ‘tools’ and are not supposed to dominate our guest blogging strategy.


Work around Google search

Yes, this simply means visiting Google search and typing a phrase or keyword in the search box. But before you finish a phrase, see what suggestions Google will recommend just below the search box for good guest posting topics.

Another way of using Google search is by typing a keyword in the search box then click ‘More’ in the menu, then choose ‘Blogs’ to see more on what are being written about a particular topic.

‘Discussions’, on the other hand, will show you what people are talking about in forum communities.


Set up Google alerts for your target keywords

If after rummaging through Google and you still don’t find the information that satisfies your search, Google alerts should be your best ally.

You won’t have to check out Google every now and then since you will be posted if there are new and interesting Google results based on your keywords that you set up the alert for.


Use Google Keyword’s Tool

This tool helps you find out what people have been searching for each month. By typing a keyword, you will find out how many people are searching for it.

In addition to this info, you will get suggested phrases that can also be good source of guest posting topics.


Parting words and your take…

Being knowledgeable about these sources should help you a lot in your guest blogging efforts.

By being relieved from the stress of finding out what to write, you can focus more on writing it in such a way that it will go viral.

Tell me, how do you get guest post ideas to grow your blog? Share your comment below. Thank you so very much.


About the author – Sandy Allain has grasped the different aspects of marketing online and he is always fond of sharing helpful tips through different blogs and sites that are of good standing. To find out more about him and his services, check out his site, SandyAllain.com.

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  1. Hi,

    I agree with your post. It is really great post and really helpful for me. The point you describe is meaningful and attractive.

    thanks for share with me.

  2. This is one of the best articles I’ve read about guest blogging. You just nailed it and I’m going to try #1 & #3 to see how it works for me. Good luck Michael

  3. Thanks for this useful information.. It is very useful for new comers in SEO blog writers.. It is effective way to get traffic.

  4. I appreciate your ideas which you mentioned here. Guest blogging is one of the best way of link building. Thanks for sharing interesting ideas.

  5. What I like in guest posting is the guest can write anything he/she wants within his or her niche topic. Aside from the link itself, doing guest posting can help a guest to become popular especially if the blog already gained a name. New friends will surely be discover because of this process.

  6. I actively seek guest posts for my site and it’s actually hard to get them. And even then, about 33% of the guest posts submitted are pure crap with nonsensical text and full of typos and bad spelling.

    If you are interesting in writing and contributing guest posts my advice is just focus on the details and think about what the websites have to deal with every day. If you make their job easier to say yes to your post, you’ll have a much easier chance of getting your guest post approved.

    • You may solicit for quality guest posts from professionals. If you know any popular guest blogger, ask the person if he/she would be interested in contributing to your blog. I’m sure you’ll get positive replies.

  7. Hey Michael !
    Interesting post and specially topic indeed. Guest posting is a fantastic way to get traffic.
    Moreover, I totally agree with you that just copy and then paste the contents can make us penalize by the google.
    Thanks for fantastic post.

    • If you write exactly what you saw in another blog, then you’re making a mistake and Google might even penalize you for duplicate content. On the other hand, learn from others and craft your own post.

  8. These are really nice quick tips for getting post ideas. Many people (including me of course!) are actually face the problem about coming up with new post ideas. Basically, I use Google Keyword Tool, and figure out what people are searching for. Beside that, forums, friend’s blog and Yahoo answers helps sometimes, too 🙂

  9. Some pretty decent tips here Michael, but at the end of the day, how much you earn depends on how much work you put in to your SEO, traffic building, list building, monetizing and so on. Remember, your biggest barrier is yourself.

  10. Hey Michael,
    I remember my last guest post idea came from reading a comment on another blog. I developed that into a great post that attracted over 100 comments.

    These points you share here are very effective in bringing post ideas bro. One that really works so well is setting up Google alerts. I encourage readers to try it and see the charm.

    Good read today man 😉

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