GoXLR vs. GoXLR Mini: Which Online Broadcaster to Use?

This is the ultimate comparison guide between GoXLR and GoXLR Mini, two powerful online broadcaster platform tools revolutionizing the streaming and content creation industry.

As the demand for high-quality audio in online content continues to surge, these tools have emerged as go-to solutions for streamers, podcasters, and content creators alike.

The main difference between GoXLR and GoXLR Mini lies in their size and feature sets, while GoXLR offers a comprehensive suite of features for professional audio processing and control, GoXLR Mini provides a compact yet powerful alternative tailored for smaller setups and budgets.

GoXLR vs. GoXLR Mini: Key Features at a Glance

This table provides a quick overview of the key features of these online broadcaster platforms:

Key FeaturesGoXLRGoXLR Mini
Multi-channel mixer
Effects and EQ
Mic input/output
Sample rate48 kHz48 kHz
USB connectivity

What is GoXLR and How Does it Work?

GoXLR is an advanced audio mixer designed specifically for streamers, podcasters, and content creators. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing multiple audio sources, including microphones, music, game audio, and chat, all in one easy-to-use interface.

GoXLR connects to your computer via USB and integrates seamlessly with popular streaming software.

GoXLR Pros:

  • Comprehensive audio control: Allows users to adjust microphone volume, EQ settings, and audio routing in real-time.
  • Customizable sound effects: Offers built-in soundboard and sampler for adding effects and enhancing audio quality.
  • Intuitive software interface: User-friendly software provides easy access to advanced audio customization options.
  • Multiple input/output options: Features multiple inputs for microphones and other audio sources, along with outputs for headphones and speakers.
  • Premium build quality: Sturdy construction and high-quality components ensure durability and long-term reliability.

GoXLR Cons:

  • High price point: The premium features of GoXLR come at a higher cost compared to other audio mixers on the market.
  • Steeper learning curve: While user-friendly, GoXLR may require some time to fully understand and utilize its advanced features.
  • Limited compatibility: Primarily designed for PC users, GoXLR may not be compatible with all operating systems or devices.
  • Size and portability: The larger size of GoXLR may be less suitable for users with limited desk space or those who require a more portable solution.

What is GoXLR Mini? How Does it Work?

GoXLR Mini is a compact version of the GoXLR audio mixer, offering many of the same features in a smaller package. It provides essential audio processing capabilities for streamers and content creators, with a simplified interface for ease of use.

GoXLR Mini Pros:

  • Compact design: Space-saving form factor makes it ideal for users with limited desk space or on-the-go setups.
  • Essential audio controls: Offers basic audio processing features such as microphone volume adjustment, EQ settings, and audio routing.
  • Simplified interface: Streamlined controls and software interface provide an intuitive user experience for beginners.
  • Affordable price: GoXLR Mini is priced lower than the full-sized GoXLR, making it accessible to users with tighter budgets.
  • Plug-and-play setup: Easy to install and use, requiring minimal configuration to get started.

GoXLR Mini Cons:

  • Limited audio customization: While sufficient for basic needs, GoXLR Mini may lack some of the advanced audio features found in the full-sized GoXLR.
  • Reduced input/output options: Features fewer inputs and outputs compared to GoXLR, potentially limiting connectivity options for users with more complex audio setups.
  • Build quality: While still durable, the smaller size of GoXLR Mini may result in slightly less robust construction compared to the full-sized GoXLR.
  • Compatibility: Similar to GoXLR, GoXLR Mini is primarily designed for PC users and may not be compatible with all devices or operating systems.

GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini: Comprehensive Side-by-Side Feature Comparison

This section provides an in-depth comparison of GoXLR and GoXLR Mini across various aspects, including their features, performance, usability, and value for money.

1. Audio Mixing Capabilities:

  • GoXLR: Offers extensive audio mixing capabilities with multiple channels for microphones, music, game audio, and chat. Its intuitive software interface allows real-time adjustments to volume levels, EQ settings, and audio routing.

  • GoXLR Mini: Provides essential audio mixing features in a compact form factor. While it offers basic volume adjustment and EQ settings, it may lack the advanced customization options of the full-sized GoXLR.
Verdict: GoXLR wins in audio mixing capabilities for its comprehensive features and greater flexibility in audio customization.

2. Sound Effects and Sampling:

  • GoXLR: Comes equipped with a built-in soundboard and sampler, allowing users to add custom sound effects and enhance their audio content. It offers a wide range of pre-installed sounds and supports user-uploaded samples.

  • GoXLR Mini: Offers limited sound effects and sampling capabilities compared to GoXLR. It may have fewer pre-installed sounds and limited support for user-uploaded samples.
Verdict: GoXLR takes the lead in sound effects and sampling for its extensive library and more robust sampling capabilities.

3. Software Interface:

  • GoXLR: Features an intuitive software interface with user-friendly controls for adjusting audio settings, creating custom profiles, and managing sound effects. It provides a seamless user experience with easy access to advanced audio customization options.

  • GoXLR Mini: Offers a simplified software interface tailored for beginners and casual users. While it may lack some advanced features, it provides straightforward controls for basic audio adjustments.
Verdict: GoXLR wins for its more comprehensive software interface with advanced customization options.

4. Input/Output Options:

  • GoXLR: Provides multiple input and output options, including XLR microphone inputs, headphone outputs, and line outputs for speakers or additional audio devices. It offers versatility in connecting various audio sources and peripherals.

  • GoXLR Mini: Offers fewer input and output options compared to GoXLR. It may have fewer microphone inputs and limited connectivity options for additional devices.
Verdict: GoXLR prevails in input/output options for its greater flexibility in connecting multiple audio sources.

5. Build Quality and Durability:

  • GoXLR: Features a robust build quality with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and reliability for long-term use. It is designed to withstand the rigors of professional audio production environments.

  • GoXLR Mini: Offers a durable construction but may have slightly less robust build quality compared to the full-sized GoXLR due to its compact size.
Verdict: GoXLR wins for its superior build quality and durability.

6. Portability:

  • GoXLR: While not designed for portability, GoXLR offers a manageable size for stationary setups and professional studios.

  • GoXLR Mini: Designed for portability with its compact size and lightweight construction, making it suitable for on-the-go setups and travel.
Verdict: GoXLR Mini takes the lead in portability for its compact design and lightweight build.

7. Price Point:

  • GoXLR: Priced higher due to its extensive features and capabilities, making it a premium option for professional users and content creators.

  • GoXLR Mini: Offers a more affordable price point compared to GoXLR, making it accessible to users with tighter budgets or those seeking essential audio mixing features.
Verdict: GoXLR Mini wins in price point for its affordability and value for money.

Use Cases for GoXLR Mini:

1. Entry-Level Streaming Setup:

  • GoXLR Mini is perfect for entry-level streaming setups where space-saving solutions and budget-friendly options are prioritized.
  • Streamers who are just starting can benefit from GoXLR Mini’s intuitive controls and essential audio processing features without breaking the bank.

2. Mobile Streaming and Content Creation:

  • Content creators who prioritize portability and flexibility will appreciate GoXLR Mini’s compact design and simplified interface.
  • Whether streaming from a laptop or creating content on the go, GoXLR Mini offers a lightweight and convenient solution for mobile setups.

GoXLR vs. GoXLR Mini: Specs and Pricing

Here’s a summarized comparison of the main features, weight, and material of GoXLR and GoXLR Mini:

Here’s an updated table including accessories:

FeaturesGoXLRGoXLR Mini
Main Features– Comprehensive audio control and customization
– Software integration with popular streaming platforms
– Multiple input/output options
– Built-in sampler and voice FX
– Essential audio controls
– Seamless integration with streaming software
– Limited input/output options
– Compact design
Accessories– GoXLR unit
– Desk mount stand
– USB cable
– XLR cable
– 5v power adapter
– GoXLR Mini unit
– USB cable
– 5v power adapter
WeightApproximately 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)Approximately 0.44 kg (0.97 lbs)
MaterialMetal chassis with plastic accentsMetal chassis with plastic accents

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between GoXLR and GoXLR Mini:

These five factors are important when choosing a digital broadcaster platform.

1. Budget and Affordability:

  • GoXLR Mini offers a more budget-friendly option for users with limited financial resources.
  • GoXLR may be preferable for users willing to invest in premium audio quality and advanced features.

2. Space and Portability:

  • GoXLR Mini’s compact design makes it ideal for users with limited space or those who need a portable solution for on-the-go streaming or content creation.
  • GoXLR’s larger size may be better suited for users with dedicated studio setups and ample desk space.

3. Audio Processing Requirements:

  • GoXLR provides advanced audio processing features and greater customization options, making it suitable for users who demand precise control over their audio levels and effects.
  • GoXLR Mini offers essential audio processing capabilities but may have limitations in customization compared to the full-sized GoXLR.

4. Future Expansion and Compatibility:

  • GoXLR’s multiple input/output options and compatibility with a wide range of audio devices make it a versatile choice for users planning to expand their setup in the future.
  • GoXLR Mini’s simpler interface may be sufficient for users with basic audio needs but could be limiting for those with more extensive requirements.

5. User Experience and Interface Preference:

  • GoXLR’s comprehensive control panel and software interface offer a more immersive user experience for users who value hands-on control and customization.
  • GoXLR Mini’s streamlined interface provides a more straightforward user experience, ideal for beginners or users who prefer simplicity over complexity.


Here, we’ll address common common questions users may have about GoXLR and GoXLR Mini, providing clarity and guidance on various aspects of these products:

1. Can I use GoXLR or GoXLR Mini with my existing microphone and headphones?

  • Both GoXLR and GoXLR Mini support a wide range of microphones and headphones with standard connections, ensuring compatibility with most setups.

2. Do I need any additional software or drivers to use GoXLR or GoXLR Mini?

  • Both GoXLR and GoXLR Mini require installation of the accompanying software for full functionality and customization options. Drivers may also need to be installed for proper device recognition.

3. Can I use GoXLR or GoXLR Mini with consoles like PlayStation or Xbox?

  • GoXLR and GoXLR Mini are primarily designed for use with PC setups and may not be directly compatible with consoles. However, users can explore workarounds or additional hardware to achieve compatibility if necessary.

4. Are there any differences in audio quality between GoXLR and GoXLR Mini?

  • While both GoXLR and GoXLR Mini offer high-quality audio processing capabilities, GoXLR may provide more advanced features and finer control over audio settings, resulting in potentially superior audio quality in certain scenarios.

Which is Better: GoXLR or GoXLR Mini?

GoXLR broadcaster platform, stands out due to its comprehensive audio control and customization features, catering to professional streamers and content creators.

However, its larger size and higher weight can be a drawback for users seeking portability.

GoXLR Mini online broadcaster platform addresses this by offering a compact design without compromising essential audio controls.

This fills the gap for users prioritizing space-saving solutions, providing comparable functionality to GoXLR in a smaller package.