Did Google Updates Affect Your SEO Ranking?

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To some people, Google update is like a birthday gift, while others see Google as their worst enemy.

Believe me, I’ve my own good and ugly experiences but one thing is certain: Google is working towards making a friendlier web

With all the developments going on around the web, including social media networks springing up from every nook and cranny, search updates is still stronger than all.

Why? It’s because the web is still powered by search and email.

According to market survey that was carried out in 2011, people still use search engines to look for information on the internet.


Approach SEO ranking creatively


A lot of blogs and sites have lost their ranking as a result of Google updates and several others are going to be buried in subsequent updates. If you want to rank, going through the traditional system will no longer work for you. Or rather, it will take longer time and effort before you can enjoy free organic traffic.

The only thing you need to master is copywriting. Believe me, without copywriting, a lot of bloggers will give up because Google will not send free traffic anymore. But what has copywriting got to do with search engine optimization?


Keyword Placement and Sentence Structure


How do you place keywords on your article? It matters so much this time. Before, writers tend to insert keywords on the headline, description, first and second paragraph and conclude with it.

Google has rightly discovered this technique and has since placed less importance to such contents. What you need now is persuasive writing. You need to persuade others to take action on what you’ve written. It’s not enough to begin with your keyword on the body, unless it’s relevant and ideal.

Some long tail keywords aren’t meaningful and yet, some bloggers and web writers still start their content with it. You’re doing your content more harm than good.

The Age Of Copywriting Has Come


SEO copywriting was a rare topic in the past, but right now, it’s the hottest. And because of the updates and algorithm checks rolling out quarterly by Google, you need to please readers. People are bored of reading the same content over and over again and Google is determined to solve this problem permanently.

Search Google for most SEO keywords and the sites you’ll likely get are copywriting blogs well written by copywriters. Yes, SEO can be made stronger when you understand sentence structure and keyword placement.

I’m not talking about keyword density (part of it though), but what I referring to is “using the right keywords in places that matter.” Most of the blogs that was affected by Google panda updates were keyword-stuffed. It’s like spun contents, no valuable point to pick out.


Stop Focusing On Keywords


There is a strong feeling in my heart that SEO (search engine optimization) is shifting back to Basic English mastery. Those that didn’t study English in High School or College may find it difficult to rank their web pages unless they take some extra classes.

Is your post filled with spelling and grammatical errors? It’s time to adjust your content marketing strategy and start proofreading. Yes, I know you may still find errors on this post, but don’t make it a habit.

When people come to your site/blog and find errors on your contents, it’s a strong indication that you aren’t qualified to write about it. You should know what you’re writing about, and persuasively direct your readers into action.


SEO Copywriting Master-Mind


You may think SEO copywriting is difficult to learn but that’s so untrue. The only secret ingredient to mastering this topic and using it to improve your search performance is “knowledge” about your niche. You got me right!

Can you explain what your blog is all about in one sentence? If not, you’ve chosen a wrong niche and it would be very difficult to dominate it and use the right words to persuade. So, start with niche brainstorming, find out what people are actively looking for on your blog and focus on it.

Asking intelligent questions will speed up your SEO copywriting skill. Start from there and be open to more learning opportunities. You’re a bundle of success, don’t give up yet!

Image Credit: hotnewsworld