6 Google Plus Optimization Strategies For Content Marketers

Are you a content marketer? Learn how to use Google plus efficiently.

With over 90 million users, Google is definitely moving on to Google Plusdominate the whole internet world with Google Plus.

Think you have enough social media accounts? Think again.

You can never have too many accounts especially if this one would help you generate more searches and leads towards your business or website.

So hop on the Google Plus train before your business gets left out! Here are 6 quick tweaks to help you optimize your Business’ Google Plus Page.

1. Optimize your About Page

Most business pages make the mistake of not properly filling out this area and that is a HUGE mistake.

Fill in important content in your About Page and make a concise description of your business.

This information will appear in the search results page so keep it interesting.

Google allows hyper-linking so use this in your favor without overdoing it. Just put in some links that will mean something to your audience.

2. Design your Page

Adding photos on your page has more benefits than what meets the eye.

Aside from keeping it attractive and gives more chances that your audience will browse your page, your business will be referenced for the images you put up on your Google+ page.

Photos unique to your business increases branding. You may also put up some infographics about the industry you are in and credit other businesses or make one from your own research!

3. Interact within your Niche

Keep your profile updated with relevant press releases and other useful information that will trigger the interest of your market.

A few interesting posts that will be shared multiple times is better than a lot of spam.

Be updated with the current trending topics within your industry and find ways to interact and take part.

Make your audience aware of your Google+ presence by making sure that you have an outbound link from your website to your Google+ Business Page.

Promote your Google plus page on your website by giving them a glimpse on what you post on your page.

Do not forget the +1 button option! Include the +1 button on your articles and keep your entries worth-sharing.


On your profile’s About page, Google has given business page a chance to add necessary links.

Place a direct link to your website and a few deep links to your most interesting articles/products pages to draw attention.

You may also want to add in links to your other social media profiles.

6. Promote your Google+ page to other Social Networks

This step is kind of tricky.

Your audience may not want to add you in their circle if you just ask them to add you in their circles without differentiating your Google+ page to your other pages.

Therefore, put in interesting content on your page and then promote it on your other networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Make a “pleasant noise” about your Google+ page on other networks to have more impact.

With these 6 tweaks, you are almost ready to launch or relaunch your Google+ page.

Just some more reminders, optimizing is not spamming. Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and post only what is relevant and useful for you.

Keep your page social. Engage, incite and inspire your audience about trending topics related to your business.

Lastly, make sure that you check on the Optimization of your Google+ page. Cheers to your Google+ page success!


Author – Jessica Francisco is a cheerful 25-year-old with an odd sense of fun. The least of her broad range of hobbies include swimming, hiking and listening to the music of Michael Jackson. Jessica is also one of the editors of Luke Roxas a renowned Business Tycoon from the Philippines. Luke Roxas on Google +.

7 thoughts on “6 Google Plus Optimization Strategies For Content Marketers”

  1. Great tips Jessica. However, I think the part about Google+ having 70 million users is misleading, because most people don’t seem to log on anymore. I’ve kind of given up with the whole thing being anything more than just a place to do SEO linkbuilding. But if you feel the community is picking up again I might be inclined to check it out. It certainly has potential if lots of people get on board.

    • You’ve a point Kalen, a lot of people are not logging in to Google plus again. Facebook is still leading the social media craze, and LinkedIn is the best platform for bloggers. Thanks for coming and leaving a comment.

    • I think Google+ have around 70 million users but they’re not very active like Facebook. Though Google+ is working hard to engage users for longer time, by making design changes and introducing new features.

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