Google Panda Updates 2.5 Is Live – Has Your Pagerank Disappeared?

The long awaited Google panda updates is live.

Latest Update: Actually, Google did not remove or destroy your PageRank, they simply updated the URL used to query it. Toolbars like SEOBook and SEOQuake can no longer display your PageRank. It’s going to show N/A.

Sources from webpronews and searchengineland reveals that the actual updates was rolled out on the 28 of September, 2011. What has this got to do with you? Have you checked your pagerank recently?

Off course, a lot of websites are going to benefit from this algorithm updates, while others would cry. DaniWeb actually lost half of her search engine traffic. But be of good cheers, we shall know the winners and losers in the coming weeks.

I checked Twitter today, and discovered that most of the tweets were based on the disappearance of Google pagerank. It was a big shock to me, when I discovered that my coupon blog where I share trx coupon and flex belt coupon discounts, had zero page rank …

Google panda 2.5

What really happened to it?

Truth is, the pagerank is still alive and active. The only thing Google changed is the Lookup URL. This particular change in URL has triggered other PR checking sites unable to detect your actual pagerank.

David Naylor actually explained this issue of PageRank and what really happpened.



There you go… if you really want to know how your PageRank has fared, you can still use Internet Explorer. It works perfectly.

In light of these analysis, there are helpful steps to take, so that the ball would fall in your own favor. As we await the release of winners and losers, you can easily do something great to your Pagerank.

1. Participate Actively in Google +

Google plus (+) has come to stay. Fortunately, it’s from the most powerful search engine, and needless to say, it’s surely going to have impact in your future PageRank, targeted traffic and overall search engine performance.

You should start using Google plus, SEO experts argue that it’s going to shape the future of algorithm. This may be true, no one knows. But you can be on the receiving end, by becoming active in Google + circles and networking.

Unlike Facebook fan pages and twitter platforms, this unique fresh social network, has started very strong.

The media is pleased with it, and as of this write up, I read that there are over 40 milllion users already. Pretty in its infant stage, but the growth is phenomenal.

2. Build Contextual Links Often

The links you get within the content of an article, carries a heavy weight. You should start looking in that direction as you go about attaining links.

Contextual links tends to appear as being superior to traditional links that appears somewhere else. I know it’s difficult to link from the body of the article, especially when the blog or website you’re linking from isn’t yours.

But you can do something…How?

Simply mention the active primary keywords you are targeting on the body, then use your anchor texts, to build quality and relevant backlinks from the author bio. Both strategies works but the easiest is the later.

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3. Keep Your Blog Alive

I see a lot of dead blogs!

A blog is dead when there are no fresh and quality content. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers and writers update their blogs daily, but the content is spunned.

If you want to win in this Google panda updates, and the future algorithm checks, you must keep your blog alive.

Spend time in writing your content, concentrate on what matters to you, your deep linking should be viable and don’t be overly engrossed in keyword insertion.

If there is a need for keywords in your content, then add it, but if not, stay away from stuffing. It’s going to affect your PageRank negatively in the months to come.

Definitely, there’s going to be another search engine updates in few months, probably in December of January 2012, so stay alive.

Marketing Takeaway

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, as we await the final results and how many authority site were slapped. Believe me, it’s going to be the best treat in the history of web marketing.

The irony of the whole event is simple: a lot of established sites are going to lose PageRank, while new and relevant, niche-focused blogs are going to explore in PR.

What’s your take on this? Share your frank comments below…

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