How To Make Google Send You Free Targeted Traffic Easily

Google is like a child that needs to be pampered.

It takes Google to understand your web pages in order to send you free traffic. I’ve discovered few things you need to do, to become a search engine magnet.
But bear in mind, they’re always changing their algorithm rules and if you get slapped every now and then, don’t be perturbed, you can bounce back to life.

Why I’m I saying all these?

It’s because I’ve seen blogs with quality contents, great off page linking and good pagerank suddenly lost their ranking. It goes to say that every blog and site out there is a prey to the almighty ‘G’

Does it mean that all hope of enjoying free organic traffic is gone? Absolutely not!

What Does Google Search Engine Want?

Search engines have rules that guide their dealings with others; it’s not to your demerit but for profiting.

What Google wants is to make the web a better, friendlier, more interactive, benefit-oriented, solution-driven and an interesting place for the average web user.

Since a lot of people use their search engine service to make searches when they want to buy items, enquire about a given product or get information for important things in their life, Google has become an authority and they don’t want to adulterate (spoil) their good name.

I can bet you that if that domain name “” gets listed in the auction market, within 5 seconds, people would grab that name no matter the amount placed on it.

That tells you that a good domain name is better than a personal name, as far as the internet is concerned.

In a nut shell, Google wants to deliver the right information to her users (you and me). This way, those who use their search engine would be glad to come back next time.

Also, AdWords advertisers would be able to reach more targeted users and maximize their return on investment (ROI). If you and I are not using Google search engine, they won’t make all that money, believe me!

What You Must Do When Creating Your Content

When writing your content, forget everything about Google and search engine, focus on the people who would buy your product. Search engines don’t buy any product, they simply send you traffic that decides to buy or leave.

The secret to getting quality traffic from Google search engine is to contribute to their goal of making the web a better place.

Instead of creating content that seems informative and great in your own eye, follow the rules as it was laid down.

Your content; articles, blog posts, press releases must be sticky and interactive. There is no better way to get people engaged in your content than to ask questions, throw open a poll and/or set up a survey.

Well, you don’t have to use a survey monkey before someone can answer your questionnaire, just ask open ended question within your content – that alone can get your reader involved.

Use Words Properly and Avoid Too Much Errors

Yes, the web is powered by words! Billions of words have been used over the decades to share opinions and interests across the web. If you use the right words that search engine understands, you’ll enjoy the full benefit.
What words?

Well, it’s not keywords but key phrases.

If you truly want to please Google, then you seriously need to aim for phrases that show intent of the searcher taking action. E.g. when someone types “how to cure acne at home,” it means the person does not want to leave home before getting results.

He’s probably looking for solutions around the home – let your content be centered on that term. Don’t include any solution that isn’t at home; be relevant in your content.
And secondly, when writing your content, ensure its 98% error free. This includes spelling and grammatical errors. Proofread your content and erase any paragraph or sentence that doesn’t fit in properly.

If you confuse people with wrong spelling and cluttered sentences, you’ll in turn confuse Google and other search engines.

Remember, they are a piece of script that acts like humans. Sorry, they simply follow people wherever they go.

Your #1 Writing Goals Is To…

Get the right traffic to your content and engage the traffic until they take action. Do you know Google tracks the amount of time each visitor who arrives at your blog spends? If you use analytics, the bounce rate would indicate that.

Usually, you should lower your bounce rate. The more people stay on your blog, the more relevant your web pages become in the eyes of Google. Come to think of it, you stay glued to a TV program because you love it.

If a program is boring, it either makes you to sleep and snore or simply walk away. Lol!

The Final Pointer To Drive Organic Traffic

Your content must be relevant to the web searcher when they arrive. If they simply click the “close” button and leave, your blog would be flagged and from that moment, you become a prey to search engine weird panda.

What makes your content relevant?

When someone who has high blood pressure comes to your blog, don’t present them with an article that talks about building muscle and software download.

This little secret can change your life forever if you abide by it.
It’s not all about quality content, there are millions of quality content all over the web, what you need is your own voice that speaks “relevancy.”

And you can only achieve this when you put aside keyword stuffing, and concentrate on the exact person who would subscribe to your email list, click your PPC ads and buy your affiliate products.

Remember, Google search engine do not buy products, they don’t click ads, they do not attend live webinars and neither do they ask questions, it’s the targeted traffic they send you that do all these.

Be real, be relevant, be focused and expect the best from G.