Google Egg Basket: Don’t Put All Your Traffic Eggs In There

Are you one of those who trust Google to deliver free targeted traffic your way?

Well, that decision was fantastic a few years back. Today, you need to start strategizing on how to move your business forward. If you’re a blogger or whatever your calling may be, there is no stagnant position for you.

Search engine organic traffic is really great and everyone desires a slice of it. But who can predict Google and their weird panda?

I’m not in any way telling you to abandon search engine optimization. Far from it. What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t put your traffic generation activities in their basket. What happens when they overturn and overturn once more until you’ve nothing left?

By the way, Google has been sending free traffic to my niche blogs since 2009, but something happened this September that brought my rich traffic to the floor. A friend of mine who runs an Amazon review blog also lost 67% of his daily traffic.

Guess what? His income crushed!

Plan Your Attack Wisely

To succeed online, you need to master numbers. Winning in this ever competitive web environment demands your brain and not necessarily your muscle. If you can think and create intelligent content that gets shared, then you’re qualified to attract paying customers.

Plan your attack wisely and determine other relevant traffic portals that are proven to work. These days, people are neglecting Pay Per Click advertising but it works.

You might not have thousands to spend but with proper long tail keyword targeting, you could drive rich targeted traffic every day.

You Can’t Predict Google!

I wonder what’s going to happen next with Google and their updates. I still drive free web traffic from Google but I don’t want to trust them for my future success. It’s left for you to look inward and outward for other proven ways to grow your business.

What About Social Media Marketing?

A few weeks ago, I checked my Google analytics stats and was surprised. 45% of my traffic came from Stumbleupon and Digg.

Social media marketing is another aspect of promoting your business, that needs constant digging and implementation. The problem with this marketing system is that people don’t know how it works. The type of content that works with social media platforms may not be suitable for search engine optimization.

Why? It’s because of the word “social.”

When you present yourself as a salesperson from the get go, you automatically scare your potential customers away. Unlike search engine traffic where you can sell outrightly without getting busted by the next buyer.

It’s all left for you to learn how social media works. But take this word home. Everything that concerns social media marketing system stems from the fact that people want to network, connect and relate with others.

If you aren’t friendly, I don’t think you would succeed with social media marketing.

Do Your Calculations

Like I mentioned above, success online is a number game. The more prospects you’re able to serve, the higher your income. If you blindly increase your product cost with the hope of turning huge profit, your prospects could board the next fastest train to L.A.

Stick around with Google but don’t make them your #1 priority online. Don’t be surprised when you’re hit by their rigorous algorithm updates. You’re better off learning and mastering social media marketing, guest posting and JV networking, rather than putting all your traffic eggs in one basket (Google).

Think about these harsh words from me and leave a comment. See you ahead!

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  1. There are a lot of ways on how to get traffic besides Google. However, don’t take Google for granted since it is one of the “cream of the crop” when it comes to generating traffic.

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