Help Google Fight The War Against Content Farms And Low Backlinks

Is Google at war? I doubt you say…

Google is out to reward you with priceless rewards if you can help them fight and destroy content farms and lazy backlinks. Time has come when you must position your internet marketing campaigns, trust in your instinct to direct your paths and do the right things.

If you mind is in making money, you’re already lost in this battle. If your mind is in ranking your web pages on Google #1, you’re also lost. Are you one of those blog owners who are desperate for 10,000s backlinks so your pagerank could improve overnight?

Be warned… all that glitters is not gold.

Why I’m I ranting… because I love Google. It has helped my business grow in the past 2 years, and if you can position yourself (blog or site) properly, and team up with Google, winning the ranking game is just a piece of the cake.

But let’s be serious, what kind of war is Google into? Well, not the war of spears, atomic bombing and AK-47 Barrel (or is it Ak-57)? Don’t mind me, I don’t have a gun so I’m not inclined to know their names. No one is fighting against his business partner, we just wanted to make the web a better place.

(i). Conducive Business Environment

How do you feel when your office is well furnished, with Air-conditioners and high tech gadgets? The paycheck is huge with a lot of employee benefits. Your future is even assured, your pension is in place and everything you ever desired is present in that office. You feel elated and usually happy each time you come to the office.

We all can make the web a better place. There is no secret to success anywhere. You might read the 7 secrets of highly successful people – but let me tell you today, sharing your knowledge without adulterating it is the surest way to accumulate great wealth.

If targeted traffic is what you need, there is no need running around looking for free sittercity coupons and 6pm discount codes for advertising. Simply focus on delivering high quality content to web searchers and you’ll succeed. Even though the “monetary” gains might not come in a hurry, it will definitely come.

(ii). What Are Content Farms?

These are contents in the form of articles that are usually “low quality.” Some companies and web marketers would employ so many writers to help them out with articles, sometimes, re-written articles are submitted and published all in the name of raising pagerank and influencing Google algorithms.

Contrary to what these website owners believe, it’s a waste of time because Google is re-strategising their algorithm. We hear about the spider initially and now the panda is scouring the web looking for such contents. These kind of contents are usually keyword stuffed.

How do you feel when there is no ventilation (air) in the room?

It’s a bad experience I guess but that the same way a lot of blogs and websites are fashioned. Don’t be a victim. I’m not affiliated with Google but I know that majority of my traffic comes from free organic searches. If you take time out to build your content without haste, you’re going to hit the push button and Google will reward you in 100 folds.

(iii). What Does Quality Content Mean?

Have you ever tasted a soured milk? It tastes awful but that’s exactly the same way content farms (spun articles) taste on Google’s mouth. Your contents should never been written in the bid to rank online. When this becomes the pivot of your marketing, you’re not going to get anywhere.

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(iv). Write For People and Google Would Follow

It’s the people (web searchers) that matters to Google. Why? Simple. They want to increase and retain their advertisers so that they earn more profit. If the search results generated by Google is full of crappy web pages and content, it’s going to be a BIG disappointment and discourage users (you and me).

Research your content before you write your articles. If you own a blog, don’t go thinking you need to update your blog posts daily and miss the “rule of quality.” I don’t update my blog every single day because I know I can’t. I’ve to write for my clients, work on my other web design projects and network with friends and colleagues.

This all takes time. But whenever I decide to write on my blog (Mondays and Weekends), I take my time to do it. The irony of the whole story is that Google is nobody’s friend. An enemy of Google today, that doesn’t get targeted traffic can turn around to become the heavenly sent angel.

What does it mean? Concentrate on quality content. The only way to become a friend of Google is to stick to quality and don’t look back. I’ve seen new blogs of mine rank highly on Google with less than 20 backlinks for highly competitive keywords.

(v). Does Backlinks Matter?

Off course, you need backlinks and it’s a criteria for ranking. But when you build your backlinks, take note of your link building path. One thing you need to keep in paper and at the back of your mind is that, it’s now how much backlinks you’ve got, but how relevant they are.

Relevant backlinks are those that appear naturally on the content you’re linking from.

For instance, if another site with an article about “real estate” links back to your real estate content, it’s considered as being relevant. If you go about building your backlinks from Forums, those links are not relevant except the forum is “specific.”

(vi). Bring Peace To The Web

You can seize this war and bring peace to the web. How? Start with your blog. Let you content become engaging. If you discover that your bounce rate is huge, it’s time to reduce it by engaging your readers.

If they don’t stay at least 5 minutes, clicking over to related posts, it’s an indication your content is not ideal for them.

Off course, there are people who don’t waste time reading blogs, even though they have problems that needs solution. Don’t bother about these people, they are part of marketing that needs constant persuasion.

Give your readers what they want. Answer their questions in a friendly and legitimate manner. You’re making the web a better place and that’s what matters.

Remember, the more problems you solve online (quality contents), the more money and business deals you strike. It boils down to who you are at the core – make up your mind today and just do it ~ share your comment and link back to this post if you enjoyed it.

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