Goals Vs Objectives – The Ultimate Guide To Blogging Success

Here is an insight into your goals vs objectives for serious bloggers.

If you’re like most people, you have good thoughts about making millions on day. I’m optimistic too and I don’t know how much joy would spring forth within my spirit when I finally make my first $1,000,000 from my blog.

Is it really possible to make money $1M from blogging? Well, I think it’s possible but not the way you see it. Some top bloggers make that much and if DECIDE to join the club of money makers, you need to understand your goals vs objectives and balance both.

Goals and Objectives, are they the same

Some many bloggers out there think goals and objectives are the same, but they are not. While running against the clock to meet with my colleague right in my city, I couldn’t see the next person close by, the fog covered everywhere. The weather was so bad that if not for the lights, you would stumble on an innocent passerby.

Knowing Your Goals

Goals are like fogs. They create bad weather for everyone. But it’s very important to set goals and make resolutions at the start of the New Year – actually, your goals must be streamlined so you could measure it.

In a nut shell, goals are plans that may not be actualized until your add objectives into it.

Your short term goals should be your first approach to winning the blogging game. Some of your short term goals as a blogger should include:-

  • – Publish Quality Content Daily
  • – Guest posting Frequently
  • – Capturing Emails and Building List
  • – Learning what works and discarding time wasters
  • – Start networking with other top bloggers in your niche

Your long term goals should include:

  • – Deep Keyword Research on Buyer Keywords
  • – Networking with Top bloggers
  • – Guest Posting and Accepting Guest posts
  • – Product Launch
  • – Selling to your list after your trust is established

Both short and long term goals are very crucial.

But guess what? There is not DEFINITE step by step approach to making sure all these shiny goals are realized. That brings us to objectives.

Stick With Objectives

With the numerous blogs rising from every nook and cranny of the web, you can be rest assured that if your plans are dim, you’re going to give up and go back to your 9 – 5 job, if you do have one. Objectives are very vital and should surface right after your goals have been written down.

Bloggers with clear objectives are the ones who make 6 figures monthly, while other bloggers struggle to even make a single affiliate sale.

Why Setting Objectives?

  • – they can be measured

  • – they have a time frame
  • – they are realistic
  • – they lead to long term success.

In a nut shell, objective helps you to achieve your goals. That is why; you must never regard goals vs objectives as being the same.

Does this make any meaning?

Here’s an instance, let’s assume you want to start building an email list to promote your offers to. That’s a goal but a clear objective helps:

  • – to choose the right autoresponder
  • – design a charming squeeze page
  • – deliver the right free offer or report
  • – to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page.

My Suggestion:

Know what your goals are and don’t stop there. Map out a strategy for actualizing your goals and make sure you don’t give up. Often times, the journey that looks promising seems to be tedious at the initial stage.

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