How To Get Better Customers and Keep Them

Is it difficult to get customers?   get better customers

You and I know that the right people can make you more money; refer buyers to your products and services.

Join your revolution and motivate you. Customers can do all of that.

Fact: Experts tell us that getting customers is difficult, but is that true?

That’s what you read on several blogs. In 2012, I attended a conference where the speaker boldly stated that customer acquisition can be a nightmare.

But let’s look at it critically. Have you ever struggled to communicate with your loved ones?

I don’t think so. In fact, it’s become a reflex action to most of us. For me, my siblings are my best friends and I could easily convince them to believe in my idea.

When you’re doing business online, your blog is your focal point and you’ve to perceive customers, visitors and readers as a part of your family.

Your blog has to be user-friendly and welcome everyone that visits. That’s your gateway to winning potential customers and educating them. You also need to entertain them and share helpful and emotional stories that could captivate their minds.

In this post, I want to reveal the simple STEPS you can take to get customers easily. I’ve been applying them to my copywriting business and it works like crazy.


Are you a blogger, freelancer or businessperson?

Bloggers and freelancers are content marketers. No matter what you do for a living on the internet, I’m sure you’re giving away valuable articles, videos, podcasts, blog posts and e-books to your ideal customers for free?

Aha, that really makes you a content marketer. Because the concept is to identify what challenges your target audience is facing and doing all you can to make them happy.

When it comes to blogging and content marketing, you can’t afford to joke with customers. When I say customers, it could mean anyone including those who are just readers.

As a freelance copywriter, I know firsthand that listening to clients’ instructions and doing what they ask of me is the surest way to get repeat projects from them.

In fact, when you go the extra mile to do what your client/customer didn’t expect, you can rest assured that you’ve won their hearts. And if you win their hearts, you’d win their pockets.

I may not be 100% correct and I don’t try to, but I trust my customers to be real to me. In other words, they shouldn’t hide their challenges and expect me to figure it out. The same thing goes to you and your business.

If you pour love into your work, your customers will have no other choice than to reveal their struggles and ask for help.


All the traffic in the world is useless if…

You can’t treat your customers well. I mean, it’s easier to make friends with an old customer than get a new person.

When you drive traffic to your website, don’t stop there because the real marketing begins when you acquire the first customer. You’ve to deliver on your promise and exceed their expectations.

For instance, if a customer is expecting you to show them the step by step means for getting their website content ranked in Google top 10, don’t stop at that.

To truly over deliver, also provide them with free tools and resources they can learn from. Show live proofs that your advice works.

If possible, volunteer to create a wordpress blog for the first 20 people who will do this, or do that. It could be the first few to join your exclusive email list or download your free e-book.

I love free traffic because it saves money, and could be consistent if you rinse and repeat the process you took to initiate it initially.

But don’t be moved by the fact that thousands of free traffic can make a difference if you don’t know how to optimize for conversion.

And it’s not enough to get people to subscribe to your list, you’ve to follow up, educate them, make them laugh and treat them as human beings with blood gushing through their veins, not as robots that scour the internet for empty forms to fill. So, how can you get better customers and retain them?

Be Sociable – simple!

Trust me, it’s easier than you think to get people to buy your product and respond to your service, and what you ask them to do.

Most times, readers could do something because of your name – they trust you.

The way to achieve this is to be friendly with others. Come to the understanding that people’s lives are better if they engage in activities that boost their health: have more sex, make more money, laugh more etc.

So, whatever you do as a content marketer, try to add a cubit to someone you meet. You never can tell who your multi-million dollar customer/client would be.

When you meet someone, you may not know that the person is ravishingly wealthy and may have been searching tirelessly for your kind of service or product.

When you become sociable, it’d be easier to get across your message. Everyone on the face of the earth is yearning for love.

It’s unfortunate how a lot a people write content these days. They don’t add any courtesy nor appreciate their reader. They don’t provide epic information that people can apply and get results. How pathetic?

You can only stand for yourself, not for someone else. That new visitor to your blog could become the highest paying customer/client you’ll ever get in a long time. This is a fact!


Go beyond business and money

Each time I get a contact from a potential customer, I’d always respond quickly and ask after their family and business. I’d assume they’re doing all right and even volunteer to do every possible thing to see to that.

A true content marketer doesn’t rely on quick money or turning a millionaire this month. The first contact you make with potential customers/clients isn’t to make the sale. It’s for introduction, for caring and communication.

The relationship that comes with the first contact is the ultimate. Because when people are happy with you, the sky is just the limit to what you both can do together.

And if you communicate value well, within 30 days, you could secure a project that’s worth more than what you would ever earn in a year.

I don’t believe in hit-and-run content marketing approach. If I get a customer today, my journey with them starts and I heartily desire them to stay.

My question to you is this: the last customer/client you worked for or with, did you ever care to know how the wife, husband, kids and relations are doing? Did you know where they come from, where they live and why they decided to buy your product or hire your services?

It’s not all about making millions are the detriment of LIFE itself.

The reason why we live is to impact lives and help make the world a better place just because we’re in it. Keep doing this and you’ll get a bunch of loyal customers who believe in you with all of their hearts.


You can’t save the world

Yes, trust me and don’t even try to. The services and products you offer don’t have to speak to everyone.

In fact, of recent I said no to a writing project that involves writing whitepapers for a PR firm. I couldn’t take on it because I’ve no experience whatsoever in that field.

If I was focused on the money, I’d have accepted the offer, take the money and outsource to a professional. But to what end is the strategy? Would I be bold enough to tell my client that I gave out the white paper gig to a third party?

Truth is, you can’t save the world with your content. But you can transform your own spheres of life – your environment and the people you’re serving.

Your product and service aren’t the best and don’t even try to make it so.

Accept your weakness, but use your strengths to convince customers that you’ve what it takes to solve a definite problem. Remember, if your product sounds too good to be true, then you’re a liar.

If you hear that it’s difficult to get customers, it’s not the whole truth. Because every day, you meet with people and if you’ve been communicating well and not sounding like a jerk, your bank account should be bigger than it is right now. Take it or leave it.


Customer satisfaction is a challenge?

You can challenge yourself to see that your blog readers, visitors, fresh prospects and customers are happier when they come in contact with you and your website.

Your content shouldn’t be regurgitated for any reason. Write interesting articles and ask a lot of questions in order to draw readers into it. In fact, with the way Google is going right now, generic content that can be found elsewhere could cause your website damage.

Be friendly. Before driving traffic to your website, get prepared to convert them into customers who will be loyal to whatever you say.


Take this home

The problem is not getting customers, because you’ve them all around. Retaining and getting them to evangelize for you is harder – but now you know how to achieve it. Be friendly while solving their problems.

What steps have you taken to get fresh customers this year? I can’t wait to read your comment and learn from you my dear friend. See you at the top!

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67 thoughts on “How To Get Better Customers and Keep Them”

  1. This posts helps to know the importance of customers, their requirement and finally satisfaction. Intially getting traffic is not a big deal for any website, the customer should get their needs from our site. By this way, we can increase Bounce rate and more return customer

  2. You’re right Michael about treating customers well and being ‘real.’ Far too many online marketers are hurting their conversions by running 30 year old tricks that only now they’re realizing don’t work. Excellent post!

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  4. Honesty is key in any business. Share your success and failures with your customers and they will start following you. A great way to share is to blog and email your customers.

  5. thanks for your great post . and in my idea i think the matter not just about how to keep the Customers . but also how to make them always trust in your words and believe what you saying , that is the most important point to let them always come back to you . because simply they know that they get honest idea from you about whatever you sale ( or whatever you write in your blog )

  6. Hi Mike,

    One message I think every freelance writer should go home with after reading this article is the part where you mentioned “The traffic in the whole world is useless if you don’t treat your customers well”

    Getting good or great customers is not an easy thing. It’s funny how some business owners work hard to get customers and at the end fail to keep their customers.

    Michael this is really a timely post and I enjoyed reading your long and detailed posts as usual.

    Keep rocking the web bro!

  7. The key is the client satisfaction. However, everything must be clear upstream. There should not be any difference between the input speech and the benefit itself. We must convince especially if it is a new customer.

  8. A product need not require any advertisement if it provides the best service among its competitors, coz for such product customers/consumers become the best advertisement. Anyways, that was a great article .

  9. Yeah, treating our customers right is a great way to keep them and increase our sales. A well served customer will refer you to others and your business will surely prosper.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. One of the best articles I’ve read and really in my case I implemented the mailing list, that is, offer them something free to get prospects and I’m about to implement a completely free service with no contracts or permancencia overall. Then I tell you how I was. But follow these tips seem very successful. Berezowski Alex also mentions that persuade the customer should know and what you say is perfectly complemented. Thanks for sharing. Greetings.

  11. If you want to get good customers, you have to write good copy, too. The way you write is very important. If you want smart customers, write smartly… If you want stupid ones.. do what can you do 😀 I think that you catch my thought. You writed good article about blogger-customer relationship. I appreciate your work. Keep doing it!

    All the best,
    Julian Dimitrov.

  12. The above discussion is helpful in maintaining your good behavior with customers. You will also get referral sales, if you follow these tips and tricks. The better you surf, the better you will get.

  13. I think going extra mile is key. When you exceed customer’s expectations and overdeliver they appreciate it so much. You should consider adding some bonus services or giveaways in addition to your regular core value proposition. Great article!

  14. All the points you have made in this post are absolutely and completely valid. I mainly agree with your point that you need to draw the right kind of visitors your blog or website. Just drawing a lot of visitors isn’t enough.

  15. Well providing a good customer experience makes “loyal customers.” As a customer, I do it all the time. There is always this one specific shop that I always go to whenever I need something they can provide. No matter how many other competitors are there that offers a lower cost, I always go to this shop still because I have experienced a terrific customer service from their sales reps. So I think it’s safe to say that customers like me will pay more for a great service.

    Thanks for the post.

  16. For a business , it very important to have loyal and good customers that can promote your business/products .We can find such customers through social network sites like facebook .. If we find one , there are more chances of free promotion . Thanks for sharing the information .


  17. Nice one on getting better customers. Like you said, conversion rate optimization is the best thing that can happen to a website, not the hits itself. If they don’t convert, then it’s a total waste of time. Thanks for been so honest in your content Michael.

  18. I think that getting customers is a matter of time and patience. If you don’t know how to get customers then it will take you longer to get and keep them.

  19. Awesome post Mike. One of the things I did this year to attract more customers, and make my existing clients become loyal prospects, is to over-deliver–like you said in this post.

    That has been my secret! I’ve gotten more clients as a result. More referrals–and more $$$…

    Thanks for highlighting this tip Mike.

    Keep rocking the content marketing world

    Daniel, The web content writer

  20. I appreciate every bit of this post. Now, I know what to do to get better customers. I’ve to over deliver on what I promised. It’s a fact of life and it works because I’ve read it countless times on other blogs. That action part is the most difficult.

  21. You’re right, all the traffic in the world can’t grow a business, except they convert. With your tips, I can go on and get more customers to my beauty and design site.

  22. You had shared a good customer acquisition article with us. It has helped me a lot to gain knowledge about something new. I’m going to apply this to my blog in order to grow it.

  23. There are two types of customers: the good and bad ones. The good customers can tell others about your products and services, while the bad ones would deter your growth. With your tips, we can make the bad ones good. Thanks for the research you put into this.

  24. At last, you’ve broken down the steps to getting good customers to come to our website. I also think that making your product to stand out in the crowd is another essential way to retain customers and if they were bad, they can become good according to the first commenter. What do you think Michael?

  25. Well, there are customers and there are “better” customers. I guess the emphasis should be on the “better”. This means those customers that provide value should be retained. The steps to get better customers and keep them as discussed in this post are clear should be practical to many readers. I agree with Michael Chibuzor in this post.

    I have left the above comment in where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  26. Hi Michael,

    In my honest opinion, I think customer satisfaction is the most important aspect to be concerned of, once we get our first wave or customers, If they are satisfied, they will refer others and subsequently, we shall get more customers flowing in.

  27. Conversion rate optimization is the utmost concern of every website owner. Traffic is just numbers. We need to always optimize until we begin to convert leads and get sales. Thanks for this eye opener.

  28. You did a great job in explaining that getting customers isn’t hard. It may not happen overnight, but it’s possible if we become sociable and listen more to our ideal customers.

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