The “Future” Of Guest Posting You Didn’t Know About

I’m not a soothsayer, but I can tell you the future of guest posting. Lol!    future of guest posting

TV advertising used to be the ultimate in the past, but it’s gradually dying down – content marketing is replacing it.

So many marketing systems that we’ve been using were all fads – they appeared for a moment and disappeared before we could blink twice.

But guest posting would last for as long as the web lasts.

Except the World Wide Web is no more, guest posting will continue to thrive.

Nevertheless, writing for other blogs in a bid to get more targeted traffic, quality backlinks and other benefits is changing rapidly.

Yes, you could still get those benefits, but there is so much more to it. You need to read this post to the end – it’s all about the future of guest posting.

No longer guest blogging, but guest posting

Today, most people call it guest blogging because they can write articles and get it published on niche blogs.

But in the future, which has already begun, static, corporate and ecommerce websites’ owners are going to start accepting quality guest posts.

No, they’re not going to publish it on their blog pages, but directly on the ecommerce and website pages. They could create a separate page for the content. Why this change?

It’s because Google makes the rule as long as content marketing is concerned. Even if you’re not targeting search engine users, you’ll still adhere to Google’s rules or else, you’d be penalized for what you know nothing about – whether directly or indirectly.

But guest blogging and guest posting are the same thing, you say? No they’re not. The former is limited to blogs only, while the latter is for both blogs and other websites.

In a nut shell, we’re moving to a period of intense content marketing – every website owner would start to accept guest post – and may write as well for other sites.

Everyone needs quality content now, and this “NEED” would grow & continue in the future.

Get ready for Google’s new update

guest posting
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In the future, Google updates are going to affect the type of content people write. It’s even happening right now – everyone is careful on the quality of content they publish as guest article.

If you’re like me that write for other blogs regularly, then you must be ready to change when new algorithm update rolls out.

And because 85% of website owners are scared of getting penalized and losing their organic traffic and rankings, getting your guest post published can get harder.

Yes, you can write a 400 words article and still get the upper hand, but that can only last for a while.

In the future (sooner than you expected) short articles no matter how “epic” may not suffice.

You need to write a resource or step by step guide and teach readers how to do a thing well. Only then can your guest post be accepted and published on A-list sites.

Trust me, the next update from Google might be stricter than what we’ve seen so far. But I still think that the strongest is still Panda, which brought a revolution on the internet and content marketing as a whole.

What you must know: In the future, bloggers would adjust their guest post guidelines so that it applies to whatever Google wants.

Because if you ignore organic traffic, you’d work your butts off to generate targeted traffic and readers to your website consistently.

Organic traffic is still the best, most trusted and often leads to higher conversion rate than social media traffic or even media buying.

Building a community would lead to more organic traffic

You may observe how often I talk about organic traffic, right? Well, I know that if you can build a community around your blog, Google would be forced to send you more free targeted traffic.

I discovered this firsthand in my blog, when I started listening and helping my readers (answering their questions).

Within 30 days, my content pages started ranking on the first page of Google. My daily traffic increased by 392%.

I got a lot of traffic, which doesn’t really matter because the raw numbers is a waste if the visitors don’t convert into subscribers or customers.

So, what must you do to enjoy the fruit of guest posting? It doesn’t matter whether you run a business website or blog, try and create a community where people can share their views, become a part of your blog and help you grow.

This is important because in the future, it’d be extremely difficult for solopreneur & individual (blogger, entrepreneur, coach et al) to successfully grow their websites without the help of the target audience.

I know so because the need for real content that engages would be high – not by Google alone, but by the target audience as well.

So, even as you write guest posts to promote your blog, make sure that the traffic you drive to your blog stays – capture and communicate through email marketing. Email is a great way to build a great community that can grow to love, trust and buys from you.

Give them incentives if you “MUST” and disciple them. In the future, guest posting would move beyond you trying to get traffic & quick links to contributing to a community.

New blogs will grow quickly through guest posting

Seriously, the time has come when new blogs would take over the World Wide Web. Because people are fed up with old ideas that wouldn’t cut in or help them succeed.

Everyone is looking for unique perspective on the same topic. Yes, we know that nothing is actually new on the internet, but we can give it our own style – that’s the job of a content marketer.

For your new blog, you can use guest posting (not guest blogging mind you) to build readership and optimize via SEO.

So many people who struggled to grow their websites in the past are now enjoying top rankings in Google homepage. More success stories would be recorded in the future – watch out.

Don’t just sit by the fence and wish you ranked highly, use guest posting to ‘steal’ targeted traffic and readers from those authority sites.

Most especially, you know the blogs that Google panda, Penguin, EMDs or any update didn’t affect, you should get featured there.

The web is dynamic (always changing). What we hold dear to our hearts today might become irrelevant tomorrow.

Bloggers and content marketers may try to rename guest posting but the concept would remain. If every marketing tactic fails to grow your blog, writing quality content for top websites in your niche would work.

I’ve written and published more than 600 guest articles since July 2011 till date. My new blog went from 50 daily readers to 500 and above daily readers within 2 months. Thanks to guest posting.

blogs would become the #1 social media network

If twitter and facebook are social media networks, why do we see a blog differently? The keyword here is “social” and can be any “space” where people gather to discuss on similar ideas or even contradicting opinions.

I know that in the future, guest posting is going to bring the real “value” of a blog out – which is social networking. Yes, you can make your blog a social media network by creating an avenue for discussion.

Commenting, survey taking, polls, share buttons and other viral tools can make your blog more than a wordpress CMS, but a real platform to meet new people. That’s going to be the future of blogging.

And it’d change the way you write or accept guest posts, too. When every website owner gets to understand that each article must be good enough to be shared by people, it’d take lots of research to write such articles.

And before you accept a guest post for your blog, make sure it’s worth it. If readers didn’t share it, your blog and entire business would start to die gradually.

If your blog doesn’t create a social gathering in the future, Google would cease to send you organic traffic, and you may need to look elsewhere. And looking at twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus wouldn’t work for you because your content isn’t sharable.

There is no alternative to quality content. It’s the bedrock, the pillar and the concrete that holds your website. If you hurry and publish any form of content, you’d cry at the end. “Take your time isn’t an insult – it’s an advice!”

Guest posting is the #1 channel to attract media publicity

As you already know, you don’t determine the reach of your content no matter how smart you are.

Other people will do that for you. If you want to attract the media and get featured on top magazines, start reaching out through guest posting. Period!

Did you know how much targeted traffic you’ve attract on your blog/site if CNN, BBC, INC, USAToday or other media portals picks your URL up? What if they decide to interview you – with your site’s URL hyperlinked every now and then?

That’d be huge traffic surge to your website. And guest posting can get you there. Sure, the 50 – 100 daily traffic from business blogs is a great idea, but getting a media exposure can skyrocket your whole business.

I know that I can land high paying writing gigs if INC magazine and widely read magazine features my blog.

It’s like having President Obama endorse you for a Multi-Million Dollar contract. Tell me who can refuse you when the person in authority is subject to the President?

I see that in the future, many bloggers are going to get interviewed by media professionals. This would help them make more money, attract fresh traffic and become overnight (maybe) experts in their respective niches.

Guest posting can bring 6-figure income annually

You can make a living from guest posting. So many online entrepreneurs will outsource link building, traffic generation and search engine optimization via guest posting to professionals.

It’s happening already, but the pay is still minimal – guest writers deserve a better pay.

This is going to happen sooner than you least expected – and savvy writers will no longer be broke. Isn’t it good news?

Do you know why so many people don’t earn decent income on the internet? It’s because majority is distracted; they neglect their own skills while pursuing other business models.

If I know how to design websites or write articles – don’t you think I should sell my service to those who needs it? If you’re looking to earn more income online, stop chasing after “vague” things, concentrate on your skills and explore it.

In the future, intelligent people who know how to take advantage of this business opportunity would deposit 100k or more into their bank accounts annually. Do you believe this or is it just hype?

What is the future of your business?

There you’ve it, the future of guest posting and what you must do to enjoy the benefits. Now over to you – what is the future of your business?

What do you plan to achieve in 3 – 5 years time? Please leave a comment below – I’d reply you as fast as possible.

34 thoughts on “The “Future” Of Guest Posting You Didn’t Know About”

  1. Stopped accepting guest posts . As the main reason for submitting gust post is to get baclinks , they sometimes provide very poor quality content and that affected my blog a lot .

  2. Hey Michael !
    Well very interesting post. You should be the fortune teller. lols.
    Well I totally agree with you on all the points over here.
    Matt Kennedy

  3. Hello Michael! Great post. It is nice to know that you can foreseen content marketing in the future. Well thank you for the warning but I am not scared because I know that if this change happen it will just a challenge and at the same time it will be a good help for all of us. Well right now the best thing to do is to be ready to adapt

  4. I believe you have predicted the future quite accurately as there are no other alternatives for things to go. You’ll either be the one hunting for guest posters or the one doing the guest posting because the right content is getting difficult to find and website owners are getting too busy to write it themselves.

    Also, I agree that blogs are social networks too and in fact are what gets ppl to share via the more mainstream social networks.

  5. I believe the future you talk about is already here. Those who still treat it like yesterday are bound to fail. Guest blogging is a younger sibling of article marketing. Those who have great content on article directories still get huge page views from them. I have articles in directories that still bring in hundreds of views every month till date even though they were published over six years ago. What makes them stand out and survive numerous updates from Google? They are top quality content in their various niches.

    Whether it’s guest blogging (limited) or guest posting (broader content marketing) having top quality content isn’t something we can afford to joke with — No never again!

  6. The future of guest posting is going to be “engagement” like you stated. I’m looking forward to a time when we’d all enjoy the blissfulness of blogging and imparting lives positively.

  7. I used to write for web 2.0 sites, and to be sincere i got better traffic then than now that i am focusing on comment backlink building. Chibuzor, I first heard about you on Itechcode, and then I follow you here from bloggingtips. And sincerely I am glad I did.

  8. In 3-5 years. I want to live off of my blog. I do not wish to become rich, but to simply make enough money to live a modest lifestyle and explore my needs and wants. You know blogging is decent, since it’s not hit and run, and I enjoy giving advice to other people. Do you think that guest posting is a necessity to just make 3-5 thousand a month just to live a comfortable dormant existence?

    • “You don’t wish to become rich – but you want to live off your blog. Lol!”
      And yes, you can make money with guest posting, but that’s not why you should write for other blogs. I talked about building a community, creating engagement, solving problems and changing lives around the world for the better. And if you can earn 3-5 thousand a month online, I don’t think you’re dormant. If you were, you’d be broke. IMHO.

  9. This post reminds me of the power of guest posting. Since I started writing for A-list blogs, my readership have grown exponentially. I didn’t know you’ve written more than 500 guest posts, Michael. That was a great achievement, trust me. I’m going to get ready for the future of content marketing, which guest posting is going to control.

  10. Hmmmmm Michael,
    You scared me when you said i should get ready for another update. But on a second thought, i know that if i do everything right, that any other update will not be for me.

    However, google has disappointed many folks recently, so it will be stupid for anyone to keep on leaning on them……

    Guest Posting is the name of the game Man.

    • Aha, don’t tell me you’re scared of Google update? Well, prepare for it because a new one is going to happen. Guest posting is the only way to protect yourself from future updates. Thanks for stopping by Theodore.

  11. Nice points,

    Guest posting certainly the best way to attract targeted audience towards your blog or website. It gives you an opportunity to acquire high quality backlinks, plus free promotion from authority blog.

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