Freelance Writer’s Formula: How To Double Your Income Using SEO

Are you enjoying your business?

Freelance writers and those aspiring to venture into this business, would enjoy this post. Freelance writing is one sleek business model, that I love. There are so much benefits of being a Freelance write and the odds are usually less.

Off course, it has its own downsides, but you don’t have to be scared about that – every business has problems.

Been a writer for 4 years now, is a great opportunity for me to learn several marketing concepts. I’ve always wanted to increase my earnings per month, but nothing happened until recently when I read an article from FreelanceSwitch

It’s the power of SEO, and how you as a Freelancer can make use of it to double, or even triple your income per month.

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The major reason why you should be serious about SEO is because, it can increase your traffic, in terms of new clients, enhance your self image and skyrocket your web presence.

But to succeed in SEO as a freelancer, you first need a blog of your own.

It’s an absolute waste of time trying to succeed in the Freelance industry, without a blog or corporate website of your own. If you ask me, a blog is better than a website, because of the easiness in optimization and navigation.


This specific question have been asked most of the time, and I’ve been concerned about it. The truth is, there is no straight answer to that question.

What you need to do is track your success, to determine how best you’re performing right now.

I don’t advocate for a separate portfolio blog, I use my “web traffic generation” blog as a billboard to showcase my skills in writing and as God would have it, most of my high paying clients came from my “hire me” page.

The major disadvantage of using a separate blog for your Freelance writing, and another for your daily blog posts, is that you tend to diversify so much. There is only few hours in the day, and being in control of a single blog is tedious, let alone two.

So, if you can handle both blogs, I’m sure a portfolio blog is going to perform better than a generic blog that talks about several topics.

Anyways, concentrate on the SEO aspect, that’s what count.

HOW TO  SEO YOUR About Me, About Us, Hire Me, PAGES

Your “hire me” and “about us” page is the most vital page in a blog. You should optimize it properly in order to suck some targeted traffic from Google.

Begin with the page name. You should name your page, having the primary keyword in mind. Keyword is like the juice that search engine spiders are looking for, each time they visit a web page. It gives them direction.

Instead of copying another person’s “about us” page and tweaking, spend a few minutes and write a decent, relevant and original content. This page should be different from a generic article, if you can, hire a copywriter to help you out.

You’re going to be selling your Writing skills in this page. Make it sticky and use the A.I.D.A. concept to win the heart of your clients. Who knows, maybe next hot clients could stumble on that page.

By A.I.D.A, I mean you should:

  • A –  Attract Attention with your Title
  • I   – Interest The Reader With Your Description
  • D –  Trigger A Desire On The Body
  • A –  Initiate An Action At The End.

Make sure you sprinkle your target keywords inside the body of the copy. It’s going to help your pagerank and overall site performance. Now that your “about us/hire me” page is complete, you need to do some other things like:


Whenever I write a guest post, I usually link back to my “hire me” page. Unknown to me, this particular page in my blog has been ranking highly on Google, outranking authority blogs who never considered it vital to optimize their pages.

They focused on their blog posts, I focused on both and my recent client who pays handsomely, actually located me via search engine, when he searched for “hire freelance writer.”

You should also link back to yourhire me” page from your social networks profile.

Instead of linking back to your blog posts, which is equally a good practice, start concentrating on this particular page, because it can earn you more money when properly harnessed.

Make use of and to build free web pages. Then link back to your “sales page” where you advertise your Writing Skills. It won’t take long before your inner pages starts to enjoy rich organic search traffic.

Do you know any Freelance writer who desires to double his earnings? Why not share this post with them, also with your friends who are Freelance enthusiasts. I’m sure you’ll make their day glorious.

Share your frank comments below, and let me know how this post has touched you. I’m waiting…

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