Dear Content Marketer,   dear-writer1

I’ve watched you closely for the past few months. Ya, in your basement!

It seems as if you’re not hitting the nail at the right spot.

The traffic to your website is shrinking. You don’t even know what next step to take to make thousands of dollars (at least) online.

I also understand that when you get out there – a thousand blogs all have the same type of content; none truly sticks to your brain.

The noise about free traffic generation is going outside the envelope.

You seem obedient. If only there was a way to get all the free traffic from Google, your business would have taken on a new leap. But isn’t there a secret you should uncover?

I’ve good and bad news for you.

Which side should I share first?

Okay, I’ll decide for you because at this time, what seems to be working for others might not really be turning out right for you.

The bad news is this: stop chasing after free traffic because you’re going to burn out anytime soon.


What am I supposed to do if I’ve to grow my blog and attract readers? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you at the other side – where the good news lies.

Just remember that chasing free traffic isn’t the way to make it happen. It’s never the right way to become popular on the internet and make thousands of dollars.

The good news

The good news is that it’s now a lot easier to get thousands of free traffic from Google. Of course, you’ll need to make a smart move.

Did I just say that? You see, the Penguin 2.0 and other minor updates have opened up the vault for easy ranking in Google. Unbelievable, but true!

Most people have reported a 24 – 72 hour rankings for keywords that receive thousands of monthly searches.

You’ll have to find these keywords and start optimizing for them. Unfortunately, you’re not going to over-optimize or follow after the old keyword density rule.

What you should do to get free traffic?

I want to make this open letter as short as it can be. But I’ve to tell you what you should be doing right now to get thousands of free traffic from Google. You’ll need to:

  1. Research easy-to-rank keywords in your niche.
  2. Write fresh (don’t copy) content that will solve (just) one problem.
  3. Find a related keywords inside the fresh content you wrote, use it as an anchor and link out to (1 or 2) authority websites e.g. Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers etc.
  4. Share your content at Google+ and Twitter.
  5. Go to Digg and syndicate your fresh content (share your link at the footer of the site).
  6. Get fast indexing and watch out for quick rankings in Google top 10.
  7. To add to this; get a branded off-page link from a high PR active website. For instance, if your niche is health-related, go leave a comment at PR4 – PR8 blog.

Does it work?

Yes it does work. Surprisingly, it’s working fabulously for my niche sites. Every time I want my fresh content to index quickly, sharing my content at Digg, Reddit and Twitter always make it happen.

In fact, few days ago, I got indexed and ranked at Google #6 within 3 hours of publishing the content.

I’ve to end this letter by saying this: You’re not alone when it comes to getting free traffic. As a content marketer, we’re all looking for that loophole that nobody else has discovered.

Don’t frown at Google’s updates, no matter the name it bears.

Take advantage of it and find out what must be done to make your ideal customers stay longer at your site, share more and click your hyperlinks more. That’s what brings engagement – the #1 factor for fast and sustainable ranking.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this open letter. Now, I’m inviting you to go give it a try.

When you find a winning easy-to-rank keywords, don’t thank God it’s Friday and go rocking on the dance floor – use it to hijack free targeted traffic and start making real money online.

Thanks for reading.


Your faithfully,

For: Content Marketing Up Inc.

Michael Chibuzor

Expert Content Marketer

Photo Credit: Dear Writer