10 Things I Learned About Free Traffic In 2 Months Of Blogging

Ready to learn?

Yes, I want to share with you the 10 things I learned since 2 months of setting up my this blog.

I hosted my wordpress blog on the 26th of July, so this happens to be the second month. Prior to this time, I’ve been online promoting various affiliate offers, building my list and earning at least $500 each month.

But I guess I had a passion to blog and today, I’ve no regrets whatsoever. Blogging is like climbing the staircase, you have got to relax and start again. Blogging have taught me several core things about driving free traffic. I’m here to share just 10.


So, enjoy it and if you found it worthy enough to share and link to, I would appreciate that. Remember, every lesson must align with traffic generation in mind – because this blog is about traffic, I want to be focused.

1. Keyword-Rich Domain Affects Traffic

I’ve been a strong advocate of catchy domain names. Come to think of those websites that are so popular today. The likes of Google, Amazon, Yahoo, MSN, CNN, wal-mart  and the likes. These are all meaningless domain names in terms of SEO but, they still ranked.

What I realized about a month ago, is that these sites have huge capital outlay. In short they are rich and have invested so much money on advertising campaigns.

That is why they are popular and dominated search engines. As a small business owner, you can’t succeed with such domain names, let your domain name have either 1 or 2 of your niche keyword. You’ve won 20% of search engine optimization contest already.

2. Commenting Is Recommended

Not just for the traffic, but for the brand awareness you would create.

Commenting on other blogs really take guts and creativity, otherwise you would discover your comment trashed. So, if you have the time, take a walk to niche blogs and add your frank comment.

But don’t make this the sole “yoke” that controls your business. You’ve got a business to grow and commenting is not the only way to grow it.

In fact, it’s the list you can do to promote your blog, but it works – if you set out your 10 list goals, let commenting appear on the 5th. How about that?

3. Spying On Competitors Is Legal

I wrote a detailed post about getting traffic from Google when you spy on your competitors. Who are they? Simple, they are those marketers that are targeting the same niche and keywords that would have earned you money. You need to spy them.

Everyone is a secret spy agent when internet marketing is concerned. If your Uncle owns a blog, or a site, he’s desire is to outrank you. So, find out why someone is ranking ahead of you in Google top 10.

This way, you’ll be able to discover the things you’re failing to do and re-adjust.

To read the full post on spying competitors, see the link below…


4. Google Analytics Is A Powerful Tool

Maybe you don’t know yet, by constantly monitoring your Google analytics dashboard, you would discover amazing ways to increase your traffic by 234%.

Analytic shows you the exact keywords that are bringing the real traffic to your blog. It also reveals other blogs that sent real visitors to your blog on a daily basis.

Instead of guessing and praying for traffic, it’s better you sign up with Google analytics, dig deeper into the statistics it’s got and learn amazing traffic tips.

There are hidden gems to pick up when you monitor this tool consistently. That is what I do every morning before posting on my blog.

When a keyword performs well, I concentrate and strengthen the ranking ability.

5. Image’s (Alt) Can Send You Free Traffic

A lot of us use images when we make posts on our blog and submit guest post. But do you take advantage of images for traffic generation?

If you have not, then start today. Images when optimized properly for the search engines can send you real targeted traffic organically. Don’t neglect to add your primary keyword as the “alt text” when making your posts.

I found out that images rank highly on Google for competitive keywords than the articles itself. So, to avoid waste of time trying to build backlinks to your pages, utilize the potential of images and improve your pagerank and traffic without much ado.

6. Guest Posting Is A Must

I don’t want to sound archaic or autocratic here, but believe me when I say guest posting is a “MUST.” In this 2 months of blogging, I was advised by Onibalusi from his blog youngprepro to give majority of my time to guest posting and since then, the traffic hasn’t stopped.

We are all allotted 24 hours daily, if I were you I would channel about 4 – 5 hours of such precious moments into writing for other blogs.

They would appreciate you, with the believe that you’re doing them a favor. But on the contrary, they are doing you a big favor, but don’t mind me.

Guest posting is actually a win/win business because fresh content is what Google wants. When you supply fresh interesting contents that gets the reader engaged, you get a reward of traffic, backlinks and credibility.

If you can’t write a guest post because of time constraint, or you don’t like writing, why not outsource this job to someone else. Well, I can write your guest posts for $20. I’ve been doing this for clients since 2010. Hire Me!

7. Blog Readers Are Kings (I mean heirs)

Do you see the adjustment on the above sub-heading?

Well, I decided to change that because “readers” are not king. Content is the king and readers are just heirs to the content. That means, readers are to be treated equally well as you would your posts.

Therefore, instead of constantly chasing after fresh readers and new traffic, concentrate on your current blog readers and gladden their hearts.

The more relaxed they are, the more visit they make. And much more than that, they would also refer you to their friends, family and colleagus.

You’ve a huge role to play in ensuring your “heir” are happy. Give them what they want, and they will cling to you like the crab. Lol!

8. Write Only Quality Content

Quality content is like a magnet.

It virtually scours the whole web looking for the right traffic to attract. If you take time out to write quality articles, guest posts and quality videos, it won’t be long before your success becomes real.

My blog is barely 2 months old, but my daily traffic has never dropped to 100. That means I receive over a hundred real visitors to this blog everyday.

My content is my key.

The major reason why you’re still reading this article is because you’re enjoying it. If not, why waste your time? A good indication that quality matter. Wherever you found yourself, don’t negotiate quality content with anything.

Stay clear of content farms and Google would reward you with targeted traffic, relevant backlinks as others link to you and pagerank boost.

9. Article Marketing Is Dead (Traditional)!

Is article marketing dead?

When I say traditional article marketing, I mean the form of writing articles and submitting them to article directories like ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com and others.

Whether you accept it or not, that marketing model is dead and I don’t think it’s going to resurrect.

Why waste time on article marketing when you can upgrade it. Do you know that guest posting is a form of article marketing? Well, it is but it yields more result than the conventional.

So, whenever you want to promote your blog or website via their method, whenever your article is done, contact several blog owners and ask them to publish that article.

Only ask for a link back to your site. This works better because the traffic you would receive will be targeted, fresh and this traffic would continue unlike ezinearticles that gets your content buried, within 24 hours.

10. Twitter Marketing Is More Powerful Than FB

Well, this is my own opinion and my experience in 2 months of blogging.

But I think some bloggers would agree with me. The traffic I get from twitter is more targeted and it converts, when compared to the traffic that comes via facebook.

I know some people with thousands of facebook fans, but with a decent twitter followers, you can get your blog running actively every minute.

And when it comes to automation, twitter has got some free tools to help you automate and schedule your tweets. So, no need doing it manually because it works like auto-responders. But this is just my opinion and would like you to share your experience with twitter and facebook.

So there you’ve it, the 10 lessons I’ve learnt from blogging in 2 months. If you were inspired, why not link back to this post and get the love rolling. Success is sure if you don’t give up!
Michael is a professional writer who contributes to software reviews sites, such as the VerybestSoftware.Net, where he shares his expertise on technology, blogging and marketing issues.