5 Free Outlook Alternatives (Pros & Cons, Pricing)

If you are tired of using Outlook, you may want to find an alternative for free.

Listed below are some popular choices: Mozilla Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, EssentialPIM, and Google Workspace.

You can also try your hand at these alternatives and see if they fit your needs. Then, make your choice and get started!

We hope you enjoy your new Outlook alternative! Keep in touch and find the right one for you!

Mozilla Thunderbird

If you’re looking for a free outlook alternative, consider Mozilla Thunderbird. This email client has almost all the features that you’d find in the Microsoft version.

It also offers features such as news feeds, RSS feed management, and chat. You can also use Thunderbird on OS X and Windows.

This free email client supports POP, and IMAP, as well as large file linking. It offers plenty of customization options, too, including a highly customizable interface.

One drawback to Thunderbird is that it has occasional, spotty updates and support. In fact, Mozilla no longer maintains Thunderbird itself, though it is still being developed by others.

The latest version of Thunderbird, the 59 beta, was released in February 2018, with updates coming from both Mozilla and other developers.

Since the last major update to Thunderbird, the program’s interface is outdated and the software has noticeable lag.

While many people love the Outlook interface, Thunderbird is not as aesthetically pleasing. Although it lacks some features of Outlook, it does support POP and IMAP email protocols. It can even synchronize your emails between your devices.

Though Thunderbird is primarily available for Windows and Linux, a Mac version is available as Seamonkey.

This free email client lets you organize your messages and attachments with a variety of features, including labeled folders. You can even attach a file to an email and see it before sending it.

While Mozilla Thunderbird is the free version of Outlook, it lacks the polish of Outlook. Unlike Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla doesn’t pour a significant amount of resources into developing its email client, so bugs and issues are often unresolved by the time a new version comes out.

One of the most common problems with Thunderbird’s email is incompatibility with McAfee Anti-Spam. Both IT professionals and users can work around these issues by using alternate anti-spam add-ons, and Thunderbird’s linking feature.

Thunderbird is another excellent email client. Unlike Outlook, it doesn’t require a separate email account. You can use it with an existing email account from your service provider, or apply for a new one at the beginning of the process.

Gmail account setup is very simple with Thunderbird: all you have to do is enter your credentials, click “Continue” and your new account will be configured in no time.

Pegasus Mail

There are several advantages of using Pegasus Mail. First of all, it is free! Pegasus Mail is a free email client that uses the POP3 protocol and is highly compatible with Microsoft Outlook. You will be able to view recipient details and create folders, all while maintaining full control over your email. Secondly, Pegasus Mail has a portable version. You can copy Pegasus Mail to a USB flash drive and use it on multiple computers. Moreover, it is available for multiple users and local area networks. You can also download the opera portable version, which is made by the same group that has released Thunderbird portable version.

Another benefit of using Pegasus Mail is its ability to organize messages into a hierarchical structure. The message folders are divided according to the person’s name and can be sorted alphabetically. The message folders can be viewed separately, and you can also mark the unread mail. This way, you can easily find out which messages you want to open later. Another major advantage of using Pegasus Mail is its ability to organize your email and organize it into a clean, aesthetically appealing format. Whether you use a Mac or a PC, it is possible to make it compatible with both Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft Outlook.

The Pegasus Mail application for Mac and Windows was originally developed as a text-mode application for networks. It was designed to handle Internet and internal mail. It worked in conjunction with Mercury mail transport. Pegasus Mail was originally developed for NetWare networks when PCs and the Internet were still not widely available. Over time, it adapted to the needs of its users, adding new features and a user interface that was easy to use.

Pegasus Mail is a powerful personal information manager for windows, synchronization, portability, and network support. In addition to being a free email client, it also supports LDAP, PH, and SSL. It’s also open source and comes in both English and Chinese. You can try it for free to see whether it’s for you. Just remember that Pegasus Mail is a free email client, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.


The most common complaint about Outlook is that it doesn’t let you filter your emails. That’s no longer an issue with EssentialPIM, a free outlook alternative. This program allows you to view multiple accounts at once, filtering them based on category. It also features templates that make inserting new items easy. Furthermore, the software allows you to print out messages, synchronize with your devices, and export your data to various formats.

You’ll find a wide range of alternatives available, and finding the right one can be a daunting task. However, with some careful research, you can choose a program that matches your needs and is compatible with your operating system. Astonsoft Ltd. has developed the Office & Productivity app for Windows 10 as well as apps for Android and iPhone. You can also download the EssentialPIM alternative to check out its full list of features and benefits.

Unlike Microsoft Outlook, EssentialPIM is a complete personal information manager that is highly versatile and intuitive. Not only does it handle your email messages, but also your contacts, tasks, notes, passwords, and calendar. It’s also designed with security in mind, with industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption, and is stored on its own secure server. You can even use PGP for encrypted information. You can use this software to encrypt and store your sensitive information, which is a major plus for many users.

Google Workspace

If you’re unsure about which email client to use a free trial of Google Workspace may be the perfect solution. This cloud-based email service provides business-branded email accounts and collaborative workspaces. It also allows easy collaboration and sharing of files. Users find Google Workspace easy to use and intuitive. There’s also a 14-day free trial available to try it out. Read on to discover why Google Workspace is a great choice for your small business.

Gmail: Gmail’s user interface borrows from Mozilla Firefox. Users can open multiple emails in separate tabs. Other features include advanced search, 24×7 support, and a built-in migration from Exchange and IMAP. There is plenty of integrations and offline access, too. If you’re not a power user, you’ll likely find Gmail to be an excellent replacement. But it has a few major shortcomings.

Whether you need an email service or to collaborate with colleagues, Google Workspace has the tools you need.

The collaboration features make it easy for several people to work on the same document, spreadsheet, or presentation at the same time. It also removes the need to email links and keeps track of multiple versions of files.

Unlike Outlook, changes and revisions are accepted in real-time, so it’s an excellent choice for collaboration. It’s free, too, and is a great choice for small businesses or teams.

Microsoft’s Office 365 offers business-grade cloud-based email services, including OneDrive for file storage, Teams chat-based collaboration, and Exchange for email hosting.

Although the two products have many similarities, they offer very different experiences and user interfaces.

It may be best to compare the two services and see which one best suits your needs. The choice will ultimately depend on your needs and budget.

But in the end, Google Workspace is the right choice for you and your business.


If you need advanced number-crunching, Excel, or PowerPoint may be the better option. Google Workspace apps also let you save your documents in MS format.

Some documents are not always saved in their exact format, though. If you do want to work offline, just tell Google Workspace that you need offline access to the files.

If you’re using Outlook, it’s a good idea to upgrade your email client. However, it’s not free.