10-Minute SEO Happy Hour – Get Free Traffic From Google

SEO is no magic pill!

Is there a thing you can do in 10 minutes to increase web traffic via search engines (organic traffic)?SEO happy hour

When a system sounds too-good-to-be-true, we begin to question it.

I’ve read a lot of marketing B.S. on SEO and I don’t want to see such information again. In this post, I just want to show you some few things you could do in 10 minutes or less.

These simple things would send avalanche of targeted traffic to your blog/website.

Off course, if you want more traffic to come your way from Google, you’ve to consistently do the right things.

There is no magic bullet anywhere and you should get tired of ‘empty-promises’ from so-called SEO companies.

Let’s not waste time – I’m so glad to reveal my 10-minute SEO happy hour for search engine marketers.

Are You a Search Engine Marketer?

A search engine marketer is someone whose interest lies in driving targeted traffic from search engines. If you’ve been optimizing your blog pages in order to please Google, Bing, Yahoo or MSN, then, you’re a search engine marketer.

There is no other qualification required. In the same vein, those who help webmasters and corporate firms to position their web pages aright on major search engines are also marketers. We’re all aiming for Google top 10.

Have the Right SEO Mindset

Interestingly, our mindset ought to be different from other online entrepreneurs. For instance, Freelance Developers and Virtual Attendants may not bother about organic traffic, and neither will business developers.

Your mindset as a search engine marketer should be directed to “users” rather than “search spiders.”

SEO will make a lot of sense if you take your mind off that quirky script “spiders” and write your content for people.

Find Out What People Want

What do people want?

People search for millions of things on daily basis. Your role as a search engine marketer is to locate these things and explore it. SEO boils down to proper understanding of what your audience is hungry for and doing something to fill those needs.

But you can never know what someone wants if you’re not close to them. How would you know if I need Pizza for breakfast – except I told you? But before I tell you, I have to tell search engines first. I do this via keywords.

SEO Keywords – Bless Your Every Effort

Without selecting the right keywords, you’re already a failure in disguise.

A lot of articles have been written on keyword SEO happy girlresearch and I’m sure you’ve got the right solution to it.

However, in order to get results in this “10-minute SEO happy hour,” the keyword you select must be closely-tied to your blog subject.

What do I mean?

If you talk about social media marketing, don’t try to rank for ‘drive traffic to blog’ because you’re going off course.

Instead, choose a keyword that’s in line with your niche and make it strong.

For instance, I recently started talking about “SEO” on my blog and within 2 months, the organic traffic I was getting from Google alone increased by 65%.

The bottom-line is simple: If you blog about tech and gadgets, choose a keyword with those terms in it and try to push it up on Google homepage.

Avoid SEO Suicide

Do you know what SEO suicide is?

You may not find “SEO suicide” anywhere, because I coined it after seeing the ugly paths search engine marketers are taking.

A lot of bloggers, social media marketers and email marketers are prey to this disease, but I’m here to show you a way out.

Have you ever wondered why you did not rank a particular web page, notwithstanding the number of backlinks and efforts you put into it?

If that’s happened to you earlier in your blogging career or recently, it means you’re doing something wrong. What’s that?

“You chose the wrong keyword!”

See it plain: the term ‘search engine optimization’ is highly competitive. As I write this post, it has over 12,000,000 competiting web pages according to Google. And this isn’t an accurate analysis. It’s an SEO suicide if you try to rank your web pages for this term.

Do you think black-hat SEO tricks will do the job for you? Stop thinking and wasting precious time and resources. There is a better way to get around Google top 10 and grab a slice of free traffic.

Another helpful term that’s could be easily dominated is “search engine optimization NJ.” This has less than 120,000 competing web pages on Google. And when you search with “in-title, in-url, in-anchor”, there will be joy in your heart because ranking for such key term is highly achievable.

So, instead of wasting with former keyword, concentrate on the latter and you’ll drive rich organic traffic consistently.

10-Minute SEO happy hour takeaway

Consistently look for key phrases that are ‘geo-specific’ and try ranking for them. All states and cities in United States have given birth to a new string of keyword ideas. Desperate buyers use a different approach when searching for information online.

And because they have their credit cards tapped on their computer screen, they’re looking the ‘exact’ solution to their problems. That’s why they use “geo-specific key terms” to make searches.

Social media experts in Los Angeles, Placerville SEO, CA web designer, software developer UK etc. are all great key terms to dominate.

If you didn’t show up on the first page of Google within 7 days of writing a unique and people-optimized post, you don’t have to complain that my secret is rubbish. What you need do is build quality backlinks to it.

Use the key phrase you’re targeting as an anchor and link back to your web pages from other quality blogs.

For instance, if you chose “CA Web developer,” hyperlink that keyword and send it to your published post on the same topic. This anchor text should appear on the title in your blog post. 5 – 10 quality backlinks from authority blogs (Johnchow.com, Problogger.net, Bloggerspassion.com, blazingminds.co.uk etc) is all you need.

Are you Happy Now?

Have you enjoyed this 10-minute SEO happy hour post? Why not share a comment with me below. Please share this post with your readers and social media fans. I hope to get it across to thousands of bloggers, social media markers and search engine marketers.

Your success is sure!

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  1. This is great seo tips I have ever read………yes, we should have to go for low competitive keywords…. I am working on it nowadays…..
    thanks for sharing it………..

  2. Michael, this article is right on the money. Your phrase “SEO suicide” sums it up perfectly — competing for a simple phrase like “search engine optimization” is a doomed attempt. But if you give it a long tail, as in “search engine optimization with photos” it gets more possible. “Search engine optimization with nature photos” is probably going to rank #1 or close. Is that a good search phrase? Maybe not, but at least it’s not SEO suicide. 🙂

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