Fight Writer’s Block and Boost Your Content Marketing Effort

Content is king; an old saying that remains true till tomorrow.   writer's block

There is nothing we can achieve online without content; it is used to educate, spread news, build businesses and even to close a sale.

Despite the nature of your business or industry, there is always a part of your processes that can’t stand without content.

We know all these, but it doesn’t take away the fact that it is somehow difficult to write.

Nobody wants to sit for hours and possibly days chunking out content after content.

To some people, it is relatively hard to put together a blog post let alone a 2000-word sales letter or an eBook.

Fighting Writer’s Block

While most of us have been able to overcome this challenge owing to the importance of content in our business, there is still a major content marketing problem that threatens our efforts.

We all witness it; from the established marketers to the beginners, freelance writers and entirely anybody that may want to write some day. It is popularly called writer’s block.

Imagine when you finally decide to write; yes you know it’s hard and may take time, but you have accepted the challenges and just then it hits you, you’ve spent hours and yet not a paragraph.

It seems the idea is wiped off your mind and you suddenly can’t hold any tangible view of what you are putting together.

A few minutes later you are fed up, frustrated for not accomplishing anything and hating yourself for wasting the time you don’t have.

Don’t be hard on yourself; we can all help one another. I am not yet a content marketing geek like Michael Chibuzor, the owner of this blog, but I have successfully published over 30 guest posts since last two months.

It may not be a proud achievement for some people, but if you hate writing as much as I used to, you’d know I feel very proud of myself for this little.

I am now able to manage writer’s block owing to a couple of tactics which I hope to share with you in a while.

So let’s get straight to it, how can you fight writer’s block and boost your content marketing efforts?

Know Your Peak Hours

This is the first step I will advice you take as it was also the start of a turn-around for me. Identify your peak hours.

When are you always in high spirits to get things done?

We all have this. It could be early in the morning when you are fresh out of bed, sometime in the afternoon when you get tired of more tasking works in the evening when you are gladly ticking off the tasks on your daily to-do list or perhaps at night when you could enjoy the calmness that comes with the night atmosphere.

Once you have identified your peak period, there are high chances you will be more productive if you decide to write with this time as opposed to other hours of the day.


You can’t achieve anything with a troubled mind. If you are writing while thinking you should be doing another thing, forget it; it’s likely you will give-in to any excuse that wants you to abandon the task or perhaps get turned off easily.

On the contrary, prioritizing will ensure you only get to a task when it is the right time for it.

This is because you must have tackled all those important tasks that may consistently present themselves while you try to get organized and write. But hey, if writing that content is really the most tasking and more important of all, why not put it first?

Research Ahead

Researching a topic and writing at the same time only works for few people. If you get turned off easily while writing, I won’t advice you do this. Researching prior to writing has helped me a lot and I know it is the simplest approach.

Research and read a lot of what you want to write about before actually putting pen to paper or turning to a new white page. If you are giving a report, recounting your experience or perhaps the results you got from a particular marketing experiment, have the data and paragraphs planned out before writing.

Editing Comes Last

Trying to edit as you write will get you frustrated with your writing skills and kill the little courage you have gathered. Don’t edit as you write; they can’t both work together.

First let the ideas flow and write them down despite how they sound and with no regards to your grammar, spelling and punctuation. When you are done with the content itself, relax a while and come back for editing.

Writer’s block is at the bottom of the reasons most people don’t enjoy writing.

On the contrary, I have been promoting my newest venture, a software review blog about Mixbook, Pinnacle Studio and other digital products, with content marketing alone and have been amazed with the result.

Yes, it is a bit tasking, but with the tips explained above, I believe you can also make headway towards using this strategy.

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6 thoughts on “Fight Writer’s Block and Boost Your Content Marketing Effort”

  1. Great information! I lot of writers (like me) experience writer’s block and the best ideas that comes out in their mind are all washed out. But then again, following your tips will surely be the best thing to do to avoid this situation. 🙂

  2. Writer’s block is definitely an “enemy” of a writer. However, this should not stop you as a writer in writing rich in content blogs or articles. Just calm your mind and body and your energy to write will surely come back. 🙂

  3. Hi Steven

    Interesting post.. 🙂
    My tips to write great content is “follow your mood” that means write about the things which is running in your mind. Suppose you just bought a camera, write a review about it or Write something like Top 10 Camera available in that category. I always follow the same & believe me it works for me.

    • I can’t agree less Alam, we all have different approaches to what encourages us to write. Another good thing about following one’s mood is that it helps to bring out the human part of the blog. People love natural blogs that does not only educate but shows readers, from a personal approach, the benefits they can drive from the content.

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