Worried About EMD Update? How To Drive Targeted Traffic From Google And Make More Money

Google panda was mild, penguin was crazy.     exact match domain traffic

EMD is still hot, so I’m still looking for the right word to describe it. Or shall I call it “unexpected” update?

The truth is, your webpage doesn’t have to be in Google top 10, before you can drive free organic traffic to your website.

I’ve found a SMART way to milk Google dry, but don’t blow up yet.

I’d explain what I meant by that and how you can start attracting a bunch of responsive readers to your blog, and make more money easily. This post is quite different from what I’ve written before, and it’s going to change the way you do business online.

Few weeks ago, I wrote about exact match domain update and fortunately, the post got over 40 comments in about 7 days. That shows that people are worried about the EMD update and would take steps to get their positions on Google back.

I attracted more targeted traffic, during Panda and Penguin updates

The first Panda update was rolled out on February 2011. Google seemed tired of thin or low quality sites and decided to push those sites off their homepage or totally de-index such webpages.

But in the midst of these updates, my blog (this very one) brought more targeted traffic from Google. I was amazed!

Till date, my traffic has grown massively, I love Google (if you hate the big G, what difference does it make)?

And not just that, the Penguin update that was first announced on April 24, 2012 was a big plus on my site. Do you know what I was doing right? Right from the onset, I didn’t focus on optimizing my web pages for the “ugly” spider or search engines.

Prepare to drive avalanche of targeted traffic from Google

Soon, I’m going to share the very tips that brought me more targeted traffic from Google, even though my blog is still new, barely 4 months old after a 301 redirect to a new domain name (from blast4trafficnow.net > contentmarketingup.com).

Also, fast forward to August 2012 from the last Penguin update, I’ve been able to earn approximately $10,039.22 from one SOURCE OF INCOME. Keep reading and you’d learn what this income source is about.

Why am I sharing these with you?

I’ve never shared my income – even when my readers have personally asked me to do so. I’ve my reasons for not sharing it, but I guess I’ve to let you in on that angle a bit.

The only reason why I’m sharing these numbers with you is to help you prepare your mind for what’s ahead. Google is yet to release the most deadly update. Hmm, I can see into the future!

This time around, 85% of authority sites might be penalized. Can I tell you what the ultimate update would be like?

Hmm, Aha, I just got an idea right now. I strongly believe the mother-of-all-updates from Google would center on “ENGAGEMENT.”

In other words, any blog or website that’s not engaging, no active community and has nothing valuable to share with other people who visit often, the website is going to be penalized.

Yes, I know that quality sites were penalized by the recent exact match domain update.

Did you know that if those quality sites had active readers and a community, even the EMD update will not affect it? Because some EMDs weren’t affected by this update, it’s the truth.

Yes, the domain name might be exact, but it doesn’t matter, providing that the website caters to the needs of people. I’m not talking about quality content only, but also engagement that stems from active participation.

Enough of the ranting below is the secret “strategy” I’ve been using to suck in organic traffic from Google, without bending my knees trying to optimize my web pages for search engines.

Twisted guest posting in the heat of competition

Competition is a good thing (throw a stone at me for all I care). Unfortunately, I see a lot of website owners cringe and run under cover when they hear that word.

Content writers are trying to follow the crowd, without thinking of powerful ways to magnet traffic, rather than pursuing it.

Do you know what “twisted guest posting” is?


twisted guest posting1
Flickr Photo source: oskay


I can bet my life, you don’t. Because it’s a term I coined after seeing the result I got from it. I started out the moment I heard that Google rolled out an update called “Panda.”

That was the first time I thought-out-of-the-box for the first time in my life as a blogger & writer.

Naturally, I’ve been an ardent guest blogger – drove a tone of targeted traffic to this blog and my clients’.

Unfortunately, every newbie blogger and their dogs started writing guest posts and the results started decreasing.

That was when I thought of a better way – a new way to make guest posting much more powerful. I hijacked an idea that has since made my blog a search engine magnet.

TWISTED GUEST POSTING can only work well when the competition is hot. I mean red-hot.

You need to jump into the hotness of what’s happening at the moment and position your website for massive targeted traffic. That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s never seized for work.

What is “twisted guest posting?”

The word “twisted” simply means having one part turned in the opposite direction. It’s like doing something that most people have neglected or ignorant about. A twisted mind is “not in order.”

And it’s a good thing that your mind isn’t a course people have set for you. As a content marketer, you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd and take actions that can change your career. It doesn’t matter whether you’d fail or succeed, take it. Do it now.

You already knew what guest posting is about. How people are using it to drive traffic, build quality links and eventually make money from their web assets. I can boldly tell you that guest posting will never fade away.

The sad truth is that a time would come when writing for other people’s blog would turn into and be like the once-upon-a-time article directory submission.

Article marketing used to work, but as far as I can remember, the system went into oblivion in March 2011, after the first Panda was rolled out in February, 2011.

The secret: [Reach out to sites that survived the Panda, Penguin and EMD]

I guess I should unveil the best way to drive avalanche of targeted traffic to your blog from Google.

Yes, there are other ways you can please Google and target audience (if that’s what you care about).

Your site might have been penalized, which isn’t a bad thing, at least, not the way you think. You can actually make these algorithm-tweak seasons your best ever.

Google makes the rule. Find a way to benefit from these rules, rather than crying and beating your chest – on how you’d deal mercilessly with Google Developers and Staffs when you see any of them. If you continue to whine over spilled milk, you’d never grow your website and blog into a successful online venture. Take it or leave it!

If you want to drive rich and consistent traffic to your website/blog, find blogs that weren’t affected by Panda, Penguin and the unexpected exact match domain update. Once you locate these sites, it’s time to give them what they want – GOOD CONTENT.

Yes, you already know what I’m talking about. Quality and epic content is what every website owner is looking for. I mean, I’m so desperate for good content and lately, I’ve not had any passionate writer contact me with great idea (sorry, good idea is okay).

Out of desperation, you can drive organic traffic quickly

The first time I discovered the “TWISTED GUEST POSTING” strategy, my website attracted 651 from Google within 7 days. Not so small, because I converted 418 into email subscribers.

Believe me, when people are desperate for good content, you’re like a God if you can provide such content for them. Every content marketer is looking for answers – whether their sites were affected or not.

People are afraid that if they don’t update their blog and website with valuable content, Google would come after them. Is that really true?

And remember, the competition is hot right now. The exact match domain update has left every EMD site owner and content writer overwhelmed, and kind of lazy. They don’t know what else to do to please Google.

If you want to please Google, I want to shock the hell out of you. Take it…

Don’t please anyone (whether Google or readers)

This might sound funny, considering the fact that you’ve read articles that encourage you to write for the people and not search engines.

Good, the keyword is to “WRITE FOR PEOPLE.” And that’s quite different from pleasing people.

If you write articles and content just to please people, you’d miss out on the #1 reason why you started a website/blog in the first place – which is to help, offer value and build trust you’re your target audience, before recommending a product for sale. In a nut shell, you’d first give before asking for people’s hard earned money.

As a content writer, or internet entrepreneur, your job isn’t to please anyone or impress your readers. They don’t even want such “fake” gestures. These people already have needs; they’re kind of handicapped, looking for the next available flight.

Your target audience and active blog readers don’t have the time to give you a standing ovation for pleasing them. WHAT THEY WANT IS RESULT.

They’re desperately looking for answers to their problems – only you can write them out of problem. You can if you decide to…

What I’m saying is that you must stop thriving to please anyone or a piece of script (spider).

Each time you strive to please people, you’d mistakenly stuff keywords and build links that aren’t natural – Google hate those – it’s not the way to win in this SEO game.

Find A-list blogs, which survived Panda, Penguin and EMD updates and use them to drive traffic to your website

Back in the day when the Panda update was hot, so many entrepreneurs whose source of income was from their niche sites lost everything.

And I feel so sorry for them; I know how it feels when your source of income is dashed to the walls of hell. But the bottom line isn’t traffic, because raw traffic can do nothing to make you money.

In fact, don’t struggle to drive traffic to your website – it’s a time waster. There is a better way to go about reaching the type of audience you want.

Truth is, if you’re a blogger, you don’t need millions of generic traffic to your blog. What you need are ‘targeted’ and real-time readers.

My blog is barely new (less than 2 years old) but my readership is huge and responsive. My readers find my content helpful and so, they refer their friends here and I’ve also landed a few writing gigs from my long term readers. Beautiful, you say?

That’s the beauty of blogging and the potentials of making more money with this tiny tool that your siblings don’t even believe in.

My elder sister thought I was wasting my time starting a blog – now, she’s my best friend because of the cool d*llars. Lol!

So, how do you locate authority and high trafficked sites?

I use Google search engine. Just head on and search for your primary keyword. This is not keyword research or what you already know.

Our goal is to locate the top sites that can send you targeted traffic, without you struggling to optimize your new website to rank highly in Google.

Let’s assume that your website is in the marketing niche. Now, you’re not going to base solely on marketing sites alone, but everything that has to do with marketing – both B2B and B2C. You can type “marketing strategies for beginners.” Please don’t use double quotes (“”) around the keyword.

I’m only using that to illustrate. Just search for the keyword as you’d when looking up information in Google. Now, hit the search button and Google will present you with web pages (search engine result pages) that weren’t affected by any of the updates.

Why must you trust these top 10 sites? It’s obvious. Google has already penalized thin sites, low-quality sites and exact match domain sites. The results you’d get are first handedly picked by the ultimate G itself and human editors.

You can drive 1000+ targeted traffic easily

Once you get the top blogs and sites in your niche, it’s time to pitch them your idea. Trust me, the strategy I’m revealing here works like magic. A friend of mine who runs an online store for men’s swimwear, underwear and trunks – Google has been his #1 source for quality traffic. Discover how he does this from the men’s underwear department. Then continue reading…

It’s slightly different from the traditional guest post. Remember, this is “twisted.”

The strategy I’m going to reveal below can get you up to 1000 targeted traffic every day. Because what you’d write about has been made clear by the site itself.

Don’t forget the keyword you searched for. Now, when you click and visit the top blogs in the Google top 10 list, look at the popular posts.

If the site is an authority and well laid out, look at the page views for each article. If you find an article with the highest amount of views or social shares, it’s a pointer to what you should write about.

Popular, top 10 latest posts and article views can reveal the EDGE a particular article has over another – don’t beat yourself thinking of what to write about, write something similar, slightly twisted with your voice. Period!

Will my guest article be accepted on AUTHORITY SITES?

Yes, providing that the article topic you sent is needed at the time – ultimately, it’d be needed because the website owner is desperately looking for quality content.

They’ve got the right audience and responsive readers, which took years to build. But now, feeding the flock is more difficult that getting new ones.

The sites you want to guest post on were lucky enough to escape Panda, Penguin and EMD updates. But don’t think all is well yet.

The owners of these sites are still scared. They don’t know what next Google has in store for unaffected websites. Maybe a total SLAP.

And since quality content is king, if you can provide that, the site owner would have no other choice than to send you more real-time traffic than you can handle.

Just make sure your bandwidth isn’t 10MB – make it unlimited bandwidth if you can afford it because the traffic influx would be so high.

Your guest post on a niche-specific site = targeted traffic

Did you understand that formula? Here: If you can submit and get your guest post published in a niche-specific blog, with high traffic levels, the result would be targeted traffic to your website.

I’ve written more than 500 guest posts so far and I know sites that can send thousands of readers within 24 hours. So many blogs are also time wasters – run away from such sites.

If you check carefully, the sites that survived panda, penguin and EMD updates combined had three things in common – they’re engaging, have social proofs and don’t focus on search engine spider or pleasing people.

The sites are about solving problems, helping other people get answers through an active discussion panel (forums, comments, survey etc).

Don’t let Google put you in prison, you’re the BOSS (remember)!

You’re the BOSS and Google must not decide how you run your business. Until you recognize this single fact, you’d still struggle to drive quality traffic and would fail countless times.

Guest posting is all you need to breathe life into your infected website. Most people would give up and go in search of a high paying day job, which doesn’t exist in the labor market.

Use guest posting to improve your traffic. But don’t do it the way everyone is doing it. If your blog is about blogging, don’t waste time pitching great blog topic ideas to upcoming blogs – of course, you may get published, but what difference does it make?

If the site doesn’t have a community, few comments or no comments at all, how are you going to benefit from your quality guest post?

Flush targeted traffic back to your site

flush traffic from Google
Flickr photo unisphere

I already told you that these high trafficked sites are desperately looking for quality content. Because they’re scared of Panda, the latest EMD or Penguin.

And maybe the next update would affect them, but they also agree that quality content is all that matters.

When you search for your primary keyword in Google, the first top 10 results are great sites that are usually niche-specific. That is, these sites are focused on a select group of people who can actually visit your site and do whatever you ask of them.

We’re now dealing with 10 quality sites. You also have 10 articles to write as well. Even if you get 3 of these guest articles accepted, you’d still flush a lot of free organic traffic to your site from the same search engine that rejected, hated and slapped you, earlier.

The secret is to add your anchor texts links in the content itself. This is known as “contextual linking,” which can improve your guest post ranking and help you reach more audience.

The traditional guest posting allows you to have your anchor text link in the author bio (resource box). Isn’t that a limitation?

Twisted guest posting targets the body of the article and naturally adds your keywords without sounding like a geek.

Capture the free traffic to your email list

This is very important. You’d attract a lot of readers to your website, but does it really matter?

You must therefore capture these visitors and add them into your email list. Make sure that your subscription box is visible and catchy. Read up email marketing 101.

It’s like using 1 stone to kill 3 birds. Your links would appear in the article body, also, on the resource box.

If readers don’t click on the first link, they won’t miss the second. And as the right traffic comes, you’d channel them into your email list. Great strategy, isn’t it?

And if you’re creative, you can write so passionately that the website owner would allow multiple anchor links and post URL from your site.

I’ve heard more than 5 anchor links from a high trafficked site, all linking to my inner pages. This has greatly increased my pageviews and organic traffic. Google loves such content, with natural links.

Show me the money, I like this part

As I said earlier, this blog brings in $5,000 monthly. Bear in mind though, this blog isn’t my only source of income; I still make money from other business models.

But I just wanted to show you the power of blogging and how you can double, or even triple your income.

It doesn’t matter what Panda, Penguin or EMD has done to your site, you can make much more money because of a “SHIFT IN YOUR ACTIONS.”

See, I’m not asking you to register with clickbank and start promoting one of their products. That might be good, but there is a better way – a fast and easy way to start earning decently online.

If you read my mind right now, you’d see how happy I am as I write this. I’m enjoying this write up, not just because I earn a decent income from this blog, but because you too can start making a hell (or heaven) lots of money.

Why you’re not making enough money these days

The #1 reason why you’re not making enough money from your blog isn’t Panda, nor is it Google Penguin update.

I don’t want to hear you say it’s the latest exact match domain update because those changes are there to help you make more money, and not stop the flow of your income.

If you’re still in debt, worried about raising enough money to pay your bills and live the life you desire, stop chasing after things that aren’t helpful.

Here’s what I mean: you should look inward and see what you can do that other people can pay for, happily. Yes, you’re getting an idea of how I make money from this blog – I guess I should spill it out…

Become a FREELANCER and make $5,000/monthly

I’m a freelance writer and that’s the only way I earn $1000+ monthly, when I’m lazy. If I decide to earn more than that, I can work extra hard and that can bring in $5k or more. “Extra” hours, you say?

Yes, if you want to make money online – you’ve to work hard and sometimes, watching movies would be out of the way for months.

In this era where Google isn’t as reliable as it used to, you can’t rely on your niche sites to make you money.

Google AdSense can’t be trusted either. Instead, look inward. What can you package and sell to other people in your niche at fair price?

With the “twisted guest posting” strategy which I’ve shared above, you can attract more targeted audience to your website and land more freelance gig.

You can become a freelance web designer, graphic developer, writer, copywriter, blogger and software developer.

There is so much you can do with your time to make more money. You see, launching your own digital product can be great for passive income, but how long are you going to sit down to make it work – 3 months, 6 months, 10 months or forever? I don’t have “that” free time right now.

$50/hour for 30 days = $1500/month

Let’s assume your minimum hourly rate is $50, if you invest 1 hour every day for the next 30 days, you’re going to earn $1500 at the end of the month. What if you invest 2 hours daily for 30 days, what would your income be like – $3000?

These figures are realistic. I’m not trying to hype things up just to impress you, far from it.

While waiting for your website and web pages to recover from Google panda, penguin and maybe EMD, freelancing is the best way to start earning good income. Even if your site doesn’t recover again, don’t cower or give up.

Use “twisted guest posting” strategy to drive free organic traffic to your website. Google had earlier thought that you’d flip your site and go shouting in the sidewalk, when they penalized your site, but now you can prove Google wrong. Yes baby!

As they say, there are many ways to skin a Cat; either through the front, back or by the limb.

If you can’t drive organic traffic by making your website rank highly in Google first page, use authority blogs in your niche – steal the exact amount of visitors without going to Jail.

Take this home

The EMD update is still hot; everyone is gazing at their sites waiting for Google to “have mercy on them.” Don’t do that.

Go to Google and search for sites that are still ranking on their homepage in your niche and get your content there. You’d drive a boatload of targeted traffic and make more money blogging. I know because it’s working for me right now.

Online shopping stores were not left behind in the EMDs update. This lingerie website with men’s underwear department where you can buy swimwear, underwear, men’s trunk and singlets is building quality links as well.

Did Panda, Penguin or EMD hit your website? Write a summary on how Google changes affected your website in the comment below – I’d respond as fast as a speeding bullet. Thank you for reading – you’re the best.

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  1. yes, my website just have up to 77 visitor/day after i build it 3 days ago and make 5 sales a day. the key is my EMD domain. But i dont know when i search with my targeted keyword in google, my web just slapped into page 18 google search. all people who using these keyword same like me. but authority sites ruling the world of searching.

  2. Hi Michael. Thanks for the great tips on how to make guest blog posting more effective.

    Regarding article submissions, do you think it is still worth writing for the top directories (e.g. ezinearticles) as long as the content is original? Or would it be a waste of time and possibly have a negative effect on your site.

    • Here’s my advice – instead of writing for ezinearticles and the likes, research A-list blogs in your niche and submit your quality articles to them. Content mills are no longer effective in terms of SEO.

  3. wonderful post. taking lightly about this Google update. now we trying to prevent our blog to webspam. specially keyword based domain owner alert for these updates…

  4. Hi Michael
    Excellent article live been in this business for a couple of years..and these are all great to start with..i also highly recommend to start a list..that where the money is…instead of driving your paid traffic to the sales page send them to your opt in page so you can get their email…then send them to the sales page..it works for me..Thanks for share it.

  5. Hi. I guess I won’t be original here but that’s a great post. So much useful information. I couldn’t stop reading it until I finished. Twisted guest posting is for the strong ones. The ones who aren’t crying because Google is so unfair and harmed them. The ones who take their (online or offline) lives into their own hand. These are the WINNERS. There will be other updates, nothing is constant, that’s why we have to be flexible, not only rely on Google algorithms. Thank you and all the best.

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  7. Wow, this is a very good post. I really picked up a lot from it. It is so true that one should write for people and NOT to please people.

    This blog is fast becoming one of my fave blogs. Thanks Chibuzor

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  9. That’s why you are on john chow. Makes sense. John’s too lazy to post anything and you drive home all the herd. Smart. So what’s your exact traffic?
    Maybe niche sites won’t make me reliable money. But what about marketing to the list? Will that not make money instead of freelancing? You’re getting a good number of people on the list. Then why freelance.? Why don’t you sell products on your blog or sell stuff on forums? Why don’t you partner with product creators and make them market your ideas at 100% commission and take home the list..

    • George… how are you today? No, I didn’t come to John Chow just to get the traffic to my blog. I haven’t even driven the herd home like you said, I came for another reason – to contribute to a thriving community. Points clear, right?

      To make a living marketing to your list, you’ve to work extra hard in building a strong relationship. Forget all the hype about milking your subscribers, it’s not that easy. You need to solve their problems first. You need to give, give and give until they’re at least 65% satisfied and then, they can trust you for the money. I prefer to freelance for now, selling products would come later. No, I don’t sell stuffs on Forums and don’t even want to. It’s a time waster.

      The last point is great George – I could partner with product creators, give them 100% commission and take the list home. I like the idea but creating a digital product takes time and you still to establish yourself.

      Note: The type of traffic I drive to my site from John’s isn’t what I’m looking for, really. They are bloggers and those looking to make more money online, in the basic form. Most of them don’t even have a budget for outsourcing. See, 75% of my clients came to my blog from business and marketing related blogs: socialmediatoday, lifehack.org, business2community.

      One more thing, could you please stop referring to John as Lazy because he’s not. He’s a great guy and if you ever had the chance to meet with him, you’d enjoy every bit of the conversation. Make him your friend and if you’ve any complaints, contact him as a friend. We love you so dearly. Thank you for reading my post.

  10. Hey Mike,

    You’ve done a really good job for writing this post. The ideas are clear
    and well presented. I love the concluding part so much. It touched my heart.

    Personally, I don’t rely so much on Google to send traffic to my website. That
    is laziness from an entrepreneur’s standpoint. It’s high time for
    people to start treating their online business as a real venture and disregard
    Google’s regular updates that only leave people dejected. Google is still going
    to come up with more ugly updates. The earlier bloggers and business owners
    adopt a new traffic generation system the better.

    The fact that your business is based online doesn’t mean it requires less effort to operate.
    It needs to be treated like any other business on the planet. Work on it daily. Brainstorm for
    ideas that will help you take it to the next level and beyond. Think outside the box like Michael
    did and discovered “Twisted blogging”.

    In a nutshell, stop relying so much on Google and other search engines for your business’s success.

    I’ve learned beyond the EMD update and traffic building from this post. The concluding part of the article contains lots of wisdom. Keep up the good work, Mike.

    You rock, Michael


    • Hmm, your comment makes me want to cry Saeed. I feel your heartbeat right here. I agree with you. “The fact that your business is operated online doesn’t mean it requires less effort to run.” What an insight? I could turn that into a comprehensive blog post.

      As for Google, I’m not moved by their updates, even if they decide to roll it out every second. Some other sites would definitely escape the changes, which gives me the opportunity to suck traffic from those sites. Inasmuch as you’ve learned beyond EMD update and traffic building from my post, I’ve also picked up gems from your comment.

      Thank you so much for making out time to read my gigantic-long-post. Lol!

  11. Well said Michael,
    I don’t know where to start from but the truth is that this post is the best just as you pointed out earlier. I have not been involved in guest blogging before, but I’ve just started giving it a shot infact, my first guest will hopefully go life tomorrow, lets see.

    I just published a complehensive article on my blog about guest blogging too, you may like to check it out as well.

    Of cause i agree with you…….Twisted Guest Posting is the way to go. When will you start accepting guest posts again Mich?

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    BTW: How is the centre of excellency?

    • Hey Theodore, centre of excellency is great. I want to commend you for the comprehensive article on guest posting at your blog. I’d check it out later today. Take your time, give adequate time to your target audience, by reaching out to them with quality content. That’s all they want from you. I don’t know when I’d start accepting guest posts again. Just keep visiting my blog for updates. You’re blessed!

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    Very detailed, clear and to the point post.
    All is clear.can you please tell me that the every guest post is harmful here and we should neglect that if not then what should be the main criteria behind that to accept guest post??

    • Yes, if you submit a guest post to a site that was penalized by Panda, Penguin or EMD, it can affect your rankings, the amount of traffic you’d drive, and the links quality. Use the strategy I shared above to find good sites that escaped the ‘stone.’

    • I think I agree with you on that Troy – on page search engine optimization and good content are the two vital keys. But it’d work better if you focus on quality content. The on-page would take care of itself naturally. I think so.

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