30 Awesome Email Marketing Services To Capture, Convince And Convert Visitors

Are you ready to explorer 30 Awesome email marketing services?  email marketing service

Email is the best channel to market your products and services.

If you’re not using collecting leads in your business; through a website or blog you should get started today.

The web is entirely powered by words. Long before social media marketing became popular, we’ve been communicating via emails.

And email communication is an integral part of inbound marketing strategy.

I’m sure you’ve checked your email inbox and spam folder this week – it shows that we can’t do without it.

And if you’re a marketer, a blogger, an affiliate or a freelancer, you must build a list or live to regret it. That’s not a cause, but it’s a warning.

Autoresponder Email Marketing Services

Bear in mind that to capture email leads, follow-up and send out newsletters, you need an Autoresponder. The software helps to automate the entire email marketing process.

But the question is: which email marketing software yields the best result? If you expect me to answer that, I’m sorry I can’t.

All you’ve to do is research the try one. As my custom is, I’ve compiled a list of 30 awesome email marketing services to increase your content marketing reach.

I’m in no way recommending any of them.

Disclaimer: None of these links are affiliate-based. In order words, I won’t earn a dime if you decide to buy.

If you love this list, simply leave a comment below and share the post with fans and subscribers (if you’ve one).

1. Omnisend Email Marketing Service 
Omnisend is built for ecommerce marketing automation – from collecting leads to send behavior triggered emails.

Omnisend will replace the many small, separate apps you’re currently using, allowing you to haveeverything in one tool: different signup forms, landing pages, predefined marketing automation workflows, advanced visitors segmentation and even SMS marketing.

You can easily integrate Omnisend with most popular ecommerce platforms – BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify.

2. AWeber Autoresponder Service (visit site)  aweber-email-marketing

In my humble opinion, AWeber is the best autoresponder service in the world.

I haven’t used them yet, but most industry experts and authority websites and magazines use them.

Of course, they’re not 100% perfect, but they’re credible.

Currently, they service over 100,000 companies online and I think it’s a plus for them. You can sign up for $1.

You can manage subscribers, send updates to Twitter and Facebook, turns your latest blog posts into an email newsletter, instant access to over 150 ready-to-use HTML templates. If you’ve questions, the expert customer support is there 24/7 to attend to you.

3. GetResponse Email Autoresponder (visit site)   

According to user-friendly reviews, Get response is cute email marketing software that can boost content delivery.

I currently use this to send manage subscribers and send out exclusive newsletters to my list members.

Get response integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Magento, Freshbooks, formstack, shopify, istockphoto, PayPal, Google Analytics, WordPress and so forth.

You can try it for 30 days – no credit card required. In minutes, you can track results and automate your marketing, so you can pull $40 for every $1 spent.

4. Godaddy Express Autoresponder (visit site)

As you already know, Godaddy is a credible domain registry. They’ve been around for over 6 years and the target customers are happy with them.

Now, Godaddy has added email marketing service to their chain of professional services.

With their express email tool, you can automate newsletters, increase sales via social marketing and beat competition.

They’ve three monthly subscription packages: the economy ($9.99/month), the Deluxe ($12.99/monemail-marketing-getresponseth) and Premium (19.00/month).

Their email marketing packages come with automatic photo resizing, ability to create both HTML and plain text emails, huge 20,000+ image library.

You can also receive tips and tricks from email marketing experts.

5. Constant Contact Email Autoresponder (visit site)

There is nothing like that and if that’s what you’re looking for please look elsewhere.

Constant contact is another good email marketing service. A friend of mine had been a member since 2010 and he’s 97% satisfied. Oh, you wanted a 100% satisfaction?

Constant contact offers other helpful services, all tied to email marketing. You’ll find event marketing, social campaign marketing (social media marketing) and social local.

They’ve an anti-spam checker, free personal coaching and support, social stats, one-click editing and it’s free to try – no credit cards required.

6. Streamsend Email Marketing Service (visit site)

Streamsend can be used to build a brand quickly and automate other aspects of content marketing and SEO. You can reach more subscribers and deliver top notch emails to multiple Facebooks fan pages as wall tabs.

This particular autoresponder is simple to use and is fully integrated with social media networks.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are part of the integration networks. You can try it for 30 days, but the limit of subscription is 200.

However, you can upgrade to a premium package and pay $19.99/month.

7. MailChimp Easy Email Autoresponder (visit site)   mailchimp email marketing

I wish to switch to MailChimp but I can’t. I’m yet to see any autoresponder service as cute as MailChimp.

You can easily integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks you already use.

In today’s tech world, mobile usage is at the increase.

Mail Chimp is flexible and allows you to optimize for mobile users.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your newsletter getting buried in the latest Android or Smartphone.

And if you’ve a hootsuite account, you can easily share and track your campaigns without leaving the member area.

The 100% free account allows you to store up to 2,000 subscribers & sends up to 12,000 emails per month.

If you don’t have a good reason to use Mail Chimp how about the graphical Chimpanzee that Chaps when you visit their homepage? Lol!

8. ActiveCampaign Autoresponder Service (visit site)

ActiveCampaign is a good one. It helps you to learn more from your customers. What problems and questions do they have?

How would you know if you’re a stranger? Track interactions, social reactions and increase the returns on investment (ROI). The focus is to use email marketing to integrate exclusive content marketing and grow your business.

You can design and send beautiful emails with ease. Gone are the days when email letters were plain-text. Your target audience deserves the best and they’re counting on you to provide the right answers in an interesting manner.

They currently have over 50,000 users of which Audi, Canon, Autodesk, Gannett and most popular brands use.

You can try it for free to get a gist of the features and when you’re finally convinced, the premium packages starts at $9/month for a maximum of 500 subscribers.

9. iContact Email Marketing Tool (visit site)

This is one of the cutting-edge email autoresponder. I personally know two experts who use icontact to manage their huge email list.

It integrates with social media networks to produce the best results for your business.

You can use powerful reporting to see results that matter in your business. If you run a blog, this can be a goldmine for you.

Getting to know your audience and the type of contents that suit them is priceless.

The free 30 day trial allows you to send up to 2,000 email letters. Send unlimited campaigns to Twitter and Facebooks Fans. Use icontact to deliver best-in-class email and social media marketing to your customers.

10. RedCappi Email Autoresponder Service (visit site)

I recently came across RedCappi email marketing service and got hooked by their strategy. It’s user friendly. You can create, send and track cool and pretty looking email and newsletters.

On this website, you’ve the opportunity to watch a video that guides you through the stages of creating, adding a web form and tracking campaigns.

It’s free to try and no credit card is required. RedCappi is ideal for nurturing your relationship with subscribers. When people subscribe to your list, they’re giving you the permission to connect more.

Communication is the key and if you don’t know how to serve audience the right words and products, you’re leaving money on the desk. Use this email marketing service to boost your business and generate hoards of sales.

At the trial period, only 100 subscribers are allowed. So long your list is below 100, you can continue using the free account. But if you decide to upgrade, you will get 500 subscribers for $10/month.

11.    MyNewsLetter Builder Email Marketing Tool (visit site)

From the name, you already know what you get. MNB for short is email marketing service/software that’s flexible and easy to use.

Although, it’s not as popular as Aweber and GetResponse but I’m sure it works.

The good thing about MNB is that it provides a powerful newsletter editor, unlimited storage, multimedia streaming. It aids automated subscribers management, social media integration and dedicated email solutions.

You can easily influence potential buyers via email. Recent studies show that 56% of global customers will likely make a purchase based on an email.

And email marketing with MNB is effective, immediate and effective. The plans start at $10 for a maximum of 500 subscribers. As your list grows, you can get better deals.

12.    ExactTarget Email Marketing Service (visit site)

Need a way to drive social ROI? Exact Target can be helpful to your business. Use socialpages – the easiest way to turn fans into subscribers.

We all know that effective marketing has gone beyond emails, videos and podcasts are also powerful.

ET will help your organization harness the power of cross-channel interactive marketing SaaS.

Campaign management, mobile marketing and landing pages can be handled without overlapping on the visions at hand. Use ET to drive engagement, increase sales and improve return on investment.

13.     Elite Email Marketing Service (visit site)

According to the information they shared, over 30,000 organizations are currently using Elite Email to manage and connect with target audience. Building an email list is vital for brick and mortar businesses.

You can keep in touch. Send important announcements to your subscribers and garner ideas to further boost your business.

Elite is easy-to-use, affordable, has more features than ever and equipped with personalized customer support service.

Elite Emails gives you the privilege to send out 1000 emails for free – with over 200 beautiful email templates to choose from. Track open, clicks and learn how to write better subject lines overtime.

The satisfied customers are American Red Cross, Reimax, United Way, Keller William Realty, Sauza and Botox Cosmetic amongst others.

Other Email Marketing Services Includes:

    1. Vertical Response – Received Best Customer support award from American Business Awards.
    2. Lyri Email Sofware – Boost Email Relevance: Email, Share, Tweet and Track.
  1. GraphicMail Autoresponder – Email marketing and beyond. Optimize for mobile users.
  2. EmailBrain Email Service – On-demand powerful email marketing (simple, effective, affordable).
  3. Ecircle Internet Marketing Tools – Inside digital marketing to boost your business.
  4. Listrak Company – We do email marketing well.
  5. Silverpop Marketing solutions – Get more personal by becoming more automated in your business.
  6. MailGen Email Service – Email marketing solutions for smart business.
  7. Imnicamail Email Software – helps you manage every aspect of your email campaign.
  8. Trafficwave Autoresponder – Build your list, track results and boost your sales.
  9. SimplyCast Email Service – Create exceptional email list and engage them.
  10. OnlineOutbox Email Service – Allows you to automate email marketing without a hassle.
  11. Entravision Uk Email Marketing – B2B & B2C email marketing campaigns across all sections.
  12. Interspire Autoresponder – Now, you can create and manage customer-base easily.
  13. NewZapp Email Marketing Service – Send 1000 emails to subscribers a month, for free, forever!
  14. Sendloop Email Delivery Tool – Easy email marketing services for bloggers and you.
  15. Campaigner Autoresponder Tool – Create emails that look like a million bucks.
  16. Boomerang Email Marketing Service – easy-to-use, self-service email marketing.

BONUS Email marketing Autoresponders

I didn’t promise you this but I wanted to surprise you a bit. Listed below are 5 other email marketing services you may like:

  1. Acyba Email Autoresponder – Manage your contacts, send rich-type newsletters.
  2. Sign-up-to: Build lasting customer relationship that will grow your business.
  3. Benchmark Email Service – The best you can email tool to create engagement from scratch.
  4. Ekmresponse Email Service – Create beautiful email letters without coding or programming. It’s quick, convenient and rich.
  5. Pardot Email Software – Awesome lead nurturing and drip marketing for your online business.

What You Should Do Now

This post is a long one. But my intention is to share with you the great opportunities available online when it comes to list building, relationship marketing and sales.

I suggest you review each of these email marketing services and choose the best for you. Don’t be tempted to sign up with multiple services. All you need is one!

Even though this list is extensive, I’m sure there are other email and lead nurturing resources out there. Please share in the comment if I missed out on something. Thank you!

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