4 Effective Keyword Research Strategies To Dominate Search Engine

Can I share some amazing keyword research strategies with you?

Then stay glued and read this entire page. Dominating search engines start with a proper keyword research. If you miss out in this vital stage of search engine optimization, failure begins to creep in.

The best way to know what your prospects have in mind is to dig into their words. You may not have the opportunity to travel all over the world to see your role model, but by reading their books, their true virtues, character, personality and perspective about everything becomes real to you.

Everyone is wrapped up in the words and phrases he uses. When it comes to your prospects, you would know how desperate they are by the terms they search for in Google.

Therefore, when researching your keywords, understand who you’re targeting. That’s the first step. When you’ve done that, here are four strategies to help you rank highly in major search engines without much ado.

What Type Of Niche Are You In?

Your niche would determine the type of keywords people search for. If you’re in the health niche, you would agree with me that most of the keywords are focused on “treatment, cure, get rid, heal, treat etc.”

This is because; people have problems or pains that require immediate solution. But that’s quite different from other niches like internet marketing. People don’t necessarily have problems in these niches, what they experience can be termed “challenges.”

So, the keywords they are searching for may include “quick, increase, rank, boost, fast, dominate, earn more, extra income etc.

This strategy will bullet-proof your keyword research efforts and give you great keyword ideas.

Use Keyword Variations For Quick Ranking

Do you stop at Google keywords tool?

Well, you’re missing a lot of juicier keywords that would yield massive results from search engines. Google keyword tool wasn’t actually meant for search engine optimization, it was created for AdWords.

So, you mustn’t base your statistics on the results they gave you.
You need to dig your keywords deeper.

Let’s use “weight loss program” as a viable example. You’re not going to rank for that term even though you’re a search engine magician. There are millions of web pages targeting that keyword even on their titles and anchor.

But do you realize there may be other variations of that keyword that can give you decent Top 10 ranking in Google?

Well, just copy that term, head over to Freekeywords.wordtracker.com and explore it. You’re going to discover interesting key phrases that enjoy decent searches per day, with less competing web pages on Google.

Geo-Specific Keyword Research

My last pointer to quick ranking in search engines within a short time is to target “geo-specific keywords.”

Niche marketing helps you position your blog, where search engine spider could find it. Google and other search engines will reward you with quality traffic and increase your pagerank if your web pages are geographically optimized.

Talking about geographic locations, Google local business still remains the #1 strategy to boost your business and attract handful of paying clients.

Geo-specific keywords usually come with the state name. It can even drill down to the cities and major streets. Web hosting is a hot niche to enter and ranking for that keyword is exceptionally difficult. But when you target a specific area, ranking becomes fun.

Instead of optimizing your web pages for “web hosting service,” get optimized for Montana web hosting, iowa web hosting company, where hosting company NJ.”

Spy Your Competitors Creatively

Don’t be scared, you aren’t violating any rules.
Spying can set you ahead of your competitors. As you already know, your place in Google may have been occupied by someone else. Your role is to find that person (web page) and discover why you’re outranked.

Intelligent search engine Optimization Company has a crop of professionals who help them in spying competitors. Instead of wasting your precious time on traditional keyword research, stay underground and tap into the huge work that others have done.

There are great tools you can use for spying. But first you need to know those web pages that are ranking against you (note, you’re going to spy web pages, not websites).

You also need to research where these sites and blogs are linking from. Backlinkwatch.com is a handy free tool that shows the number of backlinks a web page has, and where they got it from.

Taking It Home

It doesn’t take much from you to rank highly on search engines. You simply need to follow the above steps and dominate search engine top 10, skyrocket your organic traffic and build your email list for future web promotions.

But don’t give up too soon – search engine success may not come when you expect it, but by constantly tweaking and spoon-feeding search spiders with fresh, relevant and quality contents, you’ll definitely make it to the homepage of any search engine and that’s a guarantee!

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