Six Effective Content Marketing Strategies That Works

Is content marketing working for you?  content marketing

What are the best ways to solve problems in your niche and amass new readers?

I was reading a post today at Problogger, and it talks about repurposing contents.

I’m going to show you the 6 ways to make content marketing blissful.

1.     Articles

This happens to be the most common forms of distributing contents across the web. It’s quite simple and anyone can use it to deliver value to her audience. Writing articles was the best marketing strategy back in the days when Google panda was in coma. Lol!

But when the Panda awoke from slumber, article directories where smashed.

Writing articles still works, but you’ve to be extremely creative to be able to touch the right spots and command attention. Make your headline catchy and use bullet points and sub-headings to ease reading.

2.    Social Media Updates

Social media marketing is another great way to attract targeted readers to your blog/website. By updating your social media profile with new posts, news and tips, you’ll be able to build up interest over time.

It’s not going to happen overnight, but it surely will. The right step is to study when your fans are logged in, then spark up conversion with a controversial or hot news – it would produce better results.

The best social media platforms to use are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Recently, Pinterest came on board, and I think you should utilize the pinboards to your advantage.

3.    Blog Posts

We’re all familiar with this – but don’t confuse blog posts with articles. They are both different in tone, style and purpose.

The purpose of writing a blog post is to build a community of active readers and customers. An article may not build a community for you, but it can drive traffic and generate quick sales.

A blog post is usually longer than an article, and contains more valuable and extensive research studies and case studies.

When writing posts to solve problems, it’s good to study what other experts have written and use this as a base to produce quality and timely content. Blog posts should be evergreen (ever relevant, even in years to come) and must be written to hook readers and convert them to customers and salespersons.

4.    E-Newsletters

E-newsletters are forms of content distribution channels.

Apart from blog post and articles, you can build a mailing list of targeted prospects and follow-up with in-depth marketing strategies and valuable information.

Although, newsletters can be in form of articles, blog post, e-book or videos, but it has a single purpose.

The purpose of writing an e-newsletter is to get someone (recipient) to click the email headline and visit the intended page. It shows that the most important aspect of an email letter is the subject line.

Make it simple, add the strongest benefit and instill curiosity into it. You’ll get people clicking and responding to your offers.

5.   Videos

People connect with videos more than they connect with articles. A lot of bloggers are struggling to engage readers, because, these readers are not the reading-types.

They prefer to watch video, or get answers via a slideshow. In fact, recently, I discovered that my readers prefer videos to any form of content system and I’ve started embedding videos into my posts.

The results have been cute. I like the fact that they watch the videos, read the post and take action.

If you’re not moving towards your blogging goals, something might be wrong with your content marketing medium. Articles and blog posts are good, but only to a certain extent. It’s time to change your approach and use videos instead.

Create short videos of 5 – 10 minutes and upload to Youtube and Google Video channels. Add your blog or landing page URL at the end of the clip, and that’s it. The traffic and sales you need will definitely come.

6.   White Papers

White papers are mostly used by service providers. If you’re a freelance writer or designer, whitepapers can help you deliver value and credibility to your audience.

I haven’t prepared mine, but I’ve seen its impact in the blogosphere.
A whitepaper is simply a report showing what you can do, and how it can solve the problem in your niche.

How would your writing help target businesses grow? Why would a client or corporate firm choose your business, instead of other freelancers? These are some of the questions you can address in your whitepaper.

Don’t make it too lengthy. 7 – 15 pages are ideal for whitepapers and truly, it reveals your expertise and tenacity. White papers are also referred to as research reports.

7.     Podcasts

Listening is a great virtue which can be learnt. Oftentimes, potential clients want to listen to you, they want to feel your voice and know the stuffs you’re made of.

You can’t seamlessly pique your audience with articles, because, it lacks voice and character but a podcast has all this.

Professional bloggers and internet entrepreneurs have started using podcasts to deliver top-notch value to her audience.

Podcasts work and you can easily turn your old blog posts and articles into Podcasts and distribute easily and professionally. You can use your podcast on guest posts to further build interest.

What Other Way?

What better ways can you distribute contents online? Please share your comment and let’s grow together. Have a lovely day!

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  1. I agree article submissions has now become a difficult task with Panda and Penguin updates rolled out recently. And videos are really a good way (self tested 🙂 )to get good traffic till your video is very creative. Thanks for the other points listed above.

  2. Forum posting works really well also. But I like your tips on video marketing and podcasting. I think that these new media methods for promotion work really well. I’ve found several good blogs by listening to podcasts. Plus videos tend to be a little more memorable.

  3. OK next month i want to begin a new is a clothe shop will you tell which type of Strategies should be care by me…I have an upcoming event in about a month what are some marketing strategies i can use to get the word out about the group ??Thanks for your

  4. interesting about the article marketing. I would like to hear more on you thoughts about article marketing. How do you use it today in a way that is effective?

  5. I think article directories are still useful, if you’re submitting original and informative content. Video marketing is certainly a great way to make your content viral and attracts huge traffic but you must have something really crazy and interesting to share.

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