How E-commerce Start-ups Can Use Inbound Marketing?

Are you using inbound marketing effectively?    inbound marketing

E-commerce is one great way of making money and stretching the legs of the business in the online forum.

The trend of e-commerce allows talented and young entrepreneurs to promote products and services on a global platform.

This does not only offer the opportunity to own a business, but also the potential of acquiring huge customer base.

If one intends to hit it big to the world of ecommerce, he can take advantage of inbound marketing which can give a solid foundation for the business.

Inbound Marketing and Leads

Inbound marketing is one effective business growth strategy as it allows you to expand your reach. Through it, there will be a bigger number of people who are seeing the website, the contents of your store, products and services.

The more qualified traffics that marketing funnel have, the more leads that a site will have. Lead is the core concept of this method of marketing which refers to those visitors in the site which submits their names as well as contact information to the site.

Since these leads submitted their information, you can easily send to them your product updates, promotions and newsletters. Marketing efforts on these leads can result into complete transaction of sale.

Market Places for Inbound Marketing

In order that you will increase your sales, it is a must that you make the products and services visible to wider customer base.

This can be done by featuring your product and service in each marketplace which will host the product and provide it with added reach.

This is on powerful tool for customer acquisition as the more listings that you can get means more exposure which can leads to greater opportunity for sales.

When listing products on marketplaces, you have to bear in mind that each one will require separate attributes.

Uploading the product that you intend to market in these places can be time consuming. Thus, you need to find some devices which will make it easier such as an automatic data feed.

Inbound Marketing through SEO

Product pages of e-commerce businesses must always be in front of those potential customers. When properly optimized, the product page can significantly improve traffic opportunities.

An easy to read and clear URL will make easy categorizing and understanding the page for the search engines. Hosting blog on the domain will also improve the ability of the site to be found through searches.

You must also be able to create more unique titles for the product. If you will use the same title used by others selling the same product, there is a probability of being outranked by competitors.

In order to beat competition, you can use relevant keywords on your title. Smart e-commerce entrepreneurs making use inbound marketing take time to write creative description and titles for their products.

The higher the ranking of your site on SEO, the more traffic is driven to it and the higher the probability of turning these visits into revenue.

Inbound marketing through optimized images

Products images are one of the most crucial features in any kind of E-commerce business. It can either make or break a possible sale.

It is a very natural impulse for customers to get hold of the product before finally making their decision to purchase.

The inbound marketing strategy to be devised must be something which will appeal to this kind of impulse.

This can be done by capturing the image of the product in different angles and giving the customer to opportunity to have a look of it on a zoomed view. This gives the customer the feel that they have a better understanding of the product.

This can help in greatly help in enhancing the customer experience which leads to added trust and value to your business.

Inbound Marketing through Blogs

Most of the e-commerce entrepreneurs are aware of some familiar paid methods of generating traffic. By featuring remarkable, valuable and unique content, you will be able to supplement or augment the non-paid sources of traffic.

One effective way recognized for this purpose is having blogs on a regular basis.

One must not only sell the product on the blogs, but must create entries that are newsworthy and interesting so that customers would love to share it with colleagues and friends.

About the Author – Sunny Popali is SEO Director TempoCreative. An inbound marketing that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.