Do you struggle with writers’ block?   


Creating blog content may see like child’s work to anyone who has never written professionally.

Working under the pressure to create meaningful, interesting, original and unique content every few days might not be easy.

But it is achievable!

Because you’ve to remember that it has to meet the requirements of the theme of your blog.

And the expectations of your audience and critics and the dreaded keywords that you need to weave into them can be a real inspiration killer.

It isn’t very surprising that most blog writers suffer from writers’ block every now and then.

However, getting over it isn’t really rocket science and you too can keep writers’ block at bay by following these easy to remember tips.

1.     Brainstorm with family and friends

When you have all but run out of idea for your blog, the best thing you could do is to have a nice hangout with family and friends and just ask them to criticize your work and your blog.

Since simply asking people to help you would appear too needy and many people might not be inclined to have a work related talk with you. However, asking them to critique your blog would throw out fresher ideas to spin posts around.

2.     Look out for comments on industry news and info

Websites and blogs that have info about your industry’s news could be a great way to create fresh new content.

However, instead of simply covering a story that has been covered umpteen times around the net, you can read through the comments that others have given to these news items and allow them to spark passion in you.

3.     Read and watch the news

Creating posts about things that have been happening around you in the world could be a great way to bring in fresh readers while giving your regulars a greater sense of familiarity with your blog.

Remember not to get too political with your opinions or many of your loyal readers might be put off your blog for good.

4.     Interview a client or a fellow blogger

Want to create something relevant to your industry and blog but don’t want to rehash the things that are already on your blog?

Then you could always go old school and post an interview with a fellow bloggers or an industry expert to spice things up.

5.     Review books and other blogs

When you really don’t have productivity left in yourself, you could always review the work of someone else.

Reviewing other blogs or books is a great way to create something fresh for your own blog. Plus, this also lets you see what the competition is doing.

6.     Present case studies

Having maintained a blog for a while would give you enough experience of tackling problems.

You could always turn these into case studies, add info graphics and other media to and make it a real treat for your readers.

7.     Create info graphics and video blogs

If you don’t feel like writing any more, you can simply create info graphics or video blogs to help you present your creativity to the audience.

8.     Use the National Office of Statistics website to create something racy

When you are really stuck for inspiration, just go to the National Office of Statistics website and look for stats and figures on your lone of work. You could jot down the most provocative ones and write a post about it.

9.     Accept valuable guest posts

Guest posts are all the rage these days as they help blogs get friendly with other blogs and build relationships with their competitors, clients and even the audience.

You can consider accepting guest posts or even ask someone you trust to write one for you.

10.    Showcase your expertise with how to posts

Once you have been on the blog scene for a while, you know enough about your industry to be something of an expert on current trends etc. a great way to turn this knowledge into posts is to write a collection of how to posts.

11.    Put together a “10 best” list

The best thing that you could possibly do when you’re really stuck by writers’ block is to create a “10 best” list.

Stick to the themes that your blog covers and you would find plenty of material to create many weeks’ worth of posts. Then you can revisit all of them and create a 10 best list out of them as well.

12.    Journo it

When you are really sapped for inspiration and just don’t know what to write about, you could blog about an industry event that you are going to or have been to.

This lends a human touch to your blog and allows people to see the personality behind the words.

13.    Create checklists

Checklists are a great way to condense your know how into a user friendly format.

Whether you write about wedding planning, child care, automobiles or even SEO content creation, checklists could be audience drawing posts that you could create out of the knowledge that is already in your head!

14.    Write about a controversial topic

Everyone loves a good scandal. And thanks to the internet, sharing your opinion on one could be a great way to find a great way to talk about and write with passion.

Of course, you would need to remember not to get too personal or offensive with your content.

If you want to be safe, you can always share a bunch of opinions that others have offered on the subject and make a post like “this is what’s being said about ___”

15.    Write weekly industry round up

These would generally include news bits about events, launches and new products related to the industry your blog covers.

These posts don’t need to be 500 word ramblings about a single product or event and you can easily cover the smaller news bits that you couldn’t include in your blog on their own and put them together into a single post.

About The Author Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on Christian Weems