3 Best Secrets You Can Use To Drive Free Traffic

If you’re looking to increase your blog’s traffic, this post is for you.    targeted traffic marketing

As far as I’m concerned, every content marketer wants to make money blogging.

But how can you achieve this without a sizable amount of readers coming to your blog?

And I’m talking about “hot” traffic that can respond to your tease.

Before guest blogging became popular, there were proven ways website owners implemented to generate traffic.

The question is, are you still using them?

Trust me; the quality of traffic you drive to your blog is what matters – not necessarily the quantity.

In other words, it’s better to send 100 potential buyers to your review site, than sending 10,000 generic visitors who don’t care about the product you’re promoting.

You’re sitting on the best traffic sources ever – I’ll show you what I mean in a moment. Keep reading…

Did anyone tell you?

Did you know that thousands of people are waiting to visit your website/blog today? I’m sure you didn’t realize this otherwise you would have invested adequate time marketing your blog.

Why is it that bloggers especially, are leaving behind the primary objective of internet marketing?

I could see that so many people are being carried away by the NOISE – don’t be like those who have allowed the wind to toss them around. And if I may ask, why did you start blogging in the first place?

Is it for the money? Not exactly! Although, money can enhance your productivity and motivate you – but that’s not the #1 reason why people should start blogging. So, what’s the ultimate reason?

To answer questions – it’s a cliché, but that’s it

Yes, I don’t know if you agree with me. But if you can’t answer the questions bugging your readers’ mind, you’re as good as a farmer who doesn’t know anything about SEO.

Your website is the hub for social engagement. Don’t ever believe that social media networks are limited to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It goes beyond those. In fact, the best place to socially-connect with your target audience is the blog.

And you can only achieve this by answering their questions. In line with this, I want to show you how to drive targeted traffic to your blog by answering questions.

There are basically three ways (sites) that you can utilize today. The beauty of these sites is that they’re 100% free – and you’ve the opportunity to build authority and over time, Google would pick interest and send you more quality organic visitors.

#1: Drive traffic to your website through Quora


quora traffic

Quora is a simple website where you can ask questions and get instant answers. That’s just Part 1 of what the site has to offer. But the good part is that you can as well search for niche-specific questions; that are relevant to you and answer them.

When answering questions, it’s important that you research the answer first.

This way, the person who asked the question could pick your question as the best – which means that your answer can be placed at the top just as you’d have your comment at the top on a popular blog.

If you’ve not been using Quora, you need to join right now. There are thousands of content marketers and bloggers already registered.

Too often, writer’s block can make bloggers unproductive for a day, a week or even a month. It’s the real cause of procrastination. Whenever you need a new blog topic idea, Quora is an excellent resource. Why?

Because thousands of experts had already answered some of the bugging questions that you’ve in mind. All you need do is expand on the expert tips and you’d have a full-blown blog post. Isn’t it wonderful?

The other day, I was looking for answers to a link building question. I wanted to know if it’s all right to build off-page links to a domain name that had no content at all.

That is, I registered a domain name, hosted wordpress CMS on it but had no real content. Within 5 minutes of asking the question, I got instant answers from SEO professionals.

And if you must know, it’s wrong to build off-page links to a new wordpress blog that has no fresh content. Don’t even think about it.

How Quora can drive free traffic to your webpage

Unlike other answer sites, Quora is quite unique because the guidelines are strict. But that should get you excited because the bad dogs (spammers) don’t have a place to compete with you.

You’ve to give as much answer/tips as possible to “a question you know very well.” Don’t try to be smart and dabble into every niche.

When you get to the site, it’s vital that you stick to your field. From the category, select where your knowledge falls into.

For me, I prefer to ask and answer questions in the SEO and internet marketing niches. I don’t know much about health, except how to take good care of myself. Lol!

Link to your webpage for more answers – Even though it’s vital that you answer questions clearly, don’t give everything out just like that. If you do, you’d labour in vain.

Instead, after tying your answer, link to your webpage or cite a resource on your website where people can learn more.

#2: Increase your traffic with Yahoo Answers


yahoo-answers traffic


Yahoo answers have been around for a long time. I actually used it when I started affiliate marketing and it worked.

It works like Quora, but more flexible. I said flexible because you earn points for answering questions and this affords you the opportunity to link out to external sites – the higher your points, the better.

If you’re a Yahoo User, you can simply log in with your email address and that’s all. This colourful answer portal is loaded to help your business. Select your category carefully. Always thrive to be the first to answer a question and give your honest view.

Related questions would also appear beneath the question you intend to answer. As I said earlier, you don’t have to link out every now and then. Building trust is what content marketing is all about.

For those who find it very difficult to drive free traffic through Google – it’s obvious. They’ve not been seen as authority in their chosen niche.

Quora and Yahoo answer sites, not only drives traffic to your website, but it can position you as an expert – this is required if you ever want to launch a digital product.

With those points and accolades, you could add it as an achievement. And that could help you land high paying clients, sell more of your digital and affiliate offers and make a living online as a freelancer.

Bonus traffic tactic

There are hundreds of A-list blogs in your niche. If you want to drive more traffic and ardent readers to your blog, you should create a separate email address – then subscribe to those blogs (at least 5 of them).

Most authority blogs out there have over 20,000 daily readers, thousands of twitter followers and Facebook fans.

That’s a huge source of traffic for you. And because you’re subscribed to the blog, whenever they publish a new post, you’d be notified instantly via email RSS or autoresponder newsletter.

Web traffic hack

In any case, always be the first to leave a comment. Don’t be tempted to thank the author or sound spammy. Steer clear of comments such as “awesome post” and the likes.

Just ask a question on your comment or make a contribution that’s relevant to the blog post and I can assure you, your comment would be approved and placed at the top. And if you made some good “points,” other commenters can decide to pay you a visit.

Tell me, how do you drive traffic to your blog apart from guest blogging? Share your answer in the comment below – See you at the top!

You could also use brochures to drive more traffic to your blog. If you want to learn how to print a brochure, you should visit printrunner.com

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  1. I have joined quora today and Yahoo answers have worked for me in great ways. It is just awesome. The amount of traffic you gain. But, first you have to gain traffic, than comes the backlink bait.

  2. Hey Michael !
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  5. The quality of traffic you drive to your blog is what matters – not necessarily the quantity.In other words, it’s better to send 100 potential buyers to your review site, than sending 10,000 generic visitors who don’t care about the product you’re promoting.

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  10. I also have enjoyed the targeted traffic from Yahoo Answers – but abandoned it when guest blogging became popular. Do you think I should combine both traffic sources?

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    • The manner at which you promote your website through social media networks would determine the quality and quantity of traffic you drive. Quora and other answer-based platforms are great for traffic generation, only if you deliver value. Don’t give up my dear – keep moving forward.

  12. Thanks for providing information about quora. Its good and will give it a try. I am marketing manager from tekinsol media services which provides web design services in patna and online marketing in patna. I am looking forward for this and hope it will help me generate more inbound traffic to my company’s website.

  13. I’ve been very successful with Facebook ads their pretty easy to setup and organize. But, one of the biggest things that I recommend that people do is test your ads and continue to test. Paying attention to what people click on with your headlines and pictures is very important. I know one of the biggest things that a lot of people have an issue with is the bidding pay per click amount and I just recommend you over bid to receive higher impressions and then within that 4 day time frame just slowly decrease your per click amount and receive the same or even more impressions for your ads.

    Facebook advertisements has been one of the best tools around to increase traffic and really make money online in awhile.

    • I haven’t tried Facebook Ads placement. So I wouldn’t recommend it for my readers. But I do appreciate your clarifications and tips. I might reconsider my plans and invest a few hundred dollars into Facebook ads. Who knows? I may produce great results.

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    The whole thing sounds like a joke to me. I’ve heard of Yahoo answers before but i didn’t know it can be that effective to drive traffic to a blog. I haven’t heard of Quora but from all you said, its a must try man.

    There are many more to be discovered.

    Thanks for this eye opener mate.

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    As for Quora, i have heard of it but never used it. I would also give it a try.

    Thanks Chibuzor

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    I have never heard of Quora before but I will have to check them out. I have created many links to my site over the years and it’s great to get traffic my links I made a year or two ago.

      • The traffic generation blog post came at the right time. Guess what I was doing? I was searching the internet for the best ways to drive traffic. I read several articles, all recommending guest blogging. Which makes me unhappy because I can’t write quality article that A-list blogs can publish. I’m going to give answer sites a try and see how it goes. You rocked with this post.

        • My good friend, trust me you can write a quality article if you decide to. It’s all about determination that comes from your inner being. I’m glad that you enjoyed this post. Go and implement the tips.

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