How to Drive Awesome Traffic to Your Blog In 3 Ways

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Do you want AWESOME traffic?

In blogging, one of the most important things a blogger needs to succeed is traffic. Without traffic, you have no listeners or readers and so you have no one to buy your products if you eventually create one.

Bloggers always look for ways to drive traffic to their blogs because they know they can’t gain anything from their blog without quality traffic.

Are you in the list of bloggers that have created their blogs and are not yet getting any traffic to it? Or, better still, are you looking for more targeted traffic and blog readers to your blog?

You can count on my points here that you will be seeing more blog readers as soon as you apply them to your situation. In this blog post today, we shall be discussing how you can begin to drive awesome traffic and blog readers to your blog.
Have Unique Content On Your Blog

As a blogger, the essence of your blog is to provide valuable and informative content for your readers.

If your blog lacks this, please kindly go back and put some nice articles on your blog because nobody will read a blank page! Your readers need the content of your blog and if your blog has none, they don’t need your blog then.

Another good benefit of having content on your blog is that it helps your blog rank well on search engine.

Readers that need help from the internet will type phrases that represents the keywords they are looking for and the sites that appear on the result of their search are there because they have contents that solve people’s needs.

For example, when I write contents for my discount blog that shares insight on weight watchers and bistro md, I target these hungry web users through search engines.

Share Your Blog on Social Media sites You have a facebook, twitter and Google+ account, isn’t that right? You have friends on them, is that not so? Then good to go! You can eventually make these friends of yours become your loyal readers.

If you share each blog post you create each day on your favorite social media sites, your friends will happen to see them and will also want to share them on their own facebook, twitter and Google+ accounts if they love it.

Start sharing your new blog posts on your favorite social media sites today and your friends will come and read your blog. You can also make your friends share your blog post if you encourage them to do so.

Start Guest Blogging

Another effective way to get more blog readers is guest blogging. This, perhaps, is still the most effective way to get more readers to your blog.

Guest blogging simply means contributing your articles to other blogs and in return you’ll have some backlinks to your own blog. Guest blogging is a very effective way of getting new and fresh set of blog readers to know your blog.

By guest posting for other blogs in your niche, you will get more targeted readers because the readers of that blog are also familiar with what you share on your own blog.

Do Some Giveaways

One other great way to drive unique traffic to your blog is by running a contest, whereby contestants are eligible to some rewards. Rewards are usually awarded in forms of valuable digital prices that may foster the growth of the blogs or websites of the winner and runner-ups.  Sometimes, monetary rewards are included.

Some bloggers may only award prizes to the participant that is able to make it to the first position in the contest, while others do award prizes to first and second runner-ups. To run contests like this, the blogger has to be financially prepared, though.

But there are instances whereby the blogger does not need to actually invest his personal cash into it, and in such a case, it is sponsors that anchor every financial aspect of it.

The benefits of doing giveaways are blog popularity, more focused readership and a good base of followers on social media sites.

As a blogger running a contest or doing a giveaway, you may ask participants to share you posts on their favorite social media sites and share their comments on your latest blog posts, therefore promoting your blog and driving awesome traffic to it too.
About the Author:
John Edget is a full-time freelance and ghost writer. He researches popular online diet programs. He writes for a diet and nutrition blog known as Weight Loss Triumph. This blog features real stories and testimonies of people who have tried and tested some of the best weight loss programs, such as Weight Watchers and Bistro MD.