4 Dragon Dictation Alternatives (Free and Paid 2022)

If you are looking for a great alternative to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you have a number of options.

You can use the speech recognition feature built into Windows or the free version of Mac OS X.

There are also a number of third-party apps that can perform this function, too.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation, there are several choices. While the professional version of Dragon is the best option for most people, there are free options as well.

If you have a Mac, you’ll find Dragon Voice Recognition, which uses a Google voice-recognition engine to understand your voice and dictate text.

Another option is CMU Sphinx, which uses open-source technology to provide speech output.

It’s a bit less convenient to use than Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but you can tweak the program to suit your needs. However, you’ll need to be familiar with Linux and have a bit of experience using the operating system.

Although not as convenient as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, CMU Sphinx is a less expensive alternative.

The software comes with several features, including voice-to-text conversion. It can also search the Internet and execute commands. It’s also very accurate, especially in noisy environments and with varied accents.

It can be used for dictating messages and emails, as well as for composing and editing office documents. It also allows you to dictate and save your work in different formats.

Dragon Professional Group: The Dragon Professional Group enables users to create custom scripts and integrate them with other office software.

In addition, it includes a management center that tracks usage. It’s available on a subscription basis or in a perpetual license for $150. The software is also portable and requires no special IT infrastructure.

The accuracy of speech recognition is a major consideration when choosing a dictation app. The higher the accuracy, the less editing is necessary. However, Dragon speak is still not flawless when it comes to English.

As a result, people with poor accents may need to rewrite their input. But, with the right training and clear, loud speech, they may reach an accuracy of up to 90%.

Besides Dragon Dictation, there are other free and low-cost alternatives. If you need a voice dictation program, you can try Apple Dictation, Google Doc Voice Typing, or Windows Speech Recognition.

While these free options aren’t as powerful as Dragon, they will greatly accelerate your writing process. In particular, if you have trouble typing, these programs allow you to dictate your book in a short time.

Dragon Dictation Alternative: iFlyDictation

There are many different iFlyDictation dragon dictation alternatives available for both Windows and Mac OS X, each offering its own benefits.

While Dragon offers a single out-of-the-box solution, it can fail to transcribe your voice because of noise, jargon, or other factors that affect the way you speak.

Deepgram, on the other hand, offers two different models, one for basic use and another for more advanced features.

Both Windows and Mac OS X come with speech recognition built-in, and both are free. The software for Windows is a powerful alternative, but its accuracy isn’t quite as impressive as Dragon.

Mac users, on the other hand, can use Apple Dictation, which has the same accuracy as Dragon.

Dragon Home, also known as Dragon Naturally Speaking, is an award-winning speech recognition solution that uses the latest Deep Learning technology to adapt to your voice and environment. It even recognizes words when you’re under stress. It also boasts an impressive 99% accuracy rate. You’ll also love the intuitive interface, which makes text editing a breeze. You can even use the software’s built-in formatting options to make your documents look more professional.


Reveal Dragon Dictation offers a variety of features, including the ability to create and edit correction alternatives. This feature allows you to dictate text, format it, and even add new words to Dragon’s vocabulary. It also enables you to format your speech as you dictate, and you can change the capitalization and put phrases into quotes. However, the app is not perfect and sometimes you might need to stop frequently to make corrections.

Dragon’s speech recognition is different from Rev’s speech-to-text solutions. The former converts licensed users’ speech to text, while the latter uses transcription from source files. The latter also doesn’t support multiple voices or accents. While both of these solutions can convert text, Dragon is limited in its ability to handle accents and multiple voices.

While Dragon is the most popular dictation alternative, it does require you to learn and use the commands it uses to work. As a result, you will need to spend time training the software to make the most of it. Moreover, it isn’t a good solution for the transcription of video or audio files. The reason behind this is that AI isn’t yet capable of replacing human workers in this field.

Fortunately, the Dictation Box will now automatically appear when you dictate in certain applications. The app will also allow you to control and edit the text you dictate. You can also use voice commands to switch settings, turn off the microphone, put it to sleep, and much more. Fortunately, this option will not nag you while you’re in the middle of your writing.

Another improvement in Dragon’s performance was the ability to recognize emails and Web addresses. These addresses now appear in all lowercase letters, and they no longer depend on proper nouns. Dragon users can also use the Accuracy Tuning feature to improve their accuracy. Unlike its predecessors, Dragon now uses acoustic models based on samples of people’s natural speech. There’s also an option to turn off the uploading of speech data.

Reveal Dragon Dictation alternatives include Fusion Narrate, which does not require local admin rights, and Dragon Medical One, which has a smaller footprint (about 60MB). The voice recognition software can also be used with Bluetooth, wireless microphones, and tabletop microphones.


If you’re looking for Dragon dictation alternatives, you may want to consider using Deepgram, which has been used to create speech recognition algorithms.

It converts audio files into text while maintaining accuracy and including features for correcting mistakes.

In addition, Deepgram can recognize a wide variety of words and accents. It’s intended for people who want to use voice-to-text software to create documents and speeches. It can also detect noise in recordings and remove it during playback.

Another popular app for Dragon dictation is Inqscribe, which is a speech-to-text application.

The app turns your speech into text, allowing you to expand your vocabulary and practice difficult words.

It can even generate transcripts for each speaker. This feature is useful when using Dragon with multiple users, as it helps you keep track of who is speaking.

Another popular option for Dragon dictation alternatives using Deepgram is Nuance Dragon, which is a proven leader in the AI segment. But Dragon has some limitations, like occasional punctuation issues and poor accuracy.

Deepgram, on the other hand, promises to offer an industry-leading transcription rate and can transcribe an hour-long recording in three seconds.

Deepgram pricing starts at $0.0125 per minute. The program is only available for non-contact-center scenarios, though.

As mentioned, Deepgram has a number of different AI voices and languages. It’s a great text-to-speech solution for a wide variety of needs.

For example, it offers a tts app with a powerful interface, which allows it to convert audio files to natural speech.

Besides dictating text, the software also enables you to control your computer using your voice. Its user interface is interactive and comes with helpful tutorials.

You can even add custom words to the program. The program also allows you to create documents of any length. Its dictation feature also lets you format your dictated text.