One Powerful Way To Double Your Blog’s Traffic Overnight

Web traffic is the bedrock of your online business.

increase blog traffic

If you spend quality time driving targeted traffic to your blog, and building a mailing list, you’ll definitely succeed.

But you don’t actually need to implement all the traffic generation strategies available to you.

You just need to lay your hands on evergreen traffic strategy.

You can work really hard at the outset to get the traffic ball rolling.

Afterward, you let the machine grow your blog on steroids. You’ve to know that not all traffic sources are created equal.

When you guest post on A-list blog with thousands of daily readers, you’re bound to get more hits than getting featured in a fairly-new blog.

But guest post isn’t my best strategy

Yes, I know the potentials of writing for other people’s blogs.

But that’s not why I’m writing this. The truth of the matter is that if you stop writing guest posts, your traffic will slow down.

And eventually, the traffic will vanish. So, guest posting although popular, isn’t as powerful as what I have for you.

Oh, before I forgot, guest posting is a great strategy that you can use to power my (hidden) traffic strategy. Rather than write and link to a homepage or your inner pages to build few links, there is a better way.

Do you still download valuable reports?

Yes, that’s my question to you. When last did you download a short report, which truly was valuable? The pages might be less than 15, but you got some ideas from it. Regardless of what we think about e-books, they’re still hot cakes online.

And your audience could gladly download any short report for ideas. Now, that’s the power of a short report.

Write a short report (valuable)!

The first thing you must do to attract targeted readers to your blog consistently, is to create a valuable short report. Research your audience and topic. Just follow the same steps when you’re writing a guest post to pitch an A-list blogger.

The short report should answer bugging questions in your niche. Don’t try to be extremely original. Just approach the topic from a unique angle and your report will appeal to readers. And here is the powerful spot….

If you’ve created an e-book before, you know what the header and footer is. Make sure you add your blog URL to those two areas and save.

Then convert your word document to PDF and distribute. Give it away for free without asking for optin. Yes, don’t cajole anybody to join your list. There is a better way to get them, notwithstanding.

Before you complete the short report, invite readers to get even more quality information. Add your squeeze page URL and ASK THEM TO CLICK IT.

Don’t be pushy or use hype. Use your strongest benefit to convince them. This single act is proving to work for you. I’ve been using it to get consistent traffic since 2009.

Put your traffic on steroids

Creating a short report and giving it away works. But you must put it on autopilot. How? It’s simple, you should know by now. Ask readers to give it away or package it and sell. Yes, don’t ask for any percentage.

Caution: When you attribute a giveaway and master resell right to the short report, make sure nobody changes your link. Spell it out. Your links must be intact – don’t get that.

Let them use it to build their email list or even sell it. They get the money, but you get the viral marketing traffic to your blog. This is priceless.

And when other people buy or download the report, they’d read it and do the same thing: SHARE, GIVE AWAY, PACKAGE & SELL.

Stop wasting time with one-off traffic strategies. Use short reports to supercharge your blog’s traffic today. Leave a comment if you like my strategy. See you at the top!

16 thoughts on “One Powerful Way To Double Your Blog’s Traffic Overnight”

  1. I feel that guest posting is one of the best technique that will help you driving quality readers to your blog..
    Also, I appreciate valuable posts!! Writing a valuable post can help you drive loads of traffic!!
    Thanks for share!

  2. Great post but guest post can’t be neglect when we are aiming of generating huge traffic back to our site. another way to put more interest to is also commenting on other blogs. thanks for sharing

  3. The embed a squeeze page link in your “Author Info” is one I will explore when guest posting, think this is really a hidden gem most are not using. Thanks

  4. hi,

    I heard of this from my friends. People do what not to get traffic to their sites and blogs. Any tip or trick is fine to achieve this objective as long as it is not hated.

    Amit from iTechCode

  5. Without a doubt, the best approach to gaining followers/business is to give quality information away.

    The best salespeople in every niche realize this.

    Earn their trust with “value.”

    Of course convincing my clients to put together something of value that won’t lead to IMMEDIATE revenue is another problem altogether. 🙂

  6. A great idea. The good thing is that there are actually some free ebook directories that you where you can upload the free report and drive more fresh traffic over time. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is quite funny because I just did this a few days ago. I actually gave people a link to me download page for my book and got over 3000 downloads. I didn’t send them to a squeeze page, but I do have loads of links to my site in the book so I hope they will become regulars.

  8. Hi Chibuzor

    I can’t agree more, we often neglect the value of short reports and I’m very sure that this strategy will work out well. Going to try it out.

    You’ve written a very nice post though, Keep it up

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