Dominate Google First page, Quit Losing To Your Competition!

Are you ready to dominate Google first page?   dominate Google first page

You should if you’re not prepared for it. Getting ranked on Google first page can be a tedious task for most bloggers who don’t follow the simple advice that works.

Search engines were created to grow your business. They were created for you, not against you.

It’s only when we deviate from the set principles of efficient first page ranking that failure looms.

But all that can change today. You can dominate Google first page, and quit losing to your competition.

I’ve only one strategy that can skyrocket your blog posts and pages to the first page of Google. Yes, it doesn’t matter if the competition is too fierce or it seems the chance of ranking is less than 0%.

What matters is your attitude towards optimizing your webpages to fall within the right spots.

I’ll show you how I’ve managed to rank my niche blogs – don’t be scared of Penguin or Panda penalty, you can tame them.

Leverage On Authority

The #1 strategy for dominating Google first page is to leverage on authority. Did I get you confused, kind of?

But you’ll understand what I’ve in mind in few minutes. The web has been powered by authority blogs and industry experts and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Google is always happy to identify with authority – Wikipedia, CNN, BBC, Inc and the media portals.

Google regards these websites as the go-to for valuable resources and insights. They believe readers would benefit when they visit and read such blogs. And the organic traffic they receive is enormous – you can’t beat it.

Leverage is the ability to ride on people’s back, and to stand on their shoulder to achieve your goals.” – Michael Chibuzor

Since your ultimate goal is to rank on Google first page, consider these authority website and news media when creating your contents.

In order words, you’ve to do all you can to get picked, linked, shared or cited by any of the authority figures and websites around the World Wide Web.

If majority of the links pointing to your blog are from the top blogs and websites, Google will accord the same respect they’ve for authority on your blog – it doesn’t matter if your blog is 2 weeks or 2 months old.

Write With a Strong Voice

The more you try to be like a pro blogger, the more you kill your blog and writing style. Yes, you can learn from them, take their advice to heart but never imitate them.

You’ve all it takes to grow a massive audience, build a tribe and earn a living offering quality services online. Have you discovered your voice yet?

I’ve been building and optimizing niche blogs since 2007, and have learnt so much about SEO and generating web traffic. One rare gem that Google is seriously looking for is a blog that has a unique style.

Google knows that the content you’ve in mind and wants to write about is already written by some other person, indexed and you can’t reinvent the wheel.

So, what Google is after is your uniqueness. How can you write the same common topic, adding ‘extra’ to the ordinary to get (extraordinary)?

You’ve to position your blog to captivate the authority personalities out there. What would happen if Wikipedia or CNN decides to feature your blog? That alone can skyrocket your ranking, trounce the STRONGEST competition standing on your way.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve running against 500k competing websites, your goal is to get few authority links pointing to your epic posts. According to Google, it’s no longer the amount of links you’ve amassed, but the quality and how natural it appears.

In writing with a unique and strong voice, stay clear of article headlines that are “how to.” Yes, a lot other blogs have ‘how to’ articles.

You can’t stand out from the crowd. Take your blog headlines to the next level by writing Ad-based headlines. In a nut shell, write like news magazines and copywriters.

Your article and posts will get more clicks, more reads and convert readers into subscribers > buyers.

Attract Authority Blogs Easily

When you post quality and in-depth contents on your blog, the established blogs and industry experts would be glad to link to it. You know why? Pro bloggers are the busiest people the web has ever created.

They don’t have time to research, write and publish exceptional articles as they used to. They’ve conferences, workshops and speaking engagements to attend.

There is no time to write a post that readers can connect to.

And this is telling on their readership and engagement level – although, you won’t know that industry experts and top blogs are losing readers, because they’ve thousands if not millions of raving fans willing to obey their voice.

It takes time to build this kind of fanbase, but with determination and consistency in delivering exceptional contents, it’s achievable.

All you’ve to do is research your topic. Visit resourceful blogs and websites – read extensively for valuable information.

Extract content creation data. Hangout with your audience; the target audience you’ve in mind.

Then, picture one potential client standing next to you as you write the content – seriously, write to one person at a time because, your post will be read individually even if you’ve 10k RSS readers.

Use the concept of simplicity to convey your message. Make your sub-headings standout from by adding great qualifiers and not-so-much used words. You could use synonyms to make your bullet points heavenly – even when it’s not.

Write from your heart, the media, the authority, the experts, the established and the resourceful Google-friendly websites will come looking for you. Few links from these experts and A-list blogs can lead you to Google first page. Yes, you got me baby!

Build a Real Business

A real business doesn’t capitalize on loopholes to drive traffic, win clients and make money. Trying to get organic traffic or to dominate Google through the backdoor can result in a BIG problem and a wreck to your business.

Think like a real entrepreneur. Forget about online business – all businesses whether online or offline are the same.

In fact, if you see your business as a brick and mortar, you’ll sharpen your customer service, package helpful products and have good sense of humor. You’ll be good at partnership – Google is your partner in the ranking business. Don’t forget that?

What Do You Say?

Employ these attitudes when creating contents for you blog. It’s all about leverage and what you do with those established blogs. Don’t be deceived, it’s easier than you think to get picked by CNN, Wikipedia, Inc, BBC and other Google friendly networks.

Work on your business with open mind. Write contents that will are newsworthy and evergreen – Experience meteoric growth on your blog by focusing on the end user. That’s how to work less and earn more on the long-run – leave a comment below – see you at the top!

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  1. Hello,

    Nice post you shared I am the reader of your of your blog from long time.You are brilliant with the content. your writing power is really awesome.

    Great content with the great Title . Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us.

    With Gratitude

  2. Achieving First page ranking really isn’t that difficult as long as you can compete for the Keyword Phrases you have chosen. Lots of people don’t spend enough time doing keyword research properly.. Fail here and your doomed to achieving a ranking on google.

  3. Because of the Panda and Penguin updates, it’s now harder to rank high in the search engines.

    But it’s still possible.

    I can see that user engagement is getting more important in ranking sites.

    If a user always bounces off your site (high bounce rates) then I think it can affect your site’s ranking negatively.

    What do you think of these bounce rates? Does it affect rankings?

  4. I always try to do things to make my blog gets higher ranking on search engines, Google is just one of them, however, it seems very difficult to me. Many people recommended to use great SEO tools like Market Samurai, however, I think it’s base on our experience on do SEO, not by tools. Thanks for your post, I’ll try to find the ways to build my blog authority.

    • It’s true that few SEO tools work, but I don’t trust any of them. I don’t use any. My focus is on crafting and publishing quality and helpful articles both on my blog at as a guest blogger. I think you should focus on quality, and forget any tool out there.

  5. Hi Michael,
    I tried to download your ebook, but something is wrong on your 1st form (“Please correct the highlighted errors”) – just after retyping, I got confirmation of subscribtion.

    BTW – this is great 🙂 “Leverage is the ability to ride on people’s back, and to stand on their shoulder to achieve your goals.” – Michael Chibuzor – I like it
    BR, Chris

  6. Hi Michael,

    Great tips you give here. What I like most (and never think before) is “write to one person at a time”. This is great man, I should try this one


  7. I completely agree Wikipedia, CNN and BBC are rich in authenticity and that is why they sell. I have myself been writing blogs with ‘How to’ titles as i heard it helps in getting better ranks bur it seems i have to let go of the habit. Thanks a ton.

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