Does ActiveCampaign Have Landing Pages? (with Templates)

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced marketer, you can use ActiveCampaign to build your landing pages, which are designed to convert website visitors into customers.

If you’re not familiar with the system, you can check out our article “What is ActiveCampaign and how can it help me?”

Features of ActiveCampaign

While ActiveCampaign’s landing page builder and email marketing functionality is a great starting point, they are not all created equal.

ActiveCampaign is not limited to landing pages, and they lack a site builder and online store builder.

Other competing services offer these features, as well. But that doesn’t mean ActiveCampaign isn’t worth checking out. This article will outline some of the best features of ActiveCampaign.

The builder allows you to create custom forms and import contacts from various third-party services.

With ActiveCampaign, you can import contacts from 123ContactForm, Asana, Basecamp, Eventbrite, Freshbooks, PayPal, and Google Contacts. ActiveCampaign also offers imports of contacts from Zoho CRM, MySQL, and PostgreSQL database software. If you need to import lists, ActiveCampaign offers a free trial.

One of the biggest problems with ActiveCampaign landing pages is that they often have too much writing. Visitors will quickly bounce from a page with dense text and hard to read content. Breaking up the text with images and videos will help. Moreover, modern internet users are very careful about their time and asking for too much information can increase bounce rates. To combat this problem, create a multi-step form that captures information without overwhelming clients.

Another feature of ActiveCampaign landing pages is its automation tools. Users can define different processes and set up automation using the automation tools. They can create automation based on their score, allowing them to follow up with highly qualified leads. This way, you can make the most of your leads, increasing your conversion rate. Aside from its automation features, ActiveCampaign also has powerful email capabilities and a live chat feature for customer support.


If you’re considering using an email marketing platform to build landing pages, ActiveCampaign is an excellent choice. Not only does it offer the ability to build landing pages, but it also provides email automation, forms, lead scoring, and basic CRM functionality. ActiveCampaign has received over 90,000 users worldwide and has a low price and comprehensive feature set. We’ve compiled a list of its most notable features.

ActiveCampaign has four plans that vary in price. These plans are priced differently, based on how big your audience is and what features you need most. You can begin using the basic plan for free, but as your contact list grows, the prices will increase accordingly. ActiveCampaign pricing varies by plan, so make sure to choose one that has the features you need. The lower level plans are more affordable and offer fewer features.

ActiveCampaign landing pages are important for converting visitors into customers. Too much writing will make your visitors bounce. If the content on your page does not match the content of your ad, they may think that you’re not giving them what they’re looking for or that you’re not as good as you thought. Make sure that your headline, CTA, and title match those in the ad to avoid confusion.

ActiveCampaign also has an email marketing solution. You can send unlimited emails to your list, make as many forms as you want, and publish your campaigns directly to Square, WordPress, and major eCommerce platforms. In addition, ActiveCampaign offers tools to track important metrics and update your launch calendar. The pricing plan varies depending on how many pages you want. You can also send text messages and push notifications to your audience.


If you’re looking to make the most of your landing page software, you can use integrations with ActiveCampaign landing pages. ActiveCampaign is a leading sales platform for small businesses and supports custom form fields. Once you have a landing page, you can integrate it with ActiveCampaign using Zapier to automate your workflow and manage leads. To get started, log into the Landingi platform and go to the editor of your landing page. Then click the tabtab.

Despite being an upstart marketing automation tool, ActiveCampaign aims to improve your sales and customer relationships. The company offers a plus subscription to its landing page software, allowing you to customize the features to fit your business needs. Creating and managing landing pages in ActiveCampaign is easy, and once you’re done, your leads will automatically be forwarded to your lists in both platforms. You can even hold webinars on how to use ActiveCampaign with your landing page software.

ActiveCampaign landing pages are great for tracking sales data and converting visitors into customers. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you launch integrations with ActiveCampaign landing pages. First of all, your landing page should always answer the promise that the directing ad made. If a customer purchased an eBook, for example, they would be directed to a landing page about digital marketing strategies.

ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool for online marketers. The integrations that are available with ActiveCampaign are extensive and will allow you to create custom landing pages that are customized to suit your unique needs. These landing pages will convert more customers than ever, and ActiveCampaign can help you track each conversion and measure ROI with ease. These features are vital to your business’ success, so be sure to check out these integrations with ActiveCampaign.

Form builder

An activecampaign form builder allows you to quickly create a landing page for your business. The tool includes a host of useful features, and it offers good bang-for-your-buck. Marketing automation can help you send promised offers to visitors after they’ve visited your landing page. After they’ve entered their email address, ActiveCampaign automatically delivers the offer via email. But the process requires some friction, which can make it harder for visitors to complete their transaction.

The ActiveCampaign form builder has four forms that you can choose from: floating bar, inline, and modal. Floating bar forms will stick out from the edge of the browser window, allowing viewers to opt in while reading the content. It’s easy to create different forms based on your marketing goals. And since you can use any number of ActiveCampaign form styles, you’ll find one that suits your style.

If you have a small business, ActiveCampaign offers a free tier. Basic email marketing is available at the Lite plan. The Plus plan includes landing pages. For larger companies, you can choose the Enterprise or Professional plan. The latter includes more advanced features such as lead scoring, email automation, and landing page creation. In addition, you can send unlimited emails each month. The platform also provides a feature known as Conversations that lets you track interactions with your customers.

With ActiveCampaign, you can add a form to a landing page or email marketing list to collect data. The form builder will allow you to create a form that includes a submit button. It will open up in a modal window, which will allow you to add custom fields. Then, you’re ready to create a landing page. The forms will be visible on your landing page, and they can be easily customized with your logo.


With landing pages, you can capture leads, qualify them, and then follow up with them. ActiveCampaign landing pages are most effective for lead generation, and they can be customized to fit customer behavior. In a recent study, Monetate found that personalized landing pages resulted in higher conversion rates. This helps SMBs cut the time between lead generation and appointment setting. The benefits of using ActiveCampaign landing pages are many.

A dedicated IP is available for $750 and gives you greater control over your reputation. This feature allows you to send emails faster, and it lets you track your deliverability rate. However, if you want to avoid losing money, you need to keep your IP warm by tweaking your email templates and writing compelling content.

The company’s customer support has improved in recent years, too. While they used to have no phone number or knowledge base, you can now find live help, a help center, and even a YouTube tutorial for setting up a landing page.

The ActiveCampaign landing page builder makes building a landing page easy. The platform also lets you insert analytics code and has a developer community board. Its advanced automation options are useful for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re selling a product or trying to attract new customers, ActiveCampaign is a great tool.

ActiveCampaign has landing pages, email automation, lead scoring, and basic CRM functionality. While there are some disadvantages, it’s an excellent value for the price. If you’re looking for a complete feature set at a reasonable price, this software is a must-have for you.


ActiveCampaign landing pages are designed with conversion in mind. They don’t need to be filled out with external links, which could lead customers to places they don’t want to be.

A thank-you page can link to other web platforms. The thank-you page can even send an email to remind the customer about items they’ve placed in their cart.

A landing page is also a great place to let customers know about different campaigns that you’re running.