Descript Pricing Guide (Free & Paid Plans 2022)

The descript pricing page of a product or service provides information about its features, pricing structure, and billing terms.

The company offers several plans, including Free, Paid, and Enterprise plans. Each plan contains different features.

The price of each plan is based on the number of users and the type of features that are included.

Descript Pricing: Free plan

The free plan for Descript is a generous one, allowing you to record up to 3 hours of audio and perform basic transcription and screen recordings. However, if you’d like more tools, you should consider upgrading to the paid plan.

The paid plan starts at $12 per month and includes unlimited screen recordings, transcription, and non-destructive exports to other DAWs.

Descript offers four unique plans, each with different features. The free plan includes up to three hours of transcription and editing and collaboration, while the paid plans include additional editing and ten hours of transcription per month.

For the free plan, you can sign up with an email address or a Google account and access a local browser version of the software.

Descript Paid plans

Paid plans on Descript are a great way to get all the features you need at a low price. The paid plans start at $12 per month and give you access to unlimited projects and recordings.

You can even export to other DAWs without losing any of your transcriptions. The paid plans also come with a number of offers.

There are three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with a different feature set. For example, the basic plan comes with three hours of transcription.

In contrast, the paid Producer plan costs $20 per month for unlimited transcription. Additional transcription time can be purchased at $0.07 per minute or $4 per hour. Enterprise users can choose to pay for custom pricing.

Descript Pricing: Enterprise plans

If your team has more than 20 members, consider the Enterprise Plan. It costs $30 per month per user. It is a great option for teams that need multiple users and wants to use Descript for their marketing.

To learn more about this plan, contact your e-commerce vendor. Then, ask them to provide you with a custom quote.

Features included in each plan

Pipedrive plans come with a variety of features for different business needs. Each plan comes with a set of basic features as well as add-on features.