Demio Pricing: Pros & Cons, Key Features

There are four pricing editions of Demio available, ranging from $49 to $163 per month.

Each edition comes with a free trial, and you can learn more about each one by reading our pricing guide.

Regardless of which pricing edition you choose, you’ll find plenty of features and support to meet your needs.

Read on to discover how each pricing edition can benefit your business. Then, choose the right plan for your needs.

Starter plan

When it comes to webinar software, there are many factors to consider. Although Demio’s pricing is clear, there are also many free options available. If you’re hosting a small event with less than 50 people, the Starter Plan is a good choice. If you’re running a large event with hundreds of attendees, you’ll probably need a more expensive plan. If you need to host more than 50 people, however, you’ll need to upgrade to the advanced plan.

The starter plan costs $49 per month or $34 monthly, depending on whether you pay on an annual basis. For this price, you can use all of the basic features of the service, but it doesn’t include automated webinars. This means you’ll have to hold live webinars or rely on the automated webinar to create sales. However, it’s important to note that the room can be full fairly quickly.

If you’re running a larger business, consider upgrading to the premium plan. This plan comes with additional features and a higher number of attendees. The Starter plan has a three-hour session limit. It also comes with a customized room and unlimited registrations. It also includes post-event insights, media sharing, and engagement features. It’s also compatible with Zapier, which means you can connect Demio with almost any software program, including email, spreadsheets, or web applications.

You can upload documents, videos, and screencasts to your webinar with Demio. This tool also allows for one-on-one interaction with attendees. You can even invite them to join you on stage if you’d like. When you’re done, you can download your webinar in MP4 format. You can also choose to download it to share with your friends and family. So, if you’re a small business, this webinar software may be the perfect option for you.

Growth plan

Demio has three different pricing plans for their webinar platform. They offer a 14-day free trial and a Growth Plan that cost $99 per month and support up to 20 attendees and one hour sessions. You can also opt for one-on-one consulting to customize your webinar experience. All pricing plans include free support, but the Demio Premium plan includes priority support and a dedicated account manager. Here’s a breakdown of each plan’s pricing:

The Starter plan costs $34 per month, or $69 if paid annually. This plan offers features like 150 attendees, a bigger webinar room, added team access, and dedicated support. The Growth plan also includes more tools than the Starter plan. If you are a bigger company, the Business plan costs $234 per month. You can also save 30% on your monthly subscription by paying yearly. The Growth plan is perfect for growing companies, as it comes with more features and higher limits.

The Growth plan is perfect for businesses that need more power than the Basic plan. It comes with a room and an email branding and allows you to host up to 150 webinar sessions. The Growth plan also lets you have four hosts. Your audience will enjoy more features and benefits than the Starter plan, which only supports up to five hosts. The free trial allows you to try Demio’s webinar platform for 14 days, so you can compare its features and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

The Business plan includes the same features as the Starter plan but offers more features for the same price. Despite its limitations, the Growth plan is ideal for people who want a high-quality webinar experience. The Starter plan limits the duration of each session to three hours, while the Growth plan allows up to eight hours. Generally, eight hours is plenty for webinars, but you can extend the time by purchasing the premium plan.

Premium plan

The Demio pricing business plan offers several features that can help your business grow. All the standard features are available in this plan. The Starter plan includes 50 applications integration and allows you to create live events or event series with a single registration and payment. With this plan, you can also create a custom branding for your website and email campaigns. You can also customize your form fields to give your audience better insights, resulting in higher conversion rates.

There are three pricing plans available: Starter, Growth, and Business. Growth plans cost $99 per month and are perfect for growing businesses and those with 500 or more users. Business plans come with more features and are 30% cheaper when paid annually. These plans also include a dedicated account representative and a large room size. Alternatively, you can opt for a free trial that offers a 14-day free trial. If you’re still unsure about the pricing model, you can always pay a trial to test the product first.

In addition to a pricing plan, there are other options for webinar organizers. One option is to hold live webinars with Demio. This web-based service allows you to host your webinars, use one-click registration, and provide automated email response. It also allows you to track the registrations and attendance of your webinars. In addition, you can export a report with all of the results of every poll, handout, or webinar chat. You can also integrate Demio with Hubspot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, and ActiveCampaign.

There are also plans available for businesses that aren’t ready to take on the high-level features of the premium plan. The Basic plan offers the basics. It allows up to 50 attendees per room, with a maximum session length of 5 hours. This plan also includes customizable emails and automated events, along with special support for teams and customers. A business plan can be complicated if you don’t know how to start. However, with a basic plan, you can start with a basic plan to learn how Demio works.


The Starter plan of Demio pricing includes all standard features and the integration of 50 apps. It also lets you create a single event series with one registration and payment. Limitations apply. Only one event per day can be scheduled and the number of attendees and sessions is limited. You can also use Demio to manage your online presence with a custom branding. This feature is great for brands that are trying to build a strong brand image.

The basic plan costs $69 per month for up to 150 attendees. This plan includes custom form fields and automated events. There is no branding or priority support, but it comes with a dedicated account manager. For organizations with more than 500 attendees, the Business plan costs $163 per month. Premium plan features include a dedicated account manager and priority support. The “big room” limit is 1000 attendees. Demio advertises large companies as customers, but you should also keep in mind the “growth” plan’s limitations.

If you plan on hosting webinars, Demio’s pricing is also reasonable. If you’re looking for a webinar platform that’s easy to use, then look no further. Its plans are flexible, offer useful features, and are affordable. The integrations in Demio pricing are only a small fraction of the features of the top-tier competitors. With so many features included, Demio is a great choice for any webinar host.

For webinars, integrating Demio with a third-party software service is easy. Registration involves several steps. The first is setting up a registration page where attendees can enter their email address and name. Next, they can receive a notification via email, which contains a link to the webinar. This way, they can sign up and participate. Afterwards, they can easily subscribe to other webinars. This method has many advantages, but it is not right for every webinar host.


When looking for webinar hosting services, Demio is an excellent choice. Their platform is intuitive to use, with no time-consuming downloads. Their flexible plans also include marketing tools, so you can tailor your webinars to suit your business needs. Here are some of the advantages of Demio:

If you’re unsure of how much you should spend on Demio, consider its pricing plans. The Starter plan is perfect for smaller events with fewer than 50 participants. Alternatively, if your event is bigger, the Pro plan will cost you $334 per month.

You can also choose annual billing for this plan, which costs $2965. The higher plans offer advanced webinar set-up as well as a dedicated support. Whether you’re looking for a one-time setup or need to use your webinars frequently, Demio has a pricing plan to fit your needs.

The Business plan is the best choice for large businesses. While the Starter plan offers only a single type of webinar, the Growth plan has everything you need to engage an audience.

The platform allows you to conduct marketing webinars, sales webinars, live training, group demonstrations, and onboarding.

All you need is a good webcam and a good Internet connection. Demio is easy to use and can integrate with your other marketing automation tools.


If you’re running a webinar for a small audience, you should choose a Starter plan. This will give you all the standard features and integration of 50 apps.

However, this plan is only good for one live event series and has a limitation on the number of attendees and sessions.

Therefore, if you’re planning to run multiple webinars, you should select a Premium plan. However, if you’re a small business, it is still a good idea to consider a higher-level plan.