Dashlane Free vs. Premium: Which is Right for You?

The growth of online activities has necessitated robust password management, and businesses are turning to solutions like Dashlane for enhanced security.

Dashlane streamlines the process, offering a centralized vault for secure password storage, minimizing the risks associated with weak credentials.

For businesses, the main difference between Dashlane Free and Dashlane Premium lies in advanced security features.

Dashlane Premium provides additional layers of protection, such as dark web monitoring, VPN access, secure file storage, and priority support.

The main difference is that while Dashlane Free focuses on fundamental password management, Dashlane Premium offers a comprehensive security suite catering to businesses’ evolving needs.

Dashlane Free vs. Premium: Key Features Compared

Here’s a table comparing the key features of free and premium Dashlane subscriptions:

FeaturesDashlane FreeDashlane Premium
Password Storage
Secure Password Generator
Dark Web Monitoring
VPN Access
Secure File Storage
Emergency Contacts
Priority Support

What is Dashlane Free, and How Does It Work?

Dashlane Free is a password management solution offering essential features for secure password storage and generation. Users can store and manage passwords in an encrypted vault, ensuring a higher level of security for their online accounts.

Pros and Cons of Dashlane Free


  1. Password Storage and Generation
  2. User-Friendly Interface
  3. Cross-Device Syncing


  1. Limited Advanced Features
  2. No Dark Web Monitoring

What is Dashlane Premium, and How Does It Work?

Dashlane Premium builds upon the free version by introducing advanced security features. It includes dark web monitoring, VPN access, secure file storage, and priority customer support, providing a comprehensive solution for users seeking enhanced online security.

Pros and Cons of Dashlane Premium


  1. Advanced Security Features
  2. VPN Access for Secure Browsing
  3. Secure File Storage


  1. Premium Subscription Cost
  2. Some Features May Be Unnecessary for Basic Users

Dashlane Free vs. Premium: Side-by-Side Comparison

In this section, we’ll delve into each key feature to highlight the differences between Dashlane Free and Premium:

1. Password Storage

Dashlane Free: Dashlane Free provides a secure and user-friendly password storage solution. Users can store an unlimited number of passwords in an encrypted vault, ensuring their credentials remain protected. The password storage feature aids in organizing and managing passwords, promoting the use of unique and robust combinations for enhanced security. While Dashlane Free offers fundamental password storage capabilities, it may lack the advanced organizational features and security elements found in the Premium version.

Dashlane Premium: Dashlane Premium maintains the foundational password storage feature, allowing users to securely store and manage their passwords. However, the premium version enhances this functionality with additional organizational tools and advanced security measures. Premium users can benefit from features like a secure password changer, which automatically updates compromised passwords, providing an extra layer of proactive security to their accounts.

2. Secure Password Generator

Dashlane Free: Both Dashlane Free and Premium include a secure password generator to help users create strong and complex passwords. In Dashlane Free, this feature empowers users to generate unique passwords for their various online accounts. While the free version offers the essential password generation capability, it may lack certain customization options and advanced settings available in Dashlane Premium.

Dashlane Premium: Dashlane Premium retains the secure password generator feature, providing users with a tool to generate highly secure passwords tailored to their preferences. Premium users may benefit from additional options, such as the ability to customize password length and include specific characters. The premium version ensures that users have access to advanced password generation features for heightened security.

3. Dark Web Monitoring

Dashlane Free: Dark web monitoring is not available in Dashlane Free. Users of the free version won’t receive alerts or monitoring services for potential exposure of their personal information on the dark web. While the free version prioritizes fundamental password management, it may lack the additional layer of security provided by dark web monitoring.

Dashlane Premium: Dashlane Premium introduces dark web monitoring, a pivotal feature that actively scans the dark web for the user’s compromised information. Premium users receive timely alerts if their personal data is found on the dark web, allowing them to take swift action to secure their accounts. This advanced security feature is a valuable addition for users seeking comprehensive protection against potential data breaches.

4. VPN Access

Dashlane Free: VPN access is not included in Dashlane Free. Users of the free version won’t have access to a Virtual Private Network for secure and private online browsing. While the free version prioritizes basic password management, it may not cater to users who require an additional layer of privacy through VPN services.

Dashlane Premium: Dashlane Premium enhances user security by offering VPN access. Premium users can benefit from a secure and encrypted internet connection, particularly when using public Wi-Fi networks. The inclusion of VPN access in Dashlane Premium aligns with the increasing importance of online privacy, providing users with a comprehensive security solution.

5. Secure File Storage

Dashlane Free: Secure file storage is not part of Dashlane Free. Users won’t have the ability to securely store files within the Dashlane application. While the free version emphasizes core password management features, it may not cater to users seeking integrated secure file storage.

Dashlane Premium: Dashlane Premium introduces secure file storage, allowing users to store sensitive documents and files securely within the Dashlane app. This feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that important information is protected alongside password-related data. Premium users can benefit from a more comprehensive security solution that extends beyond password management.

6. Emergency Contacts

Dashlane Free: Emergency contacts are not available in Dashlane Free. Users of the free version won’t have the option to designate trusted individuals for emergency access to their account information. While the free version emphasizes essential password management, it may not cater to users who prioritize the establishment of emergency contacts for added account accessibility.

Dashlane Premium: Dashlane Premium introduces the emergency contacts feature, enabling users to designate trusted individuals who can access their account in case of an emergency. This feature enhances flexibility and security, providing premium subscribers with additional control over account access. Premium users can leverage emergency contacts for added peace of mind in unforeseen situations.

7. Priority Support

Dashlane Free: Dashlane Free users do not have access to priority support. Customer support for free users is provided on a standard basis. While the free version offers essential password management features, users may experience standard response times when seeking assistance.

Dashlane Premium: Dashlane Premium includes priority support, ensuring premium subscribers receive expedited assistance and priority response times for any inquiries or issues they may encounter. The premium version prioritizes customer support, offering premium users a faster and more personalized support experience.


Dashlane Free: Dashlane Free is available at no cost, providing users with fundamental password management features. The free version caters to users with basic password storage and generation needs without requiring a financial commitment.

Dashlane Premium: Dashlane Premium is a subscription-based service with a cost associated. Users opting for Dashlane Premium pay a subscription fee to access advanced security features, including dark web monitoring, VPN access, secure file storage, and priority support. The premium version offers an enhanced security solution for users with more advanced requirements.

Dashlane Free vs. Premium: Use Case Examples

When should the free subscription of Dashlane be used and also the premium?

Dashlane Free:

  1. Personal Password Management: Dashlane Free serves as an essential tool for individuals managing personal passwords. In a scenario where an individual has numerous online accounts, from email to social media and banking, Dashlane Free provides a secure vault for storing and organizing passwords. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the login process, ensuring that individuals can access their accounts with ease while maintaining robust password security. For personal users not requiring advanced security features, Dashlane Free offers a fundamental yet effective solution for password management.
  2. Students and Frequent Travelers: Consider a student or frequent traveler who relies on various online services and platforms. Dashlane Free becomes invaluable in such cases, streamlining access to academic portals, transportation apps, and accommodation websites. The convenience of having passwords securely stored and readily accessible, especially on mobile devices, enhances the overall user experience. Dashlane Free’s cross-device synchronization ensures that users can seamlessly manage their passwords whether they are studying, working, or traveling.

Dashlane Premium:

  1. Business Password Security: In a corporate environment, Dashlane Premium plays a pivotal role in ensuring robust password security. Imagine a business where employees need access to multiple accounts and sensitive information. Dashlane Premium’s dark web monitoring becomes crucial in detecting potential security breaches, providing timely alerts to mitigate risks. Additionally, the VPN access enhances the security posture, especially when employees are working remotely. For businesses prioritizing advanced security measures, Dashlane Premium becomes an integral part of their cybersecurity strategy.
  2. Personal Security Suite for Tech Enthusiasts: For tech enthusiasts who prioritize comprehensive digital security, Dashlane Premium offers a complete security suite. In this scenario, an individual deeply involved in online activities, from managing cryptocurrency accounts to accessing secure forums, benefits from Dashlane Premium’s advanced features. The secure file storage ensures the safekeeping of important documents, while priority support guarantees prompt assistance in case of any issues. Dashlane Premium becomes the go-to solution for users seeking an all-encompassing digital security experience

What to Consider When Choosing Between Dashlane Free and Premium

Dashlane Free provides fundamental password management features, while Dashlane Premium introduces advanced security elements. Consider these factors when making a decision.

1. Password Storage: When considering password storage, evaluate the extent of your needs. Dashlane Free offers secure storage, while Dashlane Premium adds organizational tools and a secure password changer for proactive security measures.

2. Secure Password Generator: Both versions provide a secure password generator. Dashlane Premium offers more customization, allowing users greater control over password complexity and length for tailored security.

3. Dark Web Monitoring: For comprehensive security, Dashlane Premium’s dark web monitoring is crucial. It actively scans for compromised data, providing timely alerts and proactive protection against potential breaches.

4. VPN Access: Consider the importance of secure browsing. Dashlane Premium’s VPN access ensures encrypted internet connections, particularly beneficial when using public Wi-Fi, enhancing overall online privacy and security.

5. Secure File Storage: Evaluate if secure file storage aligns with your needs. Dashlane Premium offers this feature, providing an integrated solution for safeguarding sensitive documents alongside password-related data.

6. Emergency Contacts: For added account accessibility, especially in emergencies, Dashlane Premium’s emergency contacts feature offers flexibility and peace of mind, allowing trusted individuals access to your account.

7. Priority Support: Consider the level of support you desire. Dashlane Premium’s priority support ensures faster response times and a more personalized experience, catering to users who prioritize prompt assistance.


  1. Is Dashlane Free secure for password management?
    • Dashlane Free: Yes, Dashlane Free provides secure password management features, allowing users to store and generate strong passwords.
  2. Does Dashlane Premium include a VPN for secure browsing?
    • Dashlane Premium: Yes, Dashlane Premium includes VPN access, providing users with secure and private online browsing.
  3. Can I store files securely in Dashlane?
    • Dashlane Free: No, secure file storage is not available in Dashlane Free.
    • Dashlane Premium: Yes, Dashlane Premium includes secure file storage for users seeking an extra layer of security for important documents.

Dashlane Free vs. Premium: Takeaway

In all, Dashlane Free is a suitable option for users with basic password management needs, offering secure storage and password generation.

Dashlane Premium is recommended for those seeking advanced security features, including dark web monitoring, VPN access, secure file storage, and priority support.

Your decision should align with the specific security requirements and preferences for additional functionalities.