How Turning Customers into Influencers Is a Powerful Strategy

For reaching customers, influencer marketing has become a remarkably powerful way.

Influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing. As they are highly known in the society, influencers play an important role in branding your product or services. If they like your product or service, consumers will be more likely to buy it.

However, you can get even better results by making your customer the influencers themselves. Here are the exclusive ways to turn your customers into influencers.

Customer Interaction Platform

With the aim of making your customers the influencers, you need to give them the opportunity to do so. If a customer admires your product or service, they actually will want to talk about it, and by providing them a free platform to talk about your product or service, you can easily get access to this information.

You can do this by creating a call to action in post-purchase communications to get customers to share their experience about your product or service.

By revealing them that their feedback matters to you and will be used to improve the quality of service or product the experienced.

It’s additionally a very good idea to share customer’s feedback onto your website or social pages. This not only recognizes them and indicates that you’re being attentive to them, however it is also a cool and natural way to demonstrate what your customers actually think about your product or service.


What is your method of communication with your customers? There are lots of ways you can interact with your customers directly, you can use a thank you email, a pop up form on your website to ask your customers to become an influencer for your brand. It is an effective way to reach your potential customer since you are using a system that is already in place.

Despite the fact that you want your customers to recommend you, you don’t need just anybody acting as a face of your brand, so cultivating personal relationships with your customers is important.

This helps you to evaluate customers’ interest for your product and decide if they would act as an influencer for your brand.

Offer Incentives

Even though it is a natural tendency for customers to talk about the products or services they love, it still can take a bit of a push for customers to share their views.

Study shows that almost, 83% of customers are inclined to refer a service or product, however 29% of customers feel ready to refer. You can introduce referral incentives when your customers refer someone to your company.

With these rewards, you can easily get an idea about your top referrers and you can use tiered approach for incentivizing them. In tiered approach, customers are incentivized based on how many people they encourage or refer to your company.

As there are so many ways to incentivize customers, but reward program, discount offers and free of cost merchandise are the most effective incentivizing programs.

Your customers already admires your service or product, and allowing them to get more out of it is an exceptional way to compensate their efforts.

About the Author — Ruby Jean is a creative designer for Uinta Digital. She has been named in 2017 as a best designer. She has over 10 years’ of creative designing experience and has helped companies across US. Currently, she manages all Creative Designing for Uinta Digital’s top clientele. Follow us on Twitter @UintaDigital