Creative Fabrica vs. Design Bundles: Which is Better?

Both Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles are leading platforms in the digital design industry, where anyone can buy different types of elements for their project.

They’re the ideal marketplaces for graphic designers and creative enthusiasts.

This in-depth guide will dive into the pros and cons, feature comparison, pricing, and FAQs.

But first, here’s the difference:

The main difference is that Creative Fabrica operates on a subscription model, providing unlimited access to fonts and graphics with tiered plans, while Design Bundles follows a pay-as-you-go approach, allowing users to make individual purchases without a subscription commitment, catering to diverse project needs and offering flexibility in pricing.

Creative Fabrica vs. Design Bundles: Key Features at a Glance

Here’s a quick glance at the main features of both platforms.

FeatureCreative FabricaDesign Bundles
Content TypesFonts, graphics, crafts, embroidery, moreSimilar to CF, strong in graphics/crafts
Free DownloadsRotating selectionRotating selection + frequent freebies
Pricing ModelPrimarily subscription-basedIndividual items + bundle deals, Plus membership option
Commercial Use LicensesIncluded with subscriptionOften included, but check individual items
Search FunctionalityDetailed filters, good for specific needsAdequate search, better for browsing
Community & SupportForums, designer profilesLess community focus, support is standard

What is Creative Fabrica and How Does It Work?

Creative Fabrica is an expansive digital design platform offering fonts, graphics, and craft resources through a subscription-based model. With an extensive library, users can access a wide array of design assets suitable for various projects.

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Creative Fabrica Pros:

  • Diverse asset collection: It offers a vast array of fonts, graphics, and craft resources, catering to a wide range of creative projects.
  • Regular updates: Users benefit from regular updates, ensuring access to fresh and trendy design assets.
  • All-in-One platform: The platform’s all-in-one approach simplifies the creative process by providing a comprehensive toolkit in one place.
  • Active community: It fosters a supportive community, allowing creators to engage, share ideas, and seek feedback.
  • Clear licensing: The platform’s licensing options are transparent and straightforward, providing clarity for commercial use.
  • Exclusive content with Pro: The Creative Fabrica Pro subscription unlocks exclusive fonts and graphics, adding value for subscribers.


  • Limited free resources: While offering quality assets, the free resources are somewhat limited.
  • Craft resources depth: In comparison to specialized platforms such as Kittl, the depth of craft resources might not be as extensive.

What is Design Bundles and How Does It Work?

Design Bundles provides a marketplace for graphics and design elements, giving users the chance to purchase and download individual items or bundles based on their needs.

Design bundles graphics elements.

Design Bundles Pros:

  • Flexible Pay-as-You-Go: Design Bundles’ pay-as-you-go model allows users to purchase individual items or bundles based on their specific needs.
  • Competitive pricing: The platform offers competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious users.
  • Large graphic selection: It provides a wide selection of graphics and design elements for various creative projects.
  • Free design bundles: Regularly providing free design bundles, it’s a cost-effective option for users.
  • Integration with design software: The platform seamlessly integrates with popular design software, enhancing the user experience.
  • Commercial licensing: Like Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles provides commercial licenses, allowing for unrestricted commercial use.

Design Bundles Cons:

  • Limited craft resources: Design Bundles may not have the same depth of craft resources as Creative Fabrica.
  • Less frequent updates: Compared to Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles might have less frequent updates.
  • Limited font selection: The platform’s font selection might not be as diverse as Creative Fabrica’s extensive library.

Creative Fabrica vs. Design Bundles: An In-Depth Feature Comparison Guide

Let’s compare the key features of both platforms comprehensively.

1. Fonts:

Creative Fabrica is rich with extensive font collection, covering script, serif, and sans-serif options. With a focus on diversity and quality, users can find fonts suitable for a myriad of projects.

Regular updates ensure access to the latest typographic trends, making it a go-to platform for font enthusiasts.

Design Bundles, while offering a good selection of fonts, may not match the sheer diversity available on Creative Fabrica.

The emphasis here is on quality graphic design elements, and the font library complements this focus. Users can still find a variety of fonts suitable for different design projects.

Verdict: While both platforms provide a solid selection of fonts, Creative Fabrica takes the lead with its extensive and diverse font collection, catering to a broader range of creative needs.

2. Graphics:

Creative Fabrica boasts a vast and diverse graphic library, encompassing illustrations, clipart, and digital papers.

The platform’s commitment to quality and regular updates ensures that users have access to a wide array of visually appealing and on-trend graphics.

Design Bundles excels in providing a large selection of high-quality graphics and design elements.

The focus here is on intricate and versatile designs suitable for a variety of graphic design projects. The graphics offered cater to a wide spectrum of creative endeavors.

Verdict: Both platforms shine in the graphics department, but Creative Fabrica’s diverse library gives it a slight edge, offering a broader range of visual assets.

3. Craft Resources:

Creative Fabrica’s strength lies in its comprehensive craft resources, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts and crafters.

From SVG files to craft-friendly designs, the platform caters to those involved in various crafting projects.

Design Bundles does offer some craft resources, but its primary focus is on graphics and design elements. While suitable for certain craft projects, the depth of craft resources might not be as extensive as Creative Fabrica.

Verdict: Creative Fabrica takes the lead in the craft resources category, providing a more robust selection for users engaged in DIY and crafting projects.

4. Pricing:

Creative Fabrica operates on a subscription-based model, offering monthly and yearly plans. The subscription provides unlimited access to fonts, graphics, and craft resources, with tiered pricing to suit different user needs.

Additionally, the Creative Fabrica Pro subscription unlocks exclusive content for subscribers.

Design Bundles follows a pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to purchase individual items or bundles based on their specific requirements. The platform also regularly offers free design bundles, providing cost-effective options for users.

Verdict: Choosing between the two depends on your preference. If you prefer unlimited access, Creative Fabrica’s subscription model may be the winner. For those who want flexibility, Design Bundles’ pay-as-you-go approach could be more suitable.

5. Licensing Options:

Creative Fabrica provides transparent and straightforward licensing options. Users can easily understand and adhere to the usage rights associated with the design assets, ensuring a hassle-free experience for commercial use.

Similar to Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles offers commercial licenses, allowing users to use the design assets for commercial purposes. Users should review the terms to ensure they align with their intended use.

Verdict: Both platforms provide clear licensing options, making it a tie in this category.

6. Design Tools:

In addition to design assets, Creative Fabrica offers additional design tools and resources. The Creative Fabrica Pro Design School enhances the user experience by providing valuable insights and guidance for creators.

Design Bundles, while not directly providing design tools, seamlessly integrates with popular design software. This integration enhances the user experience for those accustomed to specific design tools.

Verdict: The decision here depends on your preference. If you value additional design tools and resources, Creative Fabrica may have the edge. For those focused on integration with existing design software, Design Bundles is a strong contender.

7. Community Support:

Creative Fabrica fosters an active and supportive community. Creators can engage with fellow users, share ideas, and seek feedback, creating a collaborative and inspiring environment.

Design Bundles also has an active community, though the emphasis might lean more towards individual transactions. Users can still find support and inspiration from the community.

Verdict: Creative Fabrica’s active and collaborative community gives it a slight advantage in this category.

Creative Fabrica: Real World Use Cases

Use Case #1: Logo Design for a Local Bakery

A local bakery owner sought to establish a unique brand identity and commissioned a logo design. Creative Fabrica proved instrumental in this project by providing a diverse array of fonts and graphics.

The designer used a combination of a script font from Creative Fabrica’s extensive collection and a charming cupcake illustration to create a visually appealing and personalized logo.

The ease of navigating through Creative Fabrica’s library and the licensing clarity ensured a smooth process, resulting in a distinctive logo that perfectly represented the bakery’s character.

Use Case #2: DIY Wedding Invitations

A couple planning their wedding aimed for personalized and unique wedding invitations. Creative Fabrica’s craft resources played a pivotal role in this project.

The couple utilized SVG files and intricate design elements from Creative Fabrica to craft elegant and customized wedding invitations.

The extensive collection of craft-friendly designs allowed them to match the theme and color scheme of their wedding effortlessly.

Creative Fabrica not only provided the necessary resources but also inspired creativity, enabling the couple to add a personal touch to their wedding invitations.

Design Bundles: Real World Use Cases

Use Case #1: Graphic Design for E-commerce Product Listings

An e-commerce entrepreneur needed eye-catching graphics for product listings to enhance the appeal of their online store.

Design Bundles became the solution by offering a vast selection of graphics suitable for various product categories.

The entrepreneur found a set of versatile product mockups and labels on Design Bundles, creating visually engaging product listings.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and flexible purchasing options allowed the entrepreneur to efficiently source high-quality graphics, contributing to increased product visibility and sales.

Use Case #2: Printable Designs for a Small Stationery Business

A small stationery business owner aimed to expand their product line with unique and printable designs. Design Bundles became the go-to platform, providing a collection of printable templates.

The business owner utilized Design Bundles to acquire printable designs for greeting cards, notepads, and stickers.

The platform’s regular offerings of free design bundles proved beneficial in managing production costs.

Design Bundles facilitated the growth of the stationery business by providing cost-effective and quality printable designs, aligning with the business owner’s vision.

Creative Fabrica vs. Design Bundles: Pricing Breakdown

Understanding the pricing structures of these graphic elements marketplace is crucial for making an informed decision based on your budget and specific design requirements.

Let’s go through the pricing structure for Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles.

Creative FabricaDesign Bundles
Subscription ModelYes, various tiers with different download limitsNot their primary model
Freebies AvailableYes, rotating selectionYes, often with commercial use licenses
Individual Item PricingYes, for both single assets and small bundlesYes, core part of their offering
“Plus” MembershipDesign Bundles Plus: Subscription with downloads and other perks
Sales and BundlesOccasional sales on subscriptionsFrequent bundle deals, limited-time offers


  • Creative Fabrica’s value: The subscription is best if you download lots of assets consistently
  • Design Bundles’ flexibility: Great for one-off purchases or targeting specific deals
  • Content type matters: The “best value” depends heavily on what kinds of designs you need regularly

What to Consider When Choosing a Graphic Designs Platform

Make sure to keep these vital considerations in mind when choosing which platform to use.

1. Content depth and variety:

When deciding between the platforms, assess the depth and variety of content each platform offers.

Creative Fabrica is unique for its all-encompassing approach, providing an extensive range of fonts, graphics, and craft resources.

Design Bundles, while excelling in graphics, may have a more focused content variety. Consider the specific needs of your projects and the breadth of content each platform provides.

2. Pricing flexibility and value:

Evaluate the pricing models of both platforms based on your budget and usage frequency.

Creative Fabrica’s subscription model offers unlimited access to a wide array of assets, providing value for users with consistent creative demands.

On the other hand, Design Bundles’ pay-as-you-go approach allows flexibility, making it cost-effective for sporadic users or those with specific project needs.

Consider your budget, frequency of use, and the overall value proposition each pricing model offers.

3. Ease of use and interface:

Consider the user interface and overall user experience when choosing a digital design platform. The former provides an intuitive interface with easy navigation through its extensive library.

The platform’s straightforward approach simplifies the creative process.

Design Bundles, while user-friendly, may place a stronger emphasis on individual transactions. Evaluate how comfortable you are with each platform’s interface and how efficiently you can find and use the resources you need for your projects.

4. Integration with design tools:

Examine how each platform integrates with your preferred design tools. Creative Fabrica offers additional design tools and resources, including the Creative Fabrica Pro Design School, enhancing the overall design experience.

Design Bundles, while not directly providing design tools, seamlessly integrates with popular design software. Consider your existing workflow and how well each platform aligns with the design tools you regularly use.

5. Community engagement and support:

The level of community engagement and support differs between these design elements marketplace.

Creative Fabrica fosters an active and collaborative community, providing a platform for creators to share ideas, seek feedback, and find inspiration.

Design Bundles also has an active community, albeit with a potential emphasis on individual transactions.


Here are answers to some of the questions you might have right now.

Which has a better selection of fonts?

This changes over time! Both add new content regularly. It’s best to search for a specific style of font you need to see which platform currently offers the closest matches.

Do I need a subscription for commercial use?

Creative Fabrica includes it. Design Bundles often does in their freebies and bundles, but always double-check the license of individual items.

Can I get free stuff?

Yes! Both have rotating free assets. This is great for testing them out or if your budget is tight, but the selection is limited compared to paid content.

Which has better customer support?

It varies based on user experiences. Smaller platforms sometimes offer more personalized help, while larger ones might have faster response times overall.

Is there a “best” graphic elements platform?

It depends! Creative Fabrica is great for heavy downloaders, while Design Bundles shines for those who need specific assets or love hunting down deals.

Is Creative Fabrica or Design Bundles Better for You?

If you value an all-in-one solution with a diverse range of craft resources and an active community, Creative Fabrica might be your top pick.

But if you prefer a flexible pay-as-you-go model and focus primarily on graphic design elements, Design Bundles could be the better fit.

Remember, your decision should align with your budget, project requirements, and the overall experience you seek in a digital design platform.