6 Ways to Create Interactive Shareable Content

Are you ready to create interactive content?

Whether planning to work on social media platforms or leveraging email marketing, one thing is sure, you can boost your progress in a consistent way if you are creating an interactively sharable content.

If your content is not receiving greater online visibility or lacks maximum views, your marketing campaign will fall flat and you might receive a huge setback.

To stay ahead in a competitive world, you need to follow certain tips that can assist you in composing a highly-interactive and creative content document.

By working in multiple firms, I have learned that to create a shareable content you need to make it interactive. If your content is able to ignite a meaningful communication, then it will convert your potential leads into valuable customers.

Therefore, the tips to compose an engaging content are listed below. Keep reading!

Personalize Your Messaging

One simple way to make your customer feel special and treat your valued clients professionally is to compose personalized messages. You can do that by using their first name in the salutation of your messages. For instance, write Dear John instead of “Dear customer.”

Moreover, ask them to sign up for newsletter and messages. Seek their permission first. Do not force your brand on them. You can have their date of birth; you can make them feel special by sending birthday greetings. It will greatly impress them and create a bond with your organization.

Making them feel special can prompt an interaction.

Ask Questions

Today, social media has become the potential platform for promoting a brand. On any social media platform, whether it is Facebook or Twitter, you can address questions that customers usually have in mind.

It will increase the level of interactions of your profile and on the post eventually.

You can also offer some incentives for the most appropriate responses or comments. Implement fun-filled and enticing tactics to hold their attention for increasing your brand’s productivity.

Introduce Some Games

If you want to rule over social media for generating traffic on your site, you need to implement such measures that can entertain and fascinate your audiences. Introducing interesting games and compelling quizzes can help gather a greater response.

You can add a creative questionnaire to let your followers take an online scavenger hunt and win prizes and gifts. It will increase the visibility of your brand, which will ultimately generate more number of shares and likes.

Make Interaction Simpler

The key concept of winning the heart of your customers, and to stick on their mind for a long time is by providing them efficient services.

The bottom line is to provide them with a simpler form of establishing interactions. They should not get frustrated or feel troubled by your post. If you begin a content or a questionnaire, add a bar to indicate the progress. Tell them the exact duration your post will take to be fully loaded and to be fully completed.

Set a higher customer standard and they will stick around your brand forever.

Provide Useful and Valuable Advice

The best way to make your content shareable is to make it valuable. Meaningful content, which holds a useful advice or some rich guidance, gains instant popularity. Nobody feels motivated to read a sales copy or an over-emphasized branding of a product.

If you want to share some description about your product, you can first educate your audience about its benefits and why should they have it. In addition, try to add interesting titles for your post.

It will entice and motivate them to go through the complete copy.  According to what I have observed about the emerging trends on social media is that infographics and blogs have useful tips gain much of the attention. Most readers find it fascinating and love to upload and share.

Use Multimedia

One of the best ways to double the number of your followers is by uploading interactive videos. Today, one thing that is in trend and that most of the followers prefer to like is video.

It could be a mini 360-degree clip having an immersive content or a video depicting a complete story. Try delivering your message by using a video.

Burst them into tears or bring a smile on their face, just trigger their conscious mind, uplift their emotions, and see what your audience will give you in return. Gathering attention through a video is the only best way to deliver your message conveniently.

In a Nut Shell

Summing up, when laying hands on digital marketing, you need to have a sound knowledge of what your audience wants and desires.

Know what standards they expect and what changes you need to make your services and products, after having a complete knowledge start working on the content part. You will witness a sudden change in the progress of your post.

Make the content rich with valuable guidance, fun-filled facts, easy-to-grasp tips, and techniques or make it a motivational piece.

No matter on which platform you head to you can incorporate relevant images, photography, immersive videos and follow trends, like the use of catchy hashtags to grab the attention of your audience.

Author Bio: Julia Morison is a headhunter and a research specialist at US-Based Writing Agency. She loves to help people and is the mastermind behind asa citation generator.  She is a traveler, a blogger, a techie and a social activist. When she not in her office, she spends her time writing and educating the masses.