3 Reasons You’re Having Trouble Converting Sales

Are you really converting sales?    convert sales

One of the challenging things about operating a brick and mortar business is getting customers to come in and purchase your products or services.

You’ve got your storefront, your website, and you’ve put the word out locally, but you’re not generating enough sales…so what is it?

What could you possibly be doing so wrong?


Common Struggles of Sales Conversions

There are a lot of reasons you could be experiencing this issue. However, assuming that your products and services are of good quality, the issue usually lies in the following areas:

  1. You don’t know your target audience
  2. You lack curb appeal
  3. You’re only focusing on online advertising


You Don’t Know Your Target Audience

While you may love to sell your products or services to everyone, trying to market to a broad or undefined audience can really weigh heavily on your business.

Instead, you should define your target audience and fine-tune your marketing and advertising efforts to their needs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who will your products and services best benefit?
  • What are the demographics of your ideal customer?
  • What concerns do they have?
  • How can your products or services address those concerns?


You Lack Curb Appeal

If you walked by a property that wasn’t clean, had dim lights, and no clear concept of what was being offered, would you be interested in doing business with them?

If you’re honest with yourself, chances are you wouldn’t.

Curb appeal is not just a concept that is used for real estate, it’s also necessary for retail businesses.

If your customers are not attracted to what they see when they walk or drive by, they’re going to keep going until they find something that does appeal to them – which is why you may need to re-evaluate your company’s curb appeal.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can my customers clearly see what my company offers?
  • Is the exterior clean and well maintained?
  • Are there signs, displays and other promotional materials that say “come in”?


You’re Only Focusing On Online Advertising

This is not to negate the various benefits of online advertising, but it seems that the more technologically dependent we become the more businesses stray away from traditional methods.

The problem with this is that you miss out on the foot traffic that passes by your business on the regular basis.

Essentially you lose business to other businesses in the area. Along with your internet marketing, it is important to consider physical advertising as well.


Here are some pointers:

Memorable Company Signs – Even if your company’s name is displayed on the front of the store, it can’t hurt to invest in a few signs and banners for branding.

When considering company signs for your business, be sure that you don’t go overboard as a confused customer will walk the other way. Keep it simple yet attractive to your target audience.

a).  Sidewalk Advertisements – If you’re in an area where there’s high traffic investing in sidewalk signs and other promotional materials is beneficial.

A-frames can have an effective impact on your customers and are a very affordable method of advertising your business.

A few signs advertising sales and discounts are sure-fire ways to get interested parties in the door.

b).  Window Displays – Window displays offer passersby a sneak peak and what they might find once they get in the doors.

If your storefront happens to have large windows visible to the public, get creative in setting up a demonstration of what your company has to offer.

Starting a business is fairly simple, but getting customers through the door to make purchases is an ongoing process.

Sure technological platforms such as social media have made it fairly simple to reach out to the masses, but getting them to make a purchase requires hard work.

If you have the quality products and/or services, all you need is a strategic marketing and advertising strategy that shows your target audience you have arrived. 

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    Great and really useful article this is!!!

    I really liked those 3 question to ask yourself those are really effective, and knowing your audience can definitely make huge difference in your sales 

    Wow, thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Execellently explaind !

    Thanks for sharing the information in detail. I will definitely follow the steps to cater our target audiance.


    • Hi 

      thanks for your article. I have been actually struggling harder to get sales doing affilaite marketing. later to my suprise creating a niche site related to the product boosted my income. Then did little email marketing as well as advetising. 

      The fact is being genuine, I am mean doing honest review helps users to buy products. So if we do give wrong info.. I am sure that, they come back to our site..as well as our recommend product…

  3. Great Tips!! Also i would like to stress on making a clear navigation while building your website, this help the user easily find what he/she are searching for. This leaves a great impression on your new website visitors and makes them feel comfortable while going through your website pages.

  4. That's very true. I've been also able to increase my results just by split-testing 2 different wordpress layout, one standard and optimized for mobile phone devices (same color and layout). The results have been staggering !

  5. Well explained. I clearly understood now about where I'm going wrong in my site. Btw Michael, also try to add 'use call to actio landing pages' as Kristy said in the above comment coz' I'm thinking that this also helps us in turning our vistors to customers.

  6. Thanks you! But Increase converting is very difficult. its the theme, website speed, disposition ….Some time a ugly website had higher convert than beautiful website.

  7. Hey Michael,

    Really been a long time we engaged bro! I don't know it happened, but I just logged on now and you came to my mind!

    You know I always give it to you when it thinking and writing out of the box? This post is definetly one of them Michael.

    I really love the part of knowing which audience to target. This has remained the major challenge most bloggers, writers and businesses have. I too had the same challenge until I was able to figure things out.

    There will never be any business first let alone converting sales if you don't know who to market and sale to.

    Great post and direct to the meat it promised on the title!

    Happy to be back once again bro 🙂

    ~ Jackson

  8. Great article Michael, as you know I blog about jobs, I'm thinking of starting an online books selling category inside my blog. Thank you for giving me insight on where I could go wrong.



  9. Thanks for sharing this article. This is the most effective way to know and learn more about these 3 reasons you are having trouble converting sales. Read and understand the article and you will get a brilliant idea. I will share this information with my friends. Very informative.

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