Content Writing: 4 Ways To Fall In Love With Google

If Google ever falls in love with your blog, it would bring influx of targeted traffic, attract buyers to you and skyrocket your online business, almost overnight.

Falling in love is an exquisite experience. It’s like bringing the dews of heaven to your living room.

We can’t explain the chemistry behind ‘falling in love.’

But all we ever wanted is to be with the person whom we deeply cherish. That’s what would happen when you create the type of contents Google is looking for.

Google Spider Feeds On Fresh Contents

Let’s get the facts straight: fresh content doesn’t necessarily mean quality or well-written content.

But as it seems, Google spider is continually looking for blogs that are updated regularly.

Digg and social media networks are search engine magnets because we (users) update our profile and walls with fresh contents, everyday.

It’s vital to keep the freshness of your blog at peak.

At least, write fresh articles every week to keep search engine spiders coming back – add this tip to your to-do list and adhere to it.

And now, let’s consider the 4 simple ways to fall in love with Google – all you need is fresh content garnished with other essential gems. There you go:

1.    Craft Keyword-Rich Headlines

I’m not asking you to stuff the headline with keywords. But the first place Google looks at when they visit your blog, or scour the web is the headline.

You need to have the primary keyword you’re targeting on the headline. If possible, begin with it and add extra qualifiers to make it clickable.

You should spend more time writing crafting a better headline. A lot of people write a headline once and that’s it. No, don’t be those folks!

Have you ever been hooked by a headline? What does it have that you liked? Use the same technique to create yours. Once you’ve the right attention with the headline, you can retain and engage readers – the blissful relationship with Google has just began.

2.    Answer Questions Consistently

People who use search engines to look for information are desperate for answers. They’ve a million and one questions in their minds. All those keywords you researched earlier are questions that need to be answered.

Helping others with helpful tips, advice and strategies is a sign of competence. It shows you know your niche in and out.

Google updates are meant to drown newbie blogs that doesn’t have expert advice and solutions – you can set your blog apart by focusing on what people want.

Don’t write articles and posts because you want fresh content. No one is going to read it and that’s the biggest DISAPPOINTMENT in content marketing.

Hangout with your target audience and listen to what they say. Be a good listener, as it would afford you the privilege to know their deepest fears and desires. Weave these ideas into your content and Google will fall in love with your blog DEEPLY.

3.    Stop Padding Your Contents

When you write articles and blog posts, don’t pad to meet up with word counts. It’s true that Google appreciates detailed and lengthy articles, but not when it lacks answers. Erase unwanted sentences and paragraphs.

Use the right words and sentences to convey your message to target readers. People don’t want to read irrelevant things, they want the meat – throw away the bone.

Have you read an article where the words used and everything seems meaningless? I’m sure you’ve come across article directories that publish new posts every minute. Those are wrong writing practices – stay away from such.

If readers who come from Google search didn’t stay a bit longer to read your post, Google will make conclusions based on it. And you know what – Google will reduce the amount of organic traffic you receive, or push your ranking to page 21. Lol!

Pass your message across, and stop when you’ve nothing meaningful to say. It doesn’t matter if the article is 500 or 800 words, what matters is the insight one can derive from it.

4.    Inbound Linking Is Crucial

Google loves inbound linking – you should too!

To effectively fall in love with Google, create and add relevant links from your archive to recent posts. Do you know why inbound links are important?

Google knows that nothing is new. Whatever article topic you’ve in mind has already been written by someone else. If you’re an expert in your field, then, you must have written a similar article, maybe a month or year ago.

The articles are lying fallow in the archive and Google wants to serve them to her users. For inbound links to be effective, ensure it’s relevant to the topic under discussion.

In fact, the post should be more extensive, relevant and well-researched, than the one you’re writing now.

You should link to older posts and pages within your new posts. Probably, have the links above the fold – below the headline or in the first paragraph. Such links are juicier and improves search engine ranking.

Woo Google Today!

That’s how easy you can fall in love with Google by structuring your articles to align with Google’s specifications. Don’t be overly promotional in your article. Break up your paragraphs and make reading easy and fun.

Research the topic, and then write. Proofread for spelling and grammar errors – readers hate this; it makes you look like a Duck.

There you’ve it, the four easy ways to woo Google with fresh and well-crafted contents.

Did you enjoy this post? Leave a comment and share your experience with content marketing. See you at the top!


9 thoughts on “Content Writing: 4 Ways To Fall In Love With Google”

  1. Is Google a girl or a boy; it is yet to clear. I hope in your next post you would guide us how to treat the Google while courting and who to romance it; a girl or a boy. Just kidding. An excellent stuff for our guidance. Your every post is excellent but this one you must have written more devotedly because writing on love has its own taste.

  2. Content writing is crucial in your traffic generating endeavors. That’s why you have to be consistent in your strategies with regards to content writing. This would only mean that you have to be precise in applying the best tactics in content writing. 🙂

  3. What you say about the headline is true. I own a site for a pretty small niche (not the one listed). When I create a new article, I will do the keyword research, pick keywords with low competition, and insert them into the headline. Normally, if my keyword has less than 500 monthly searches and the competition is low, I will get ranked on the first page if google within a week or so.

  4. Hi Michael,

    I agree with you, that great content and proper inbound linking is very important. But even these days, the most important factor in “falling in love with G.” are links from other websites.
    Huge amount, various types and good quality links 🙂
    Thanks por the post, just twitted,

    BR, Chris

    • Yes Chris, links are important and they’ll continue to form an integral part of search engine ranking. But going after links artificial might not be right. I agree with your comment, “good quality links.”
      Thanks and God bless you.

  5. Really nice points, Google now loves to quality content and quality link building. if you’re focusing on these scenario then you can easily rank higher on SERP and attract huge traffic.

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