Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Writers, You’re The Best!

Do you find yourself struggling to write?    Writers comparison

I think I know the problem – but I don’t think it’s a BIG problem as such. In fact, you could get rid of it today.

Stop comparing yourself to other writers. It’s evil and would only drain you.

Yes, I know some writers who are cute, but that doesn’t necessitate comparison.

I discovered a few years ago that bloggers and content marketers are so worried about their writing.

They keep complaining that they’re not as good as someone else?

Writer comparison – is it evil?

Maybe you’ve been finding it difficult to write blog posts, web content or even meet up with your client’s assignment. Stop comparing yourself; your writing to what another person is doing?

Anything that tends to obscure your vision as a writer and make you bored is evil. You’ve been called to be a writer, and if you’ve been blogging, and guest blogging, then you’re a writer. Period!

You don’t need any anointing or special retreat to become a writer. If you can write, then you’re as good as someone who runs a profitable blog.

Even if your blog is new, with less than three comments on each post, don’t worry, that ugly situation is going to change. I’d show you how…

Having a writing mentor, right or wrong?

In everything you do, it’s important that you get a mentor – someone who has experience in what you intend to do, or what you’re doing right now.

There is nothing wrong with having a mentor, but when it comes to writing and building your business, you don’t have to be like your mentor.

Everyone on the face of the earth is unique. We’re all gifted and unique in our own ways. I might have bigger opportunities, which comes as a result of reaching out to others, but we’re all exposed to the same assets.

If you work hard enough, the sky is just your limit.

So, get a writing mentor but don’t copy them. You can steal some of their ideas and make them unique.

I’m talking about using the ideas on their books, audio clips, video clips, blog posts, ebooks and so on to create something that your readers and target audience can enjoy reading, but don’t copy them outright.

Copying without giving credits to the original source is a crime online – called plagiarism (it could get you jailed).

How to hook you readers

A lot has happened in my life since I started writing professionally. That’s, when I started writing for clients and making a living from it.

You see, clients understand that you’ve bills to pay. Don’t buy the idea that clients are only concerned about results – No, they also care about your welfare. Why?

Because, if you’re not happy, you can’t produce quality content for them. Just like when you’re working in an office as an employee.

An understanding BOSS would always set goals that not only helps the organization, but also benefits you on the long run. So, how do you hook your readers and win their hearts forever?

Write from your heart, you’re the best writer ever

I’m not trying to make you happy here. The truth is, there is no writer like you. It took me so long to accept this truth. Over the past 12 months, I’ve written over 600 quality guest posts and learnt so many lessons about writing. And I’m still learning.

When you pour out your heart into a blog post, a copy or even an email letter, the words and sentences would flow naturally.

Guess what? When you write from your heart, your readers would fall in love with the post. That’s what they want, even though they are mute sometimes. Sorry reader!

Forget about pleasing everyone, you can’t succeed as a content marketer by writing for everyone.

Know your limit and accept it. Know your potential that you’re the best writer on earth. Not because you’ve published a bestselling book, or appeared on New York Times Newspaper, but because you’re unique and no one can successfully copy your writing style.

The more you write from your heart, the more people would connect and accept your personality.

Comparison can destroy writer’s creativity

When I wake up every day, I smile because I’ve something cool to share with the world.

Even though I don’t publish daily on this blog, nonetheless, I still write blog posts on a daily basis. When you compare yourself to other writers, you’d kill the instinct that makes you a confident writer.

Instead of copying a mentor or trying to be like some other person, ask your readers what they want to learn about. Then research, research some more and provide what they asked for.

And it’s high time you minimize reading A-list blogs, so that you can build your blog as well. I’m not asking you to scrap reading good blogs entirely, but I’m saying you should focus more on your blog. You’ve got a business to attend to – your readers need you.

Take care of your readers, henceforth

Over 180,000 new blogs go live on WordPress every day. This is staggering, and when you look at the daily blog posts, it can send cold sweat into your soul.

The only people that matters in your content marketing career and blogging are readers. They’re the boss and whatever they want, is what you must do.

They dictate the tune – you’ve to dance to it. Of course, you’re still the blog owner, but the success doesn’t depend on you. As I always say, “the blog is by you, not about you.”

Work on your blog, stop comparing

Blog readers can help you with word of mouth marketing, social media sharing and recommendations. The earlier you begin to love them for who they’re, the earlier your blog grows.

Destroy comparison totally. Sure, there can be writers who are better than you, maybe as a result of experience or materials they’re exposed to, but that’s for them. You’ve a course to run.

Get closer to your readers. Blog commenting can’t grow your blog no matter how much effort you put into it. It can bring in trickles of traffic, but that’s just it – traffic. What you need are readers, fervent and repeat readers.

Your writing is awesome, really?

When last did someone appreciate your writing? It could be a guest post, a blog post or whatever? Have you ever received a “thank you for writing this?” If you’ve, then your writing is awesome. Aha, you made some grammar and spelling errors, right?

Fantastic, every successful writer is prey to mistakes. I still make mistakes and the last time I read a pro blogger’s post, I saw 5 grammar mistakes. I’m sure there are more of such mistakes. No one is perfect. At least, not in this age…

Blogging is no book publishing. With a book, you can be very careful with your words, but with blogging, it’s all about expression. Once you can write intelligently; coining words and phrases, you’re good to go.

Over time, your writing would improve, and you’ll start making a living writing for clients (if that’s your choice).

What do you say?

Yes, you can admire a successful writer. You can learn from them, but never compare yourself to anybody, and that includes the bestselling author out there.

And if you’re hoping to be like someone else in the future or grow your blog the same way an A-list blogger did his or hers, you’ve got to stop now.

It’s only a pipe dream, which may never come to happen. Instead, work hard to make your own mark. Set your foot on the sands of time and stop striving to be like anyone. Because no writer, blogger, coach, or marker is better than you. You’re the best.

Is it right to compare yourself to others, or just be yourself? Please leave a comment below. I’ll reply you as fast as possible. See you at the top!

14 thoughts on “Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Writers, You’re The Best!”

  1. In every field there is lot of competition. A writer should keep working hard and should make some goals of his own which he should try to achieve. He can definitely follow writings done by some other writers but he should never compete with them.

  2. I am glad to read your blog because i agree with you completely. Yes, we can admire a successful writer and learn from them, but never compare yourself them. I find that if we compare to them we will limit the creativity.

  3. I indeed have no objections with those points you’ve raised. No one knows you better than yourself.
    I must say that I’m really impressed with your good work.

  4. I guess most writers start off with wanting to emulate their favorite writers/authors and most writers start off with sounding like another writer. It’s good for practice and honing your own voice. But once you find your own voice stick to it and work on improving it. It helps to read other bloggers’ works but stop comparing yourself to them because you are different.

  5. Writing with passion is greatly valued by readers, they like the personal and captivating tone that draws them close. I’ve started to do this more regularly on my blog.

  6. Thanks for pointing this out. I believe that every writer has his own strengths and is skilled to be the best writer in his niche. One just needs to concentrate on what needs to be done and promote it well so that more people can appreciate his articles and other written posts.

  7. Very true Mike.

    You know, the power of our thoughts too is very vital. writers must understand that writing is a thing of the spirit

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