Content And Website Design: How Do They Work Together To Increase Google SERP Ranking?

When looking to implement an SEO strategy, two of the biggest changes that you can make are with content and website design. These two key elements work hand in hand to boost SERP results and provide an enjoyable experience for customers and improve overall traffic and conversions.

In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how the two work together to provide you with outstanding results.

Fix Duplicate Content 

Google loves new and refreshing content which makes duplicate content a big problem for your Google SERP results. Whether this is the same page uploaded twice or a chunk of text that is the same across multiple pages, this can all hurt Google rankings in the long term and should be removed.

By re-writing duplicate content with a refreshed copy that is keyword optimized you can begin to boost rankings as each page is indexed by Google.

Optimize Old Pages 

Similarly, optimizing older pages on a website with relevant keywords and up to date information can help to improve Google search results as this will provide brand new information for customers.

This is important as this will help to reduce the bounce rate and increase session time to boost the ranking over an extended period.

Though it will take for specific pages to rank, well-written content can also boost E.A.T score, allowing you to see trustworthy in the eyes of Google and be rewarded by a much higher ranking when the pages are indexed.

Add New Relevant Pages 

If you are noticing a number of questions being asked repeatedly, this may be a good time to add either an FAQ’s page or a designated page with all the relevant information.

If the question is asked often and has a high amount of search volume, it may be beneficial to make a designated page as this will help your business to benefit from this traffic.

Though it will take time for the page to be indexed and begin to benefit from these results this will provide additional traffic and could aid in conversions in the long term making this highly beneficial.

Make Sure Keywords Are Optimized 

By conducting a keyword mapping file as well as keyword research you can make sure that you are targeting the keywords that will benefit your business the most.

Whether you decide to have them in a long tail or short tail variant, this will help to keep content relevant and allow you to rank about your direct competitors. However, it is important to note that this is all down to trial and error as some keywords may improve ranking better than others with long-lasting results.

These should be monitored regularly and adapted to ensure that each piece of content is as optimized as possible.

Whether you are looking to redesign your website or optimize older content to benefit the Google ranking, you can be sure that well written, fully optimized content will help you to increase ranking results. Where will you start with your optimization?