10 Content Marketing Tips to Generate More Organic Traffic and Conversion

Growth — that is what one aims for, no?

Once you have established a strong footing in the market, your goal should be to grow even further. And it is not as easy as it might sound.

Breaking through the clutter, keeping up with the latest trends and experimenting with your marketing techniques requires time and money. And if an experiment fails, all the effort and time invested go down the drain. However, that should not hold you back.

Because that is exactly how you learn. An example of ‘marketing done right, that is at the top of my head as I write, is that of Xfinity Internet Plans. The way the content is placed on the website and the color schemes that the company has employed catches the viewer’s eye.

It is content marketing tactics like these that can help you generate more organic traffic. Let us have a look at some of the many such techniques that you can resort to.

Get Creative

While talking about content, you must also be clear about the fact that not just any content will do. Rephrasing existing blogs is a complete ‘no no’ in this scenario. Try to get more creative with your words. Think of new ideas, make the content sound and look fresh.

The readers or viewers are always in search of something new and different. If your website offers what everyone else is, it will get you nowhere. You should have a unique selling point. You get what I mean?

 So, the key to generating more organic traffic is to give the readers something different and unique to read. While, of course, not staying away from the theme of your blog/website.

Become a Storyteller

Nothing sells as stories do. Trust me when I say this. Create a story around your product. That is what will attract the readers and will be something unique to you. That is your tale. No one can steal it from you. That is what will make you stand out and bring more traffic to your website. Because every second or third person is a blogger these days. Under such circumstances, attracting the viewers’ attention becomes a challenge. But if you will have something different to offer to them, they will automatically prefer you over others.

SEO Friendly

Writing content is one thing but writing an SEO friendly content is another. If you wish to drive more traffic to your website then keep an eye on the keywords that your competitors are employing. You will then be able to choose keywords for your website accordingly.

Add Every Genre of Content

While a general rule says that viewers are more attracted to visuals than text, you cannot imply this for every reader. Hence, it is always a good idea to post an amalgam of text articles, infographics, podcasts, interviews and videos on your website.

You do not know which reader is attracted to what type of content. So, to play safe, cater to the different types of users.

Oh and do not forget to add memes!

Be a Problem Solver

Posting article after article does not mean that you are doing a great job. You should be able to voice your opinion through these articles.

Identify the problems that your industry has faced, is facing or is about to face.

Once you have done so, come up with solutions to those problems and educate the masses. Establish yourself as an authority over matters and someone who can be sought to for advice.

Catchy Headlines

Before a reader delves into the article itself, he/she comes across the headline. The headline then decides whether the reader will go further with the article or not.

If you fail to catch the attention of your reader through the headline, chances are that you have lost a potential customer.


When it comes to optimization, not only your homepage but the individual blogs on your website should also be optimized. The landing pages should be optimized according to the topic and subject of the blog.

Mark Your Presence

You should have a presence on every prominent social media platform. This includes Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram to name a few.

Restricting yourself to just one site will not do the job for you. This way you will be able to connect to different types of audience.

Know Your Audience

The theme of your website/blog decides the niche for you. You should be very clear about the target audience and post content accordingly. Writing about the latest fashion trend on a health blog would do nothing but raise eyebrows.

Stick to the Rules

There are content guidelines that you need to follow in order for your website/blog to be ranked at a good position by Google.

If you fail to keep up with the tone, voice or the style of writing that is asked of you, you won’t be able to generate more traffic. Formatting your content according to the Google algorithm is crucial.

If you start employing the above-mentioned techniques, you will soon see that the traffic on your page will start increasing.

However, the rule that you should stick to is that you should put unique content on your website that is relevant at the same time. I mean I cannot expect the Xfinity Triple Play page on Xfinity’s website to talk about Elon Musk’s latest tech innovations.