14 Content Marketing Tips You May Have Neglected Since 2011

I wrote this from my heart, you’ve got to read it now.    content-marketing-tips

When I was 14 years old, my mom gave me a piece of advice, which I’ll never forget in a hurry. “Keep things simple,” she said.

Most often, we chase after shadows thinking that guest posting, tweeting, sharing is all that we need to grow a successful blog, but it’s not always the case.

Do this: Audit your blog, revamp the design and content, and build a business around it. Simple!

If you’re a content marketer, one thing is certain, you want your content to be read, liked and distributed across the web.

Since 2011, I’ve experienced tremendous growths with my blog.

I’ve literally built a responsive email list of subscribers who take my tips and run with them.

I’ve also increased organic traffic and earned a good living online (from this blog alone). All thanks to content marketing.

This post is going to reveal the 14 content marketing tips, which you should give implement today.

Forget about other tasks. Focus on these and you’d build a blogging system that splits out money like a damaged ATM.

#1. Research outside your niche

What makes a blog post exceptional is the angle you approach it from. Since there are no new things anymore, your unique ability to take a common idea and make it fresh is what matters. And that’s what writers are struggling with.

When you research outside your niche, you’d stumble upon rich ideas to enhance your writing. Let’s assume I want to write a blog post on copywriting solutions.

The best way I can get new ideas apart from the generic ideas in the blogosphere is to read marketing books. You could even read health books. It may seem irrelevant, but it’s going to impact your writing.

Writing is all about bridging the divide – It’s the only way to stand out from the crowd?

#2.     Have something to say

Why do you want to write a blog post today?

Do you’ve something unique to say? Or are you so concerned about updating your blog? You’d bore the hell out of your audience if your post isn’t helpful, practicable and lacks vitality.

If all you ever do is regurgitate old posts and give it a new name. Stop it!

There is no rule anywhere that you must update your blog daily, or 3 times weekly. Sure, if you’ve valuable idea to share, don’t stop yourself.

But if you have nothing that’s fairly new, or different from your initial posts, don’t bother. Readers want new ideas, new perspective and fresh content.

#3.     Write in “bursts”   write in bursts stop watch

Do you write content in bursts?

Don’t worry, you may not find that phrase anywhere, but you should know what I’m talking about.

When you’re set to write for your blog, or for others, set your timer to 20 minutes.

Don’t try to stretch or exercise until you hear the beep on your timer.

Since July 26, 2011 till date, I still write 5 – 10 valuable blog posts on a daily basis.

When I’m set out to write for my blog, I don’t allow anything to distract me. So, start writing in bursts.

Get the words out and just do it.

#4.     Tweak your headline 3 times

Usually, I tweak my headline about 3 times before I would publish the post.

Because the headline is the most important element in a copy, a post or a video.

Oftentimes, the headline you used as a draft might be off-point. This usually happens when you’re done with your writing.

Spend quality of time writing your headline. Tweak if you must and once you’re satisfied with it, go ahead and publish the content. If you fail on the headline, it’d be struggle all the way.

#5.     Be personal, no matter what

I’ve read several blog posts that sucked. Bring your personality into your content. Before your blog can grow, you’ve to use your personal experiences to convey your message.

Because it’s important to have something to write about, by being personal, you can make the idea meaningful to your readers.

#    6. Don’t brag, blog instead

Now, there is a big difference between blogging and bragging.

You mustn’t brag about your achievements, just because you want to. If you must talk about your earnings, make sure it can help other people come closer to meeting their business goals.

And that’s the beauty of blogging – you can use your experiences to make your message stronger, without sounding like a proud person.

Don’t forget that a lot of beginners are reading your posts. Most newbie bloggers went back to their 9-5 jobs, because they were fed up with hype. You should help people with your content – it’s a mandate!

#7.     Be specific on your headline    

Before writing this post, I had to unsubscribe from 3 email newsletters. Did I hear you say, why?

It’s obvious; they always deceive me with their headlines.

The headline would promise one thing, and when you click to read it, you’d be disappointed by the content itself.

There is no nexus between the headline and content. Have you ever deceived readers with a fake headline?

You’ve got to stop it today. It’s killing your content marketing career and before you realize it, nobody is going to trust your word. Your blog would become a desert.

#8.     Kill writer’s block by reading extensively

I used to complain a lot about writer’s block. But the truth is, I was becoming lazy. When I started writing for clients, I could read 2 e-books weekly.

That helped me to produce quality content on a daily basis. But when I stopped reading, I got a fair share of “writer’s block.”

In a nut shell, writer’s block doesn’t exist except in your mind. You created it and only you can destroy it. Whenever you’ve free time, invest it wisely.

Read exclusive posts, listen to podcasts and scan through comments on a popular blog. You’ll definitely pick up writing ideas – that’s one of my writing secrets.

#9.     Visualize your ideal reader standing next to you    visualize blog reader

Who is your ideal reader?

Now, when you’re writing a blog post or even a guest post, you’ve to visualize this ‘one’ person standing next to you.

Of course, the only ‘spice’ to keep the reader engaged is to offer value. Great value!

Put yourself in your reader’s shoe. Do you feel refreshed reading your own posts? If not, the idea sucks.

In 2011, I didn’t know that my ideal reader was standing next to me. But that’s the reality. Until you settle this in your heart, you’ll always write irrelevant content. Beating about the bush and touching no lives.

#10.     Build your brand, with your words

Whatever you say online will make or destroy your brand. The words we speak have innate potentials to transform our world.

Ask yourself questions before writing a blog post. Whether you’re writing for some clients or yourself, your brand is at stake.

Your logo, your blog design, your email list, your product and most importantly, your audience are all working together to build you a formidable brand.

Even when you write a comment, don’t insult or downgrade authors. If you don’t have anything meaningful to contribute, go to bed (sorry).

#11.     Start your day with good thoughts

This sounds motivational, but I love it. As a writer, you’re ruled by your thoughts. If you’re negative in the early hours of the day, don’t force yourself to write.

Why? Because you’ll not write your best content. In fact, anyone who reads your post will see the negativity between the lines.

It doesn’t matter what ideas you’ve flowing, without a good thought for the day, don’t worry about writing. Always begin your day full of life. Forgive anyone who has hurt you.

Don’t allow your family issues to overlap with your goal of solving problems.

Don’t try to pretend that all is well, when you’ve issues lurking behind closed doors. Approach the issues in your life with a victor’s mindset, deal with them and come back re-energized.

#12.     Syndicate your latest blog posts

Once your post is live, it’s not over yet. You need to add marketing to it. It’s called “content marketing” not content writing.

Syndicate your posts across Social media networks. You could use Ping.fm to submit your latest posts directly to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Google and so on.

#13.     Drive readers to your landing page

No matter where you’re featured: an upcoming blog, A-list blog or even INC, always drive readers to your landing page. My landing page is my homepage because I’ve my subscription box well placed on the header. What about you?

Create landing pages and use them to capture leads. Blogging without building an email list is ZERO. Don’t be surprised when you a blogger decides to quit and get a paid job. 95% of the time, they’ve no email list.

With all the hype about email marketing, the truth still remains; it’s the best advice you can ever get from anyone. Use your landing pages to build a responsive email list. You’ll never regret it!

#14. Bonus: Write content that touch the hearts

Blog readers are always sleeping. And they would continue to sleep unless your content truly inspires them. You can so much deliver quality content, and over time people would wake up by 12.00am to read your posts.

Yes, I’ve fallen in love with some blogs. I could spend 24 hours looking, subscribing (again if possible) and reading the posts.

It’s that lovely and those “powerful blogs” have helped my business as well. If you truly help people, then they can defend you in the days of trouble.

Your turn to contribute

Did you enjoy this post? Are you sure your readers can vouch for you? And before you leave a comment, I want to let you know that the world of blogging is changing.

Most people who embraced guest posting are now focusing on the audience, which they’ve built. Danny Iny, John Morrow, Anna Hoffman et al.

Sure, they still guest post, but building a community that can trust them is the ULTIMATE.

I’ve decided to slow down with guest blogging, too. I want to focus on my community (yes, I love you so much). I want to help you grow your blog through content marketing. Do you think it’s a great idea?

Share your comment below, see you ahead!


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17 thoughts on “14 Content Marketing Tips You May Have Neglected Since 2011”

  1. This is all incredible information, especially for a newbie blogger such as myself.

    I just have a question, is it a good idea to start an email list right from the beginning even if there is only a trickle of traffic coming in? And is it okay to use the sidebar to capture emails or is a landing page the only way to create a good following?

    Thank You for posting this!

    • First, I appreciate your comment and I’m glad it helped you.
      Yes, it’s Okay to start an email list from the beginning. Even if you get 5 readers on a daily basis, channel them to your list. The sidebar is the traditional email capture spot, but it doesn’t work that much. A landing page always perform better. But you should add optin box on the sidebar as well. Thank you.

  2. I have not really come across the bait and switch with headlines, they always seem to live up to the expectation. But within the blogging niche we are honest folk, the same can not be said with Internet Marketing.

  3. You are just wonderful Michael, I can’t agree more because you’ve just hit the nail right on the head. I always encounter writers blocks too at one time or the other but have been following your tips now to get it solved. I think the most difficult issues most bloggers do face often is Inspiration, but if we can follow your own pattern and that of other Top bloggers out there, I’m pretty sure its surmountable.

    Anyway, a wonderful tips you’ve got here as always, Thanks for sharing.

  4. Excellent article. I really love that you pointed out innovation at #10. I’ve seen lots of people using the same old techniques that were probably successful in the past, but now they’re outdated, and still, people continue to use those tactics hoping for miracles.

    The internet is always in motion, always changing, so you have to change your tactics and techniques along with it.

  5. Hi Michael,
    Nice write-ups here!
    It’s nice to learn these new tips. you number 11 posts reminds me of my friend who is also a blogger and he told me the same thought, “Start your day with good thoughts”.

  6. This is truly from your heart, Mike.

    Yes, I did enjoy the post and I like tips #1, #2, #4 and #9 because I’m an advocate of them all. I’m
    really working hard on implementing them in my contents these days as well.

    Of course it’s a great idea to help us your readers grow our blogs via
    content marketing, Michael.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us, and for your willingness to help us succeed.

    Keep up the good work and the sky will be your limit in this blogging journey.


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