Top 6 Ways How Content Marketing Can Help Your Startup Venture Grow

“Content isn’t king, it’s the kingdom.”
                                                      – Lee Odden, Author

From Jeff Bezos of Amazon to Evan Williams of Twitter, every successful entrepreneur in today’s world was once a startup owner, who fought his own struggle and never chose to give up.

A crucial aspect or a major contributing factor behind the story of these startups becoming a successful household name in the present day was “content marketing.”

There can be an umpteenth number of Ecommerce portals available in today’s market.

But what is it that makes an Amazon or an Alibaba stand ahead of the competition? It’s their content marketing strategies and the way these companies have leveraged all the skills in order to fetch their business the coveted exposure that gets counted in the long run.

Now, in case you are curious to figure out how content marketing works and contributes to the success stories of several startups, then here’s everything you need to know.


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Backlinking has great benefits for most of the trades in today’s world. This is an amazing way to get your business the coveted attention, exposure and popularity at the end of the day.

With engaging blog posts and articles, you can help your trade grow faster with the right kind of digital footfalls from your target group of audience in the long run.

According to HubSpot, about 53% of marketers are of the opinion that blogging is their topmost priority when it comes to content marketing. According to Social Media Examiner report, in the year 2017, 66% of marketers admitted using blogs in their social media campaigns and posts.

Thus, it seems, blogging has great potential and a prosperous market in today’s world of digital marketing. And when it comes to using blog contents to help startups grow big, small business blogs are creating wonders across the globe.

According to another survey, it is seen that 36% of Fortune 500 companies are using blogs for product promotion, user engagement and thought leadership.

Tip of the day: Try coming up with blogs that are relevant to your target group of audience and write on topics you are familiar with.

For example, you’re writing a blog on essay writing tips, then consider writing the blog from the perspective of an essay writer, and use keywords like “essay writing”, “essay expert”, “essay topics”, “assignment help” and the likes. The idea is to implement relevant keywords tactfully to ensure seamless back-linking.

2. Social media posts at regular intervals will make your business the talk of the town


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In today’s world of social media trends and digital marketing, you cannot afford to miss out on utilizing social media resources and tools.

Thus, it goes without saying that roping in the concept of content marketing in social media and coming up with viral contents from time to time will help your startup grow bigger and in a much prospective way.

The Pew Research Study Center survey suggests that 73% of U.S. adults use YouTube, and 68% of them are active on Facebook.

This clearly indicates that a chunk of users is involved in online socializing and communication. This is where content marketing in startup comes into the play.

Imagine the number of prospective clients you could attract and acquire by coming up with interesting and interactive viral contents meant for the social media users. Startups do not have huge capital to spend on outdoor advertisements, TV commercials, and the likes.

On the other hand, good quality content for YouTube videos and social media posts for the target group of audience is comparatively cheaper.

If you are aiming at roping in the best tools that can help you grow your startup at minimum capital investment and maximum ROI, then a good content marketing strategy can help you achieve the target.

Tip of the day: Create separate social media contents for each of the social media platforms, depending on the types of users and individual preferences.

3. You can publish Ebooks and Business Journals for clients and interested readers


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This is yet another way content marketing is going to help your startup grow big in the near future. Forming a start-up might not prove to be lucrative if at the end of the day your trade reaches a point if stagnation. You have to come up with something new, interesting and helpful to your readers and clients.

Thus, publishing E-books, newsletters and business journals can be a nice way to help your start-up grow and become profitable in the long run. Posted in, according to a survey, 34% adults within the age group of 18 to 29 had admitted reading at least one e-book in the past twelve months.

This means that there’s a fair chance for your business journal initiatives to flourish in the near future, provided you’re backing it up with quality content and effective marketing strategies.

Tip for the day: One thing that needs to be highlighted here in this context is that the startup owners must focus on proofreading the content and acknowledging sources, adding stats highlighting facts and figures before publishing.

4. Email content marketing helps your startup get the much-needed boost


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Talking of implementing content marketing in order to grow your startup, it is to be mentioned that email marketing in today’s world has great benefits, especially for the young entrepreneurs looking for ways to take their startup aspirations to the next level of prosperity.

According to a report, about 59% of B2B Email marketers are of the opinion that emailing is their most effective tool, as far as revenue generation is concerned. According to a report by Experian, 56% brands use emojis in their email subject lines and have a higher open rate.

Thus, it clearly indicates that email marketing has great values and prospects in today’s world of online business. Now that you own a startup and looking for ways to generate the maximum revenue, implementing this strategy and roping in helpful email marketing strategy can help your business grow.

Tip of the day: Use engaging email subjects and do not drag the matter in the email body unnecessarily. The idea is to keep it short, simple and appealing.

5. Video content marketing has great potential, provided you do the job right


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Even though we already have discussed the prospect of video content marketing briefly in an aforementioned context, here’s something explicitly discussed for your convenience. Here are some interesting statistics for you.

  • 82 % of Twitter users use video content while visiting social media platforms.

  • People use more than 500 hours watching videos on YouTube.

  • 87% of online marketers implement the strategy of using video content.

  • 1/3rd of online presence and activities are spent on watching videos.

  • According to Forbes, video marketing industry amounts to $135 billion in the U.S.A.

Now that you know about the impact and rate of video data usage among the users, you should not have any doubt regarding the benefits and usability of implementing video marketing strategies for the success of your startup.

There are people who would prefer watching interactive contents rather than reading through them. A conceptualized and result-driven video marketing campaign comes into play in such cases.

Tip of the day: Keep yourself updated with all the latest news and events occurring all over the world. Accumulate popular and trending content and merge them into your business ideas to create engaging and interactive video contents.

6. Podcasts are working great these days – another nice way for startups to produce quality content


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If you are wondering how content marketing plays a pivotal role in helping startups grow big, then here’s what you need to know.

This is one particular format of content marketing that has taken the entire experience of audio content to a whole new level of success. According to a survey, it has been found that 64% of Americans are aware of the existence of podcasts and 44% of them have listened to a podcast. 1/3rd of people between the age group 25-54 listen to Podcasts every month.

The idea is to create quality contents for podcast listeners in the form of narratives, recorded business insights and interviews of renowned industrialists and marketers on topics relevant to the products and services your company offers.

Now that you know that there is a decent chunk of listeners interested in embracing podcast as a medium of content generation, you have a reason to count on this format of content marketing for your startup aspirations.

There are people who would prefer audio formats and listen to recorded contents on the go. The idea of podcasting might just work great for them and help your business grow at the end of the day.

Tip of the day: Brand your podcast and never give up on adding sale-able contents from time to time. Also, your podcast must be structured and formatted well, so that it could ensure monetization at the end of the day.

Forming a startup is perhaps the first bold step every successful entrepreneur has ever taken in the past. And in a world where content is prioritized and preferred over anything else, you cannot afford to miss out on utilizing all the major benefits of this tool for your startup venture.

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