7 Content Marketing Secrets You Must Unveil To Increase Site’s Visit And Sales

Yes, content marketing can take your business to the next level.  content marketing secrets 1

But that’s the first puzzle. If you don’t do it well, it could be a waste of time and money.

Most businesses don’t even know what content marketing is.

The notion is to write web contents and distribute across several networks.

I’m sorry, you’ve missed the point – but I’m going to put you back if you could just let me.

What Is Content Marketing?

I hate to complicate simple things. I want you to truly understand what you’re set for.

Content marketing is simply the art of creating a unique and valuable content (articles, press releases, product reviews, videos, podcasts and so forth) for quick consumption.

How and where the content is being consumed (read and used) differs. It could be on your site/blog or other people’s.

Does it make sense?

So, contrary to common theory, distributing contents either by guest posting, article submission or uploading a video to Youtube.com are just the tactics you’re using to attract the right people who can consume the information quickly.

Congratulations, you’re five steps better than most folks out there, who don’t know the simple definition.

And for content marketing to produce results for you, here are 7 simple secrets. Anyone can implement these strategies.

They’re proven to work, or sue me if you’re heartless…

1.    Content Marketing is an Attitude

content marketing secrets

Yes, content marketing is an attitude!

Show off enviable attitude when using contents as your promotional weapon.

We often forget that building a successful business begins with “who you’re” and not “what you have.”

Your target audience is expecting you to do something that’s outside of selling, persuading and B.S.

The only way to bridge the divide is to see content marketing as an attitude. Talk with prospects as if you mean it, from your heart. A firm handshake will do a lot magic than the best crafted copy.

2.    You Don’t Know Better

You think you know better than prospects?

All right, I accept, maybe you’ve acquired a MBA, but most haven’t. What if I tell you that in content marketing industry, you don’t know more than a 2-year old prospect?

But what if you really know better? Well, it doesn’t make any difference.

Put your knowledge on check and speak of problems they’re facing. How do you solve it? If you’ve no solutions to their questions, where is the knowledge you’ve acquired?

Content marketing has nothing to do with you – it’s all about the prospects and customers; those who have money to spend on your product and services. Respect them and they’ll cling to you like angry bees to the honeycomb.

3.    Keep Your Hands Crossed

Oh, I’m trying my best to avoid clichés in this article. When I say keep your hands crossed, I meant you should ‘listen’ to prospects. There is no better way to know what they truly want than to hear them speak.

They visited your site/blog; the only respect you should accord them is a listening ear.

When last did you listen to your audience?

Start today. You’ve two ears and one mouth. So, speak less and listen more. That’s how to break the barrier between prospects and product owners.

Content marketing can be fun if you listen and do what readers and prospects want.

Henceforth, keep your hands crossed.

Yes, I know you’ve a lot more secrets to reveal, but not at this time. Everything on the face of the earth has processes. Can you win by listening? – Yes, you can!

4.    Brevity is the Master Key

When you’ve an idea to pass across to target audience, make it concise. Brevity doesn’t mean shortening your words or hoarding information.

On the other hand, it means sharing the best and underground strategies and once you’re done, you hang up.

When you’ve nothing to say, take a break. Visit resourceful and cute blogs in your niche and read new posts. Or, do whatever you can to avoid padding your contents with unnecessarily words and phrases.

Brevity is the master key in marketing. I have held a negative thought for years; I thought lengthy articles are the best. How wrong I was?

If you’ve a lot of things to say, break up your post into Series or Parts and address in brevity.

Potential clients will pull a seat to read, participate and contact you to handle their next project. I thought you would reject the money. Lol!

5.    Catchy Headline Isn’t Enough

You’ve read several articles encouraging you to write catchy and powerful headlines, right?

I’ve even written on the importance of crafting good and clickable headlines. But unfortunately, good headlines will not produce the right results if the article body is weak.

A lot of factors could contribute to prospects leaving your website or blog, but the most annoying factor is deception.

When your headline is good, and the content itself isn’t helpful or entertaining, you’ve just succeeded in deceiving the prospect.

Readers out of curiosity, clicked, with the hope of getting answers to their problems, but you didn’t deliver.

When these readers click-off, you’ll have to work extra hard to bring them back. And in most cases, they won’t come back. Did you know why?

It’s because, you’re magnifying the problem they have. Rather than solving it, you’re wasting their time, with deceptive headlines but nothing to deliver.

In content marketing, a quirky content with good headline is like a brand new car without an engine – they car won’t move an inch.

6.    Bring Answers To The Table  content marketing answers

The goal of writing an article is to answer a question. If you can’t answer a specific question or questions, you are not entitled to leads, sales and web influence

I read a lot of contents online, which do not offer any answer. And I can imagine the damage this could do to readers and prospects.

Whatever content format you’re using, be it articles, videos, podcasts or even webinars,  address a particular problem and give the right answer to it.

No, you’re not trying to impress anyone, but to show how much you care.

Bloggers and content marketers who don’t answer questions will fail. Don’t be deceived by their apparent successes today.

The future only holds for those who can bring “value” to the marketplace. If you’ve no answer to give, visit the movies with your girlfriend or go play with your dog!

7.    Entertain With Usable Tips

Why do we go to movies when we’ve LCD Televisions and Cable at home? And you’ll spend more money at the movies but you wouldn’t mind. Or do you care?

Every content marketer is supposed to serve the audience with usable tips, advice, techniques, exclusive information and so forth in an entertaining manner.

You think you’ve the best solution for high blood pressure? No one is going to trust or buy your product unless you entertain them. Hypertensive patients need some fun, give ‘em.

Use funny analogies, short emotional stories to connect and communicate your brand.

Your contents should also be usable, immediately.

And because these people have problems bugging their minds, practical solution is the only thing they want now, they wouldn’t want to defer or postpone for tomorrow.

Offer the best solution: usable, entertaining and authentic.

Say Something Baby

Have you read a boring article or blog post in the past? How would you feel if a headline fails to deliver or I outright deceive you? Leave a comment below – see you at the top in your content marketing career.

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  1. Very useful tips for bloggers to engage readers to read their posts. One thing that I must recommend to change is only a catchy headline. mostly bloggers thinks that having a catchy headline brings more readers to their blog however the real thing is not like that because without interesting information your readers will leave you with in some days. so keeping it interesting and valuable for users brings attention of readers to read your posts till the end.
    all the tips you written above are very useful and informative. Its essential for every bloggers to must read them and implement on its content marketing strategy.

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