Content Marketing Insider: Martin Luther King Jr. Revealed It!

Ben Bunch was a musician and a best friend to Martin LKJ.    martin luther kind junior

The evening before Martin LKJ died; he called his musician friend to play him, “Take my hand, precious lord.”

That song is prophetic and marked the beginning of a revolution for Blacks and Americans as a whole.

It also swept across the world when he gave his epic speech, “I have a Dream!”

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten the ugly story that happened between Rosa Parks, when he blatantly refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Bus.

That incident spurred Martin Luther King Jr. to action and today, we can learn a lot from that event.

Yes, every event has an element of content marketing in it.


Become productive, right now

His story is for your benefit. It’s changed my life since I read it. If you want to succeed in this online marketing world, where the competition is growing at the speed of inflation, you must be willing to act on what you learn.

Each passing day, we download free reports, e-books, watch videos and accumulate knowledge. But only a handful of bloggers and content marketers actually implement what they learn. How long are you going to continue in that path?

Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t satisfied with the discrimination. He was challenged to do something about the impoverished, disabled nations and help establish an equal footing in all areas of life.

This man doesn’t blame anyone for the ugly events. Instead, he girded up his loins, became the target and started doing something about his purpose in life.

If content marketing must produce results in your business, you must be productive in your purpose.

Find what you’re good at and spend adequate time working it. There is no shortcut to success – only those who are determined to take action, no matter how small but consistently can see results.


I bet your purpose for blogging is wrong!

If I may ask, what is your purpose for blogging & marketing online?

See, if you’re here just to drive a lot of free traffic to your website, make money, flaunt your wealth through reckless living, you’ve a wrong purpose. Sorry, I had to say it.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a purpose: His purpose is/was to create equal rights for all American citizens, irrespective of creed or race.

In other words, his heart’s desire was to impact life and cause change in his time. When you’re running an business online, your aim MUST be to make the world a better place.

For instance, I work with a lot of small and mid-size business owners. I often educate them on the purpose of living. Why they must offer quality service consistently.

Of course, clients have to pay me for the services I offer them, but that’s not the point. The ultimate aim is to help their businesses grow; bring satisfaction so that they will not have regrets for hiring me.

In this way, I’m making the world a much better place for everyone. Whether you accept it or not, there is no difference between Americans and the rest of the world. Or is there?

Our financial status doesn’t change anything. We’re all created by one ultimate being and that’s the true essence of life – we must respect one another. We need to love one another.

Become dissatisfied with the wrong things and run towards the goodness that life brings. Don’t forget, whatever you do online as a content marketer is going to speak for you in years to come.

Martin Luther King Jr. left a legacy of “equality” and initiated nonviolent forms of protest throughout Europe, South Africa and other nations of the world.


Build a legacy with valuable content

martin monument


Content marketing has come to stay. It’s not a new system, it’s always been. If you can read the biography of Martin Luther King Jr, you’d discover the elements of inbound marketing.

Everyone loved the “I have a Dream” speech because it speaks directly to their souls.

To get your message across in this ever-crowded internet marketing niche, learn to speak to the soul.

Your target audience is human beings, who crave to communicate with someone who understands their plights and wants to solve them.

When you make up your mind to write only quality and valuable content, it’d stand as your legacy in the nearest future. This is a guarantee!

It’s my decision this New Year. If I don’t have a new insight or twist to what every blogger is writing, I’d write nothing. When writers complain of topics to cover, it’s the direct result of laziness.

Or better yet, they’re working hard on the wrong stuffs. I talked about productivity earlier – and I said that the only way to stay productive is to break up your daily tasks into simpler-and-easy forms.

Naturally, when a task looks easy, we tend to do it. But when it’s complicated, we procrastinate and complain.

I’m pleading with you to “get tired of low-quality content.” The world is waiting for you to change it. Stop regurgitating blog posts – it’s going to get you penalized by Google again, when they release a new update.

Martin Luther King Jr. built a legacy with his actions and speech, which the world is yet to recover from.

You may not change the entire world like Martin LKJ, but you can change your own world – by publishing exclusive content that your ideal customer desperately needs.

Get to know them and their needs, then go ahead, solve it and don’t blame anyone if you fail at solving the problems. It’s your cross, carry it!


Be known for something “good”

What would you be remembered for? If people know you as a blogger or writer, that’s not enough. In fact, they’ve tagged you wrongly.

You should be known as a life changer, a business builder, someone who understands people’s pains and how to fill them.

I could recall the meeting I had with a prospective client a while ago.

He asked me what I can do to help their business. And I said, “I can send buyers to your website with written words.” He was amazed and without much convincing, he paid 75% upfront and asked me to start the project immediately.

No matter what you call yourself, if it doesn’t benefit the people who matters in your life and business, you’re in for failure. I see a lot of so-called SEO experts starting their one-page websites these days.

Most of them can’t conduct an indepth keyword research. If you ask me, the real nugget of online marketing is what you can do very well for your target audience, not what you can earn.

Martin was known as a leader who fought for every American. In 2011, when the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial was commemorated, you can see this African American leader honored on the Mall, near the Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lincoln memorials.

It shows that nonviolent history can actually change the status quo and transform livelihood. These thought-provoking leaders left a good legacy as American Past Presidents.

You may not be a political leader, but you’re a blogger, a content marketer or business coach. The question is, what good thing would you be known for, not when you’re dead, but now that you’re alive?


Stop holding yourself back

With content marketing, your online business can experience a transformation.

When you write content for your target audience, immerse yourself into it. Write from your heart. Write content that shows you truly love people – it’s my call to you today.

Don’t use tricks whatsoever to get people unto your sales page. Instead, deliver great value and open their eyes to what you’ve on your paid service and products.

The truth is, if you could give so much value without asking for their hard earned money initially, the human mind would be hungry for more.

That’s how you can drive free referral traffic, build a thriving community of raving fans and earn income from your efforts.

If your website isn’t attracting the right traffic, whose fault is it? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. “I have a Dream” that one day, you’ll grow your business and join the elites online. See you at the top!

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  1. Martin LKJ changed the world with his passion to make life better. I’ve benefited so much from his lifestyle and thought I Should share it with you, my amiable reader.

  2. I like how you connected every aspect of your blog together, from marketing, making money, to making a difference in life, and to inspire us bloggers to blog with passion. I am a new blogger, and it is hard to sustain passion, and drive like you did in this blog post.

  3. Martin Luther King Jr. is a role model and brave leader. I like the way you coined his lifestyle into content marketing lessons. Thank you Michael for making this so personal.

  4. very good information about marketing and i like the line i have dream because without dream we can not run in marketing race…
    thanks for sharing..

  5. Solid advice Michael. My new year’s resolution is to have our Editorial Calendar planned out at least a month in advance, focused on our customers’ information needs.
    Thanks for share this post.

  6. Michael,
    I love how you brilliantly extracted content marketing lessons from the life of Martin Luther King (Jnr). I’m inspired. I’ve gained much more. I’ll bookmark your blog and check back once in a while. It’s worth it. Keep it up, man 🙂

  7. Excellent! Your Website is really amazing. I like the story of Martin Luther King Jr. and how you infused it into content marketing. Well done. its very interesting lesson to always make the world a better place. Isn’t that why we’re alive?

    • It’s good to have you hear Agarwal. Yes, that’s why we’re alive, to make “this” world a better place in our time. Thank you for reading, commenting and liking my blog. I hope to see you more often.

  8. Wow! what a great blog post. I have always been inspired by heroes like MLK, Cesar Chavez, and Mother Teresa. This is one of the best blog post I have ever read! I like how you connected every aspect of your blog together, from marketing, making money, to making a difference in life, and to inspire us bloggers to blog with passion. I am a new blogger, and it is hard to sustain passion, and drive like you did in this blog post.

    Thank You,
    Minh Tran

    • Martin LKJ changed the world with his passion to make life better. I’ve benefited so much from his lifestyle and thought I Should share it with you, my amiable reader. I appreciate your comment Tran.

  9. This is such a great way to make something so real, relevant, and tie it all back into personal application. This is very inspiring and I enjoyed reading it. It’s so interesting how when we have a passion how we turn even the inspiration from MLK into inspiration for writing, business, and wanting to impact life and cause change.

    Thanks for the great post!


  10. Kudos Mike,
    You’ve just ignited the fire in me once again. There is no short cut to success of cause and i can’t agree more on that one statement alone.

    Martin LKJ has been my mentor ever since i first heard of him many years ago. I so much love that his I Have A Dream Speech.

    You know, one reason why many people always fail to take action is because of the fear of failing, not knowing that doing nothing is even more risky than trying and failing.

    Spencer Johnson asked a question in one of his books, he asked….. What will you do if you weren’t afraid? My answer will be that i will take action.

    So lets all rise and try that one thing we’ve been longing to do now.

    Thanks for sharing man.

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