Link Building Outreach: 50 Content Marketing Blogs of 2015 To Earn Backlinks

50 content marketing blogs


Pop quiz: if you had to do link building outreach, which blogs will you target?

A lot of content marketers and site owners have trouble answering this question – but it doesn't have to be so.

It's not really your fault. After all, most of the blogs don't have the owner's contact information publicly displayed.

Reaching out to authoritative bloggers, and social media power users is a simple way to earn natural links to your web pages.

All blogs are not created equal. You need the right blog links, especially these days that Google's algorithm has been handed over to RankBrain, a machine learning artificial intelligence. 

As you already know, the impact links will have on SEO is no longer connected to quantity (how many links you've built), but on the relevance and quality (the authority) of the referring domain names and web pages.

If you've always wanted to have a list of content marketing blogs that you can resort to regularly when pitching guest post ideas, sending email outreach or building relationships, you'll benefit from this list.

Not only will I share the blogs with you, but also the few important things you need to know about these blogs.

I frequent these blogs, and have personally connected with quite a number of bloggers who run these content marketing sites.

So without much ado, let's get the content marketing blogs highlighted:


1.    QuickSprout




Neil Patel has done a great job at the QuickSprout blog. I'm yet to find a blogger who gives away enormous value in his content.

He doesn't just write blog post in order to fill the editorial calender, but every piece of content on his blog is 'value personalified.'

Neil is the only digital marketer who spent over $30,000 in content creation – and still gives them away without asking for payment. 

If you want Neil to notice you, and perhaps link to your web page from his weekly articles, you've to provide value.

He doesn't link to mediocre content. Ideally, write a case study, or a top list post. That way, when you email him and drop your URL, he'll have something richer to prove you. 

One more thing, he likes a long-form blog article that is epic. Well, who doesn't?

Your content should be 2000+ words if you ever want to appear in Neil's radar and get him interested in your content. 

Remember that 1 link from QuickSprout is more powerful than 5 – 10 links from my blog (sorry Michael). 


2.    Marketing Profs


marketing profs is your go-to site for well-researched content.

From the domain name, you can tell what subjects they cover – marketing, sales, content marketing, startups, small business, etc. The site accepts high-value guest posts. 

If you want to increase your chances of earning editorial link from MarketingProfs, then you should conduct your own research work, or experiment.

Then create an in-depth content based on your research results. Reach out to the editor with your findings. They'll listen to you, and possibly invite you over to contribute article in that light.


3.    The Sales Lion

the sales lion

The Sales Lion is a blog you've to get your links on. And it's not as hard as you think. Marcus Sheridan, the pool guy started from scratch, just like the majority of us.

He once created a single blog post that generated a $2,000,000 million dollar sales. He understands how to craft compelling content that causes passers-by to halt and read the the first paragraph.

So do you've to reach out to Sheridan and ask him to link back to your blog page? Of course not. You should never do that. 

Instead, follow the same approach like you would with Neil Patel.

To increase your chances of success, create an in-depth content that has a controversial flavor. Sheridan likes to debunk content marketing myths. So any rich content in that light will catch his attention.


4.    Social Triggers

social triggers

Derek Halphern is spectacular. I've watched his hillarious, and life transforming videos.

Although I haven't purchased any of his products yet, because the right time isn't here yet, but I strongly believe in the quality and value he brings to the digital marketing world.

At Socialtriggers, Derek likes to share marketing and sales tips – and none of them is without a scientific data/statistics to backup his advice.

He combines psychology and marketing – and stood out in the social and business world. 

Derek doesn't reference any mediocre or newly designed blogs. He trusts authoritative blogs that are managed by reputable bloggers and information product marketers.

But if you're determined to get a link from, there is an easy way. Create an online course (use Derek's software: zippy courses or Yes Engines). Then contact Derek with your case study or tips for increasing online course sales.

I haven't read a guest post at Social Triggers yet. So trying to earn editorial links through guest blogging at his blog will be a futile challenge.

Instead, you should focus on creating in-depth and well-researched content, then submit to authority sites that Derek likes to reference. You'll get a Tier-2 link, which is also very powerful in Google's eyes.


5.    Income Diary


income diary is a content marketing blog that pulls over 100,000 visitors through a special type of content – top list posts. Majority of the content created on this blog, either by Michael Dunlop or his inhouse writers are "top list" articles.

You can earn contextual links by contributing to the blog. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Michael believes so mich in top list content – so any pitch in that light will likely get you a "YES, send it over" response.

Craft your titles following this style:

Top X ways to….

X Simple Tricks To…

The X Best ….


6.    Simply Compelling


simply compelling

Honestly, is a new content marketing blog which I recently discovered.

I included them here, not because they've some sort of authority, but because their content style is very conversational. You'll literally feel the impact of each words and sentences used in their blog content. 

Get noticed and earn a natural link from this blog by creating a top list post (just like I did), then send a notification email to the editor or blogger in charge.

Don't ask them to link back to you – otherwise you're touring the blackhat SEO world again. Just ask them to share the post, and watch how everything unfolds – including links.


7.    Backlinko



Without mincing words, Backlinko is the best SEO blog out there. It doesn't contain fluffs like most SEO-related blogs, but the information, tips, and tricks can be applied right away.

Brian Dean usually features guest posts from his "SEO That Works" students. He likes to showcase their case studies, and how they implemented his advice to get results. 

You can get Brian to notice your content. Just follow one of his marketing concepts (e.g., skyscrapper technique, do the opposite strategy, content updates) to the latter.

Get results, and contact Brian to share the case study. If your journey is valuable, he will listen to you, share your case study, link to your web page and promote you massively.


8.    Okdork

okdork is one of the top content marketing blogs. As a former Facebook staff, Noah Kagan has achieved tremendous success (that's what I see) building a SaaS company.

He owns Sumome, AppSumo, and several other software tools that makes driving traffic to blog, and building email list easy.

Yes, Noah accepts guest posts. But only one one condition: that the article blow people's mind. You've to share ideas or secrets that the digital marketers haven't gotten a hold of yet.


9.    Content Marketing Institute


content marketing institute is a trusted blog. Over 100,000 email subscribers read this blog every day, and the brand mentions are commendable.

The reason why CMI is popular is because the Founder, Joe Pulizzi pioneered content marketing. He preached it. He fanned the flames, and got tens of thousands of people excited about it.

How do you go about reaching out to this blog?

Well, you can pitch a guest post idea that's related to content marketing. The editors are easy going – and they'll gladly work with you to make your article interesting and actionable.


10.  Convince and Convert


convince and convert

I like this content marketing blog. was founded by Jay Baer, a sought-after social media speaker, author and educator.

He also takes pride in creating action-driven content that helps content marketers and social media managers.

You can get your guest post published here – thus earning the contextual backlinks that will improve organic search performance.


11.  Chris Ducker



Chris Ducker is the virtual CEO. He likes to simplify blogging, content marketing and every activity that involves content creation, customer relationship, sales and branding. He specializes in outsourcing.

If you wish to connect to him, and earn a contextual link or social media mention, you should follow Chris on Facebook, or Twitter.

Listen to his podcast – YouPreneur. Promote his products, and let him know you did so. You can never tell how far your kindness will go.


12.  LeadPages Blog


lead pages blog

Leadpages blog is a one-stop platform for learning how to conduct A/B tests, set up winning campaigns, create case studies and learn how other marketers are building their email list.

The team is looking for writers right now. It's an opportunity to earn a powerful editorial link. Or what else would you call it?


13.  Outspoken Media


outspoken media

They're outspoken, brave and daring. Outspoken media has an active blog.

You can pitch a guest post, not because you're desperate for links but because you care about their audience. Of course, if your guest content is accepted, you'll earn editorial links that truly matters.


14.  Copyhackers


copyhackers is the blog to go if you want to learn how to write attention-driven blog articles. Joana Wiebe can teach you how to write stellar copy.

Okay, if you don't want to write copy for clients, you can at least apply the lessons, tips and instructions when creating your content. SEO copywriting best practices can help you get better search click-through rate, and targeted users.

Create awesome content, and Joanna may link back to you. She doesn't accept guest posts. So don't pitch.


15.  ConversionXL


conversionxl is a conversion rate optimization blog. Converting site visitors is more important than seeking for more visitors.

That's what Peep Laja (CXL founder) stands for. If you've a research data, you can get it mentioned, cited or referenced by Peep Laja. He's looking for unbiased split testing results.

Interestingly, he also accepts rich, and jaw-dropping guest posts. So you've two opportunities of earning a natural link a trusted site with high domain authority.


16.  Spinsucks


spinsucks is a media PR blog. Gini Dietrich is very considerate, and will listen to you if you've a valuable guest post idea related to branding, social media, online publicity, etc.


17.  Content Marketing Up


content marketing up


This is my own content marketing blog. I accept guest posts that are rich, actionable and related to content marketing, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.

If you want to earn contextual links from my site, don't make that your focus. I naturally link out to useful and relevant content pages whenever I create blog articles.

If you've a case study, I'll likely publish the guest post within 48 hours. I don't want another generic article e.g., "7 ways to drive traffic." Instead, pick one of the "ways" and break it down into actionable tips. 


18.  Marketingland


marketing land is at the forefront of search engine optimization and search engines.

You can earn a link if you're the first to learn a new thing about Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. Speed is of utmost important. And you need to read search engine marketing news as well.


19.  Unbounce




20.  Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas


21.  Curata



22.  Practical Ecommerce


practical ecommerce


23.  Shopify Blog


shopify blog


24.  Fizzle




25.  Social Media Examiner


social media examiner


26.  KISSmetrics blog




27.  Duct Tape Marketing


duct tape marketing


28.  Mirasee (formally Firepole Marketing)



29.  HubSpot




30.  CoSchedule Blog




31.  Growth Hackers


growth hackers


32.  Peter Sandeen


Peter Sandeen


33.  HelpScout Blog



34.  GrooveHq Blog


groove hq


35.  Businesses Grow


businesses grow.png


36.  Copyblogger



37.  Problogger




38.  Zac Johnson


zac johnson


39.  Copyranger




40.   BufferApp blog


buffer app


41.   Boost Blog Traffic

boost blog traffic


42.   Reel SEO

reel seo


43.   WP Curve



44.   B2B Marketing Insider


business marketing insider


45.   Business2Community


business 2 community


46.   Orbit Media Blog


orbit media


47.   Writtent




48.   Matthew Woodward


matthew woodward


49.   Blogging Wizard


blogging wizard


50.   The Rise To The Top


the rise to the top



So when next you're looking for blogs to pitch an idea, send a link building outreach email or leave a useful comment, rememeber this resource page. You can share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

A lot of people are struggling to find the right and authoritative content marketing sites where they can earn the right Google-friendly links.

You'll agree with me that digging through Google for the right answers can be challenging. But now you've 50 of them in one place.

There are at least two things that matters in SEO:

  • Content that nudges people to take action
  • Authority links that flows naturally

Once you're able to nail these two factors, you'll literally see your rankings skyrocket.

Building relationships will give your site more boost in the search engines. Do not spam these content marketing blogs – else you'll not get the results that your web pages deserve.