Content Marketing Anxieties: How To Efficiently Write Article That Get Traffic and Sales

Hmm, I’ve got some cool stuff for you.content marketing anxieties

You’re a famous copywriter, blogger, freelance writer and SEO writer or whatever your TITLE is and you know how to write for the people and the web. Huh?

But why is your content not getting you the desired visitors and sales needed to grow and expand your business. C’mon, there is more to writing for the web than just sitting 5 hours on your computer and jamming the keyboard.

Until you’re well groomed in “MARKETING,” none of your edible efforts is going to pay off. I mean, the right readers will not come to your blog and your bank account would be red).

What Are Marketing Anxieties?

These are expectations you want for your content. Believe it or not, every content marketer wants to achieve something spectacular whenever he gets a post published. But these anxieties tend to obscure your marketing efficiencies and hinder your productivity.

We place so much emphasis on content as if it’s the only “COIN” in our business. When you trust someone to always deliver each and every time, he’s bound to fail you.

Do you find yourself in these five content marketing anxieties? Please think again…

  • Will My Content Be Published

Do you think your guest post is good enough to make it in that A-list blog? Whatever your thoughts maybe, the first anxiety that comes with every content is the fear of rejection. Guest bloggers wouldn’t deny this because it seems to be common to us all.

Some bloggers have made it pretty difficult for guest blogging beginners. But I don’t blame them. Quality is the #1 criterion for web site search engine performance. You’ve got to meet the requirements or you die trying.

Solution: If you find yourself in this anxious state, the solution is simple but not friendly. Determine in your heart to write the article anyway and be ready for a slap. There is nothing new in life. You get a yes response or a No. whatever happens, pick up yourself and write some more. There are a million and one blogs that accept guest post. Why waste time with a STRICT blog when you can get more liberal ones.

  • Will My Content Raise Eyebrows?

Congratulations… your guest post is published and the link is right below. I’m sure you’ve received a similar email notification from wordpress?

But it’s not over yet. A more terrible expectation is going to arouse. Remember your guest post is now on the homepage of that high trafficked blog. You’re not the one advertising and this form of marketing is direct.

When readers come to this blog, they would see your content as being number 1. The fear of raising eyebrows and causing commotion sets in.

What would readers say concerning my guest post? You ask. I could recall the last guest post I wrote that caused a lot of debate between successful bloggers. I talked about “selling make money affiliate offers” as being profitable when you have the right traffic and a good web standing.

A lot of people negated it. Some praised me for highlighting credibility as the factor that leads to higher sales. All in all, I was anxious of what’s going to happen the moment I got that approval alert. This particular anxiety faction could cause unnecessary tension within you.

If you’re just starting out to write for the web, you would make a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes as a result of this expectation. Please get me right, there is nothing bad with anticipation; looking forward to how your content gets along.

But when it boils down to been at ease with yourself, to the point where you couldn’t even concentrate on your core projects – then something is wrong!

Every point in this post is a life experience. I’m a full time guest blogger and unlike most people believe, writing for other bloggers has its disadvantages too. But the merits far outweigh the ugly duckling inside.

Solution: As this is a part of my writing obstructions, I know thousands of great writers are having problems handling it.

My advice is straight forward and fun. Whenever you write such BLINKING contents, be it guest posts, or social advertising campaigns, challenge yourself to respond to comments in a matured way. Some reads would try to annoy you with insults, accusations and flattery, but it’s left for you to see the handwriting on the wall and stay quiet.

Explain what you meant in your content and who knows, you could drive avalanche of targeted traffic to your blog. Yes, that’s the beauty of controversial contents. But be wise in using it to promote your blog.

  • Will My Content Drive Traffic

C’mon, money is not the first motivation for writing online. I know it’s powerful in improving your productivity level, but it’s never the sure-bet reason for writing. I know a lot of passionate web writers who wants to be famous before making the money.

Will my content drive targeted traffic?

What’s the life-blood of your internet business? Oh Yes, I heard you right. Targeted traffic tends to beat every other form of traffic. We all write to drive more readers to our blog. When they arrive, we should have setup an effective landing page that appeals to them.

Is there anything wrong with writing to drive traffic?

Absolutely not! When quality content meets with savvy marketing, the result is usually targeted traffic and sales.

But having the expectation of traffic from the get-go obstructs your mindset. If all you ever wanted your guest post or blog post to accomplish is send you ready traffic, you would muffle your #1 priority (engagement).


An engaged content is what drives targeted traffic, but driving traffic to your blog doesn’t really mean your content is engaging.


Sounds confusing…? Ouch, I thought you were an internet marketer. It’s the same for those who write for search engines. If you trick search engine spiders, they would find out sooner or later and build a cobweb around your web pages instead of sending hot traffic your way.

In a nut shell, do not write content just to drive traffic. You may not understand how this initial thought directs your writing abilities. It’s going to show in every word you type. Even when you’re trying to engage readers, everything would be laid bare and transparent before your prospects.

Solution: Don’t write to drive traffic – write to help someone who’s suffering from lack of business growth. Write because you want to carry others along. Write to impact lives with your words even when you can’t meet the person one on one. Write for this reason alone and you’ll succeed.

  • Will My Content Be Shared?

Did I tell you something shocking at the beginning?

Alright…if you want your content to enjoy the support of others, you’ve got to think like a bum. What does a bum do?

Sane people are the ones who publicize and promote insane people. Why? It’s not because the insane are mad, but because they continuously do something unusually. When last did you promote a blogger for writing about “installing wordpress” and how to drive traffic to your blog?

I understand you when your expectations are in this line. Will my content be shared by those who come across it? Do you know it’s more important for readers to share your content than merely knowing your name?

But having this expectation at the initial stage of your writing would cause much havoc indirectly. People who are desperate for social media sharing tend to hype up their promises. How can you assert what’s unrealistic and trust others to send it to their fans?

For others to share your content with their friends, family and subscribers, you’ve got to give them a reason. What’s the benefit if they decide to share it? Will their subscribers enjoy it and how about their social media followers?

RULE OF THUMB: The best content that gets shared has one unique attribute. They solve a specific problem not a generic one. If you write on 5 steps to select the best clickbank product and expect readers to share it, you’re making a big mistake.

But by picking a particular hot topic and give it a simple touch with practical tips, your chances of getting loved and social media bookmarking is enhanced.

Solution: Instead of writing for others to share your content, ask yourself what type of articles you like sharing with fans and friends. Then go right ahead and tour a similar path. You’re not to plagiarize (that’s illegal and could land you in jail), just be creative and create your own copyrighted content via the knowledge you stumbled on.

  • Will My Content Generate Sales

Words have the potential to generate quality sales. Most of my affiliate commission checks were the result of quality content marketing. But I don’t write to sell. Anyone who writes has followed the B.S. marketing road.

Although copywriters believe that the role of a sales copy is to sell. And I can’t argue with that. But it doesn’t stipulate you should sell almost immediately. You’ve got to capture your prospects attention, interest them on your product, cause a strong desire and then call to action.

This concept is the A.I.D.A. and has produced countless millionaire copywriters in the past few decades. The same thing applies in blogging. You’re not to sell almost immediately. There is time for reading, getting engaged and knowing you.

Blogging is more like a social network. If someone doesn’t know you well enough, he/she isn’t going to follow you. For your content to generate sales, include plenty of benefits for the readers and don’t be pushy in your call to action.

When writing your guest posts, blog posts, articles and what have you, don’t be solely engrossed in forcing someone to fling his credit card and make payments. Settle in your heart that you’re still a stranger to them. Getting money isn’t rosy and before a prospect could invest into your recommended products or services, you’ve got to know them and vice versa.

Solution: The more informative your content is, the closer you’re to your prospects, blog readers and customers. The moment they see you as a concerned marketer who isn’t motivated by money and fat checks, your conversion rate would soar.

If you’re writing a product review, ensure you are neutral. Reveal the positive and ugly parts of that particular product or service. But wrap it up with suggestions and proffer a workable solution. You’ll definitely make money easily.

Contents That Drive Traffic And Sales

If you want your blog posts, articles and guest posts to make raves around the web and get you sales, then you need to think like an entrepreneur. Stop thinking like a marketer who is concerned about making money!

An entrepreneur weighs the 4-sides of marketing and map out plans to achieve it. That’s where proper topic research comes in. Don’t write anything until you’ve it all worked out. Write to solve a particular pressing problem on the internet. Even though you’re not the original idea generator, present your own information with a different light.

Contents that drive traffic and sales have one thing in common. They improve the reader’s life. There is a reason why I refused to click your link and opted for someone else. Find out the reason and make adjustments.

Have I missed a point in this epic blog post? Please feel free to write it on the comment area below. Share with others and don’t forget to take action today. See you ahead!

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