Content Marketing Advice: How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Blog

I love blogging, but I hate to do it alone! fall in love blogging

How many people read your blog on daily basis, or is it just your granny?

You’ve stressed yourself so much, trying to survive and make your blog popular. It seems all your efforts are proving abortive. What have you done to deserve this?

It’s good to write a post from the heart, and you’ve been doing it. You did it last week, may be yesterday and today, but nothing has happened.

If only I know the ‘magic bullet’ to generating a hoard of targeted readers, my business would grow.

Guess what, I’ve just painted a clear picture of you or someone else. And I know you’re looking for one answer to this question. A lot of bloggers have told you that there is no ‘secret’ to growing an engaged blog, but I think they’re not telling you the whole truth.

There are ‘secrets’ to success. Until you know it, it would remain a secret. Whatever you don’t know is your master and you’re the servant. I’m not going to pamper you in this post, I’m here to slap and challenge you to get up and do something with your blog.

You can change the world around you by the written words. I know you can do it!


Why People Fall in Love


Have you ever wondered why two different people, with unique personalities fall in love? If you don’t consider this, it may take time before you build a thriving business online.

The ugly truth is that some people fall in love with the wrong reasons. One of such is the feeling of security and self-worth. We all know that ‘love’ is a sweet and powerful experience and so, some people may just decide to hook up with someone, and fall deeply in love with them.

On the good side, some people fall in love to give something valuable, sexy and romantic to others. This includes warmth, counsel, gifts, encouragement, sacrifice et al.


Relationships Is Part of Blogging


You see, when you eventually get people to fall in love with your blog, they would become emotionally attached to you for years. Maybe they don’t want to do it, but they found themselves doing it. You know why?

When two people decide to throw away the affections they’ve for each other, this may not happen in a hurry. On the day someone says the relationship is over, it may not end that day, or that month.

They may find themselves back on the same bed, eating on the same dining table, doing virtually everything together, without realizing that they made a decision to quit.

I’ve been writing contents for years – produced some good articles, and occasionally, crappy contents too. But, because a lot of people have fallen in love with my blog and my writing style, they still enjoyed my crappy content.

They shared it, linked to it, cited it and told their friends about it. When this happens, consistently, Google will have no other choice than to send free organic and targeted traffic your way.


Prepare Your Mind To Take Action


There is only one way to make people fall in love with your blog, your writing and every content you produce – be it guest posts, blog posts or press release. It’s totally doable, and I’ll show you how to do it right here.

As the Chief Executive Officer of your blog (business), no one is going to build it for you.

Make up your mind to give all it takes. When it’s time to write articles, don’t put it off for social media networking.

And when it’s time to tweet what you posted, pause every other task and do it.

Discipline is the antidote to blogging failure. A lot of people complain that no active readers, sales or clients are coming to their blog, and when I ask how they promote their blog, the answers are always pathetic.

Now, time to throw the bomb and gratify your expectations.

Get a writing pad, a pen and take this down. The only way to make people fall in love with your blog is to:

  1. Write quality post, no?
  2. Write unique posts, no?
  3. Solve problems, no?
  4. Give free stuffs, no?
  5. Give people money (when the money is gone, you won’t see them again) no?
  6. Have a colorful theme, no?
  7. Write a 2000+ words helpful article, no?

Wow, does it mean I can’t make people fall in love with my blog by doing the above?

Yes, you cannot. These are great benefits and they should be a part of your content marketing practices, but they will not work on long term basis to put food on your table.

If you can solve problems with your posts, there are one million other bloggers who can do it without sweat. We’ve industry leaders scattered all over the World Wide Web; maybe you’re a newbie or intermediate. Lol!

So, for the world to fall in love with your writing, your blog, your guest post and whatever you put out there, you’ve to do just one thing. Take it right now…


“Write Your Contents From A Unique Angle!”


Well, you can go ahead and crucify me for making it so common.

I’m so confident of this magical blogging bullet which can transform your blog into a conference room and build strong relationship with prospecst, readers and leaders that lasts forever.

I’m an avid guest blogger and in 5 months, I’ve written over 405 guest posts, for clients and to promote my niche blogs.

So, I know what I’m talking about. Most of my guest posts had similar topic, with the same idea, but I wrote from a unique angle. You can’t find this angle elsewhere – sue me if you found one!

Come to think of it, there is nothing new under the sun. You can’t redefine or reinvent the wheel. Every article topic you can ever think of has been written by industry experts.


Nothing Is Fresh, Just Make It Look Fresh!


Every blogger out there is an article rewriter. But there is an ‘edge’ to this. If you can write from a unique angle, it would seem as though you formulated the concept.

Instead of writing “5 ways to drive targeted traffic,” you can pick just one point from this and explain it extensively.

Make your sub-headings unique. Don’t give generic ideas. Research your topic before jamming the keyboard. Know the pros and cons of the topic before writing.

You should read educational and internet marketing blogs, to learn and pick up rare gems for your article.

Visit entertainment and news websites to keep abreast of recent developments.

Use these data to craft your blog posts every time. Write what other people cannot write. Spend time on your post and you’ll see the impact of ‘intensive research.’


I can Fall in Love with Your Blog…Maybe Tonight!


You can make me fall in love with your blog tonight. I’m tired of reading the same regurgitated blog post. It’s like fall in love blogbloggers are fed up with in-depth research.

People are no longer producing contents that’s ‘speaks’ a different language, while still delivering the same message. They are focused on SEO and pagerank. What a life?

Until you speak a unique language to your readers, you won’t be heard no matter how hard you hone and promote your blog.

So, stop the rush, relax your mind and write contents that resonate with people. The article doesn’t have to favor them, don’t write to impress, but focus on expression.

I’ve fallen in love with few blogs, of which, copyblogger and freelancswitch are my favorites.

So, for me to fall in love with your blog, I want to read the same post, but now, with a new light entirely. I’m not asking you for write a heavenly article, but give me something to ponder about.  I need to wake up by 12.00am to think about that article. Can you do that?


Are You In Love?


Have you observed that when someone is in love, he or she would tell friends, families and colleagues at work about their partner?

When I fall in love with your blog, I’ll promote you willingly, share and bookmark your posts without you asking. But you’ve got to give me a reason to do that.

So, are you in love – and how does it feel? Share you experience below and let me know your thoughts about this post. Are you in love with this blog?

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  1. Michael,

    The single best advice I’ve ever read, heard or thought of myself as the following sub headline of yours;

    “Nothing Is Fresh, Just Make It Look Fresh!”

    No matter what topic or subject I want to write about, there always seems to be a plethora of information on the Internet about it to the point where coming up with a unique idea can seem daunting… if not downright impossible. But once you accept this fact, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a unique angle to the same, old idea that’s been written about to death already.


  2. woh, I loved the point “Nothing Is Fresh, Just Make It Look Fresh!”
    I always used to think that what should i write in my blog when everything is already available on the internet but this point now boosted me in a new direction 🙂

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